Friday, September 19, 2008

19 Ramadhan

how time flies....believe it or not, today is already the 19th day of Ramadhan...another 11 days to fast and only 7 days left before I can go on Raya leave....yippie yay!!

for our first raya together, we are planning to go back to Terengganu to visit my grandparents...i suppose this time around agak meriah since we have all my brothers and sister going back as well but then we no longer have Abah with us...if not, dia laa yg paling busy nak make sure that the accomodations are all well arranged in advance...

raya leave apart, tonight we'll be going back to Batu Pahat together for the first time...feelings? nervous + scared + anxious...nervous for Fahmi, scared and anxious to be meeting people who hates me although I still have no clue why...for Fahmi's sake, hari² each solat, I pray to God that everything will turns out fine...I know how much this will mean to, harap sangat-sangat yg we will not have any drama this time and tak dihalau balik ke ape...hehe...

for him, I will try my best to be this superwoman yg akan tahan kalis although kena bombard with bullets and atomic bomb....hihihi....though i must say, i would rather have a cut on my hand rather than kena perli or words can slice into a person's heart, only some will know...

so for what is worth, wish me meet up with my MIL & FIL...and all the RILs...roger & out

p/s: btw, somehow i think i felt as if the baby is moving this week...but i'm not quite sure if its really the baby or my stomache grumbling...hehehe...have yet to tell Fahmi, since he has so many things on his mind right now...mommy & baby's secret, alone, for now...;-)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadhan - Penghulu Segala Bulan

"Hai manusia! Telah datang kepada kamu satu bulan yang mulia, bulan rahmat... dimana bulan ini mewajibkan kamu berpuasa di siang hari dan sukarela bersolat pada malamnya. Barangsiapa yang mendekati Allah dengan melakukan segala amalan sunat di bulan ini akan menerima ganjaran seperti melakukan amalan wajib di lain hari. Ini merupakan bulan kesabaran dan kesabaran itu imbuhannya syurga. Ini juga bulan sedekah dan bulan dimana rezeki orang beriman bertambah..."
(Diriwayatkan Ibn Khuzaymah).

Selamat menjalankan ibadah berpuasa to all my friends. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa lebih keinsafan, keredhaan dan barakah daripada Allah swt. Insya Allah.