Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malas oh Malas

It’s the last week for year 2009 and I'm feeling super lazy. Rasa dah malas nak buat kerja. Malas nak pergi kerja. Malas dengan kerja yang ada. And sangat lah tidak motivated langsung. Makanya, for year 2010, I've listed down below items as my azam or wishlist:

1. New job, perhaps?? Because I'm sick & tired with what I'm doing now. Dah nak masuk 4 tahun. Mintak tukar, tak dapatnye. Boringggg...I'm hoping for career advancement...with biggggggggggggggg money....ahahha....sesungguhnye ku mata duitan...:p
2. Time to save more $$$$$ to renovate my to-be-completed house..nak buat, grill, dry/wet kitchen, plaster ceiling, built-in wardrobe...kalo ade rezeki lebih, nak kasi cantik toilet and pasang electric gate..furnitures - kemudian fikir...:-)
3. Must go on holidays and spend more quality family time
4. Stay healthy
5. Educate Nia so that dia jadi anak mummy & babah yg solehah....
6. Be more generous to those in need & thankful for what I have
7. Cook more meals for suamiku....kihkhikih
8. Fix my retirement & financial plan for my children

8 items seems quite a lot...hopefully mampu la nak buat everything...plan for the best....Insya Allah

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Ears!!!

There's something wrong with my right ear.

Since Monday this week, I've been having problems to hear from my right ear. At first, ingatkan just water masuk time mandi and tersumbat. But now the ringing is getting louder, and today I'm having problem to hear from my right side. Makanya, pergi la check at the Shell House clinic. The doctor tengok la telinga, tapi she said my both my ears are very clean - in fact sampai takde wax pon kat dalam. There's no swelling or any redness either. Makanya, she gave me some Clarinase and Nasal Spray to clear this off. But somehow I'm very skeptical that this would work. Katanya, it could be my sinus menyebabkan the inside part of the ear is swollen ke ape. But she can't see even after checking my nose. Haihhh. The ringing doesn't stop and now I'm not confident that the nasal spray or even Clarinase would work. Makanya, I'm thinking of asking for a referral letter so that I can go and check with the ENT specialist tomorrow. Sebab, kepala makin berat, and its throbbing on the right side belah belakang. And my God!!! The ringing!!! Eiii…stress!!! Cakap telipon pon dengar like pelik so I had to use my left ear….*sigh*…

So, petang ni nak try call the Shell clinic again and check if I can get the referral letter…else, I'll go to a normal GP later tonight and get a referral to see Dr Awal at DSH tomorrow…

Shared this with Ida pagi tadi, and she said the same happened to her also last time - to the extend she can't walk in the end….sebab rupanya, her eardrums were swollen…and normal GP cant see it using the normal benda that they have to check your ears at the clinic tu…so she also had to go to a ENT to put some medications in her ears to it cleared and reduce the swelling!! ERK!!!

Takut jugak telinga duk berdengung ni…uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Somemore, we're planning to go back to JB tomorrow….adoiiiii….macam mana ni…telinga tengah tak sedap….kepala pon semacam je….and the worst of all, I cant really hear when people are talking to me!!!...Panic Mode - ON! L

Saturday, December 19, 2009

SuNani Macakkkk?!!! WOWW!!

Yes...believe it or not.....I cooked lunch today....ahahahah....for those whom are close to me, might know that this is indeed a miracle!!!hahahaa....and don't play play....bukan sebarang lunch ok....we had sotong goreng gajus....kerabu daging bakar and....jeng jeng jenggg....chilli crab!!!...Encik Fahmi makan dengan penuh berselera and siap bertambah nasik...adakah itu ikhlas or nak amik ati or memang food masakan saya sodappp?...ehehehe....wallahualam...for evidence, we took some pictures sebagai bukti....kihkihkhi....

Makan dengan full concentration
Kerabu daging bakar

Chilli Crab

Sotong Masak Gajus

Nia being bullied by Abah

Friday, December 18, 2009

Standing & Crawling Like a Worm!

Makcik kecik ni da bukan main expert now...boleh berdiri and siap attempt nak let go of the handrail..eksyen sungguh..nampak gaya nak kena lower down the baby crib to the lowest point la weekend ni....merangkak pon da bukan main laju.....mcm ulat pon ade....cos bulat and kemetot on the floor crawling around....cepatnye Nia besar...haih...if only I can freeze the time kasi bulat macam ni je....

Sad News

2 of my close friends had miscarriages this week. Sorang at 8 weeks and the other at 10 weeks gestation. So they have to flush out the blood clot either by taking medications or via D&C procedure (Dilation & Curretage). Listening to them, I'm pretty sure it's quite upsetting and will somehow or rather affect your emotions. I, myself, have never experienced any miscarriages before (Alhamdulillah). But I can understand being someone who has peed on the white stick before and watching the lines turned to a clear definite blue - it's the most wonderful feeling that you can have. Knowing that inside your tummy, your junior has started developing.

Nak pulak, kalau dah start pergi jumpe gyne. And you get to see the so-called 'Baby' during the scan. And there's the heart-beat, laju macam bunyi kuda duk tengah berlari - Hehehe. Memang sangat excited!!!

I can't say much, but I am sorry that they have to go thru this - which I'm sure no woman would want to go thru. But, as they say, there's always a hikmah disebalik setiap ujian Tuhan itu. God will never test you, if He knows that you are not capable of overcoming His tests.

So, take this opportunity to keep on cuddling with your spouses, because trust me, you would barely have time for this when 'Mini You' arrives later on. Go on second - third - fourth honeymoons - and take this time to pamper yourself. Insya Allah, when the time comes, you will be mommies in no time and Nia will have more friends to play with! Yeay!

Till then, chin up, rest well, love all and of course enjoy the process of making more babies in the coming months… ;-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caught by Mummy while having a go on Abah's wheel!

the Teh Tarik Place

Last weekend, the whole big troop finally met up for breakfast after a few weeks of virtual planning. Sounds very canggih. LOL! Anyway, seperti dijanjikan, breakfast was supposed to be at 10am & the The Tarik Place, The Curve.
Surprisingly, Nadya was the first one to be there. Followed by Sarah, Maya, Mieko & Co. By the time we reached there derang dah start makan pon. Ida was LATE!!!! By an hour!!!!! Eehhehe…sebab Cik Meen dia buat hal la…biasa la tu, dah beranak kecik, nak keluar rumah memang la payah…
So we talked and gossiped and laughed and chit chat some more and of course, harusla amek gambar. Hope to have this more often. Baru la dapat merapatkan hubungan silaturrahim. J

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tak Sekolah!

I was driving back home from work yesterday evening, and had to stop at the junction waiting for the traffic light to turn to green. All of the sudden, the car driver in front of me dengan tak semena-mena, bukak pintu kereta, and decided to throw rubbish by the road side. Apa jenis dia ni. Simply baling saja sampai kat tepi jalan time bukak pintu. I've always hated people who likes to litter around. Sungguh la tidak menjaga environment. Is it so difficult for you to wait until you reach wherever you're supposed to go, be it balik rumah or nak pergi mall ke ape. I'm sure where you're going tu ade byk tong sampah for you to throw your rubbish. Kenapa la kena buang kat tepi jalan? If it’s a bio-degradable item, i wouldn't have minded, ini tak, mamat hampeh ni bole buang tin Coke!!! Makanya, saya pon mengambil gambar of the culprit yg tak civic-minded ini. Dah la buang sampah, after the light turns green, boleh pulak buat illegal u-turn kat junction. Nasib tgn ku busy memandu, kalo tak dah amek gambo/video tunjuk org tak sekolah menangah ni. Hish!!!! Officer!!! Please sue this man!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Nia had her first mug-shot taken yesterday kat Imigresen Shah Alam.
Of all the pictures, she refused to smile for her passport photo. Kalo tak, normally, pantang tgk camera, sure dah tersengeh dah. Penat je Photographer tu duk agak dia berbagai macam. Masam terus muka. Takpela, what to do. Mummy said, snap away je la. One shot and we're done.

Nia muka terkejut and masam-ness! hehehe...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nia Fell Off the Bed

berderau darah subuh smalam....cos Semek fell off the bed while I was in the shower getting ready to go to work at 5am....tgh brush gigi, tetiba dengar bunyik 'gedebuk'....berlari keluar toilet....rupanya she woke up and was trying to crawl over to the shower dengar bunyi air....despite the fact that i've put six huge pillows all around her...haihhh....meggigil ler lutut mummy and siap boleh bergenang air mata sama ngen Nia while she cried....*sigh*...now, mummy has decided that Nia can no longer sleep kat celah ketiak mummy when abah is not around...whatever it is, kena tido jugak dlm cot...

thank you to all those comforting comments and thoughts from other mommies and daddies kat facebook...at least i know, all of their babies pon jatuh katil jugak at one point...i'm just glad that nothing bad happened, no bruises, no benjol, no terseliuh ke ape....

apart from that....another 2 new tricks from Semek...

Nia can now 'Jiggy with It' everytime a song is played on Disney channel...siap terkinja² pulak badan dia...;-)...will try to take a video of her jiggying the next time dia buat

And...Nia pon dah pandai geleng kepala skarang...everytime dia dengar kita ckp 'leng leng leng tergeleng-geleng' harus laaa dia geleng kepala jugak....and last night, while having papayas, when i ask her, "do u want some more"?, nia said no by geleng kepala for the first time!!! hehhehe...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate Expats!

I'm officially an Expatriate-Hater now - which I think the feeling is mutual.
They have never been anything to HR apart from trouble and problems.
Gaji like banyak Ya Rabbi, and yet ada aje la yg tak kena and nak complaint. Sungguh la tidak bersyukur.
Regardless if its a Mat Salleh Expat or a Malaysian Expats in overseas, sume kalau dah naik jadi Expats tu memang lah sengal.
Huh!!! Idiots!!!Stress~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 New milestones for Nia

15.11.2009 : Nia waved Bye-Bye for the first time to Wan when we were about to leave the house to go on our weekend retreat at Royale Chulan

15.11.2009 : Nia managed to clearly say A-Bah continuously for almost 20x even after I told her to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Muuuuummmmmmm-y ...... Sheeeessshh!

17.11.2009 : Nia managed to lift up her bum-bum for the first time & almost crawled to the other side of the bed .... :-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Bells in 2010

I've realized that I have many weddings to attend next year....biar betol ni.....byk baju baru kena buat...ngee ngee ngeeee...

Weddings to Attend in Year 2010

January: Dilart - Johor Bahru
February: JJ --- betolkah kabar angin ini?...TBC
March: Kiyai & Didi - Batu Pahat
April: Free
May: Alif - Nikah in Kelantan and Reception in KL
June: Nurul - Nikah in Kelana Jaya and Reception in Merak Kayangan
July: Free
August: Ramadhan
September: Eid'ul Fitr
October: Free
November: Eid'ul Adh
December: Free

Maya's wedding plan is still tentative for next year...tak confirm yet....and in mind, we're also planning for a holiday in June...ini tak masuk holiday dengan family ke ape laie ni.......tengok lah keadaan....Exciting year ahead...heehhe....

January: Mungkin going to Cameron Highland with the family dari Batu Pahat
June: Our own holiday sempena 2nd Annicersary....TBC
Mid Year: Holiday with family Pak Engku, also to be confirmed on the venue...I'm opting for Redang...:p

I loiiiiiiiiiiiiiike holidays!

Friday, November 13, 2009

masa Oh masa

haihhh....a longggg overdue entry....many things have happened....many pictures have been captured and not uploaded....nak kata busy bagai Minister, takde la kan....but the minutes seems to be ticking faster nowadays that I didn't even have the time to complete one thing before another thing comes up...well, thats what they say, dunia di akhir zaman...kalo 24 hours tukar jadi 48 hours a day pon tak sempat....

she's officially 8 months old now...getting cheekier, naughtier and slimmer!!! aahahaah...long gone are her chubby cheeks, chubby legs and buncit tummy....all that is left now, is a much slimmer, trimmer body...well, she still has some of the baby fat here and there....but i must say, i do miss the chubby cheeks that she used to have...
milk feeding bukan main banyak nowadays, can even finish up to 9oz at one go kalau at night....siang, dah start eating solid, since Nia hates all the gooey-mushy-squashy puree/porridge...memang la anak Abah, cos she loves rice, bread and PASTA!!!!! hehehehe....
now that Nia has her walker, she's all over the house...makin lama makin laju and can race with Abang Fawwaz on his bicycle...
and ooo yes, i finally gave in to Wan's pujukan and rayuan and bought Nia her buai since she refused to sleep during the day....asyik nak main je...the buai seems to work for a week, now baru nak masuk second week, seems like the magic of the buai dah hilang since now she realized that everytime we put her in the buai, its nap-time!!! so...drama queen pon take over la...the no-tears crying will start....huhuhu....

Fahmi's birthday is around the corner....i have yet to decide what to get for him...he's asking for a DSLR...mahal!!!!!! dang!!! so i'm stil thinking...and since I also have yet to get my birthday present, so some slight delay with his presents too....kehkekekehe....
anyway, am planning for a weekend getaway since both of us are on leave this coming monday and tuesday....bawak Nia pergi lepak at one of the hotels la....then, can take her to play at the pool...

it's the time of the year again - APPRAISALS -
i hate this time of the year...i have 7 people reporting to me...7 types of behaviors to deal with....but only 3 types of employees...the high-performers, the average and the under-performers...what's for sure, i'll be drained out after a session with the under-performers....*sigh*...
we're having a team outing soon next week...so its dinner at tony romas followed by a movie at cinneleisure..fahmi nak tag along....tapi tak boley laaa yang oii.....khikhihki
and...i've rsvp-ed for the Masquarade Dinner next month at Sunway...must start thinking about what to wear...(ha...this one you can follow...:p)

school leave is about to start soon...so would be expecting the troops to be sleeping over at Wan's place nanti...meriah la sikit rumah...My mom would be happy...but at the same time, stress juga if the kids starts fighting...thats when SuNani would have to step in and shout to them...ahah..Mak Tiri ni...lol
kak lin had to go through an operation yesterday....kena remove her cyst in her stomache if she wants to get pregnant again...alhamdulillah, operation went well - 2 hours je...and most likely she'll be back home tomorrow....and mc for a month!!! ---> Jealous!
all of us will be celebrating raya haji kat kota damansara this year....it's mama's turn...so, not going back to batu pahat or terengganu...
ooh!! Ki is sick....something's not right with his kidney...he's doing some tests with the specialist kat HKT....if the results are not so good, we might be bringing him to KL to see the specialists in Putrajaya - apparently this is the best hospital for specialists based on what the doctors say lah

catch-up with maya for breakfast few weeks back...the rest couldn't make it and ida thought it was on sunday...hishh!!!
seems rather difficult to catch up with my own friends nowadays....a bit disappointed here on this note...mmm
most of the time, we hang up with fahmi's friends...we're planning for a picnic and a bbq soon....can't wait!!yay!!!

last but not least....

my weight is still the same - no difference there....i still can't fit into my old 577...stress!!
i'm actively searching for the best photography package in town....teringin sangat nak amik garden portraiture with Nia and Fahmi...so far, its either CikiMiki or EyesOfGrace ...seems promising enough!
apart from that, day in and day out, sama je....i wish there's a big difference....but not quite yet....patiently waiting and hoping for a big fat bonus cheque in March 2010 so I can have a nice kitchen for Denai Alam's house nanti...:-)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nia Dah Ada Gigi!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Playtime with Abang Awasy

Monday, October 19, 2009

Flu Bug....*sigh*...

we're back from Batu Pahat... ponat to the max...bukan sebab ape....i got the flu bug...so, sangat l tidak selesa...konon hari ni nak mengulor jalan-jalan....nampak gaya takde la...telinga tgh duk berdengung and kepala pon rasa macam nak terbalik je ni...luckily Cik Nia tak cranky in the car semalam...gerak from BP she almost fell asleep...asal letak je atas comforter, terus cerah balik mata...then nak main la pulak since she can see all the car lights and lampu jalan hiway tu...nasib from Tangkak onwards, agaknye mata da berat sangat, tembak another bottle, terus pengsan sampai Kota Damansara...sama dengan mummy dia jugak...hehehe....tinggal la Abah duk drive kete sowang-sowang sambil mkn buah dengan asam and nyanyi lagu faizal tahir...kihkhihkh...

not many pictures from BP this time....camera abes battery and i wasn't feeling so well...we had a BBQ...lots of lamb and udang and ikan and sotong....makan pon takde feel, sebab my sense of taste sudah ilang dek selsema yg tak diundang ini....but we still managed to squeeze in a bowl of cendol kat paso and ABC kat tasik Y....yummie!!

okla, will update more later....Fahmi nak pi work after this at 2pm....so, nak masak ayam jap....roger and out...

Alif & Leo, JJ & Zila

Congrats to both couples!!!!

Dah bertunang pon akhirnye....hopefully berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat....no photos to be shared....cos dapat tahu pon from MukBuku... Tengs MukaBuku, for Connecting People... ;-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gelak Ikhlas ke Berlakon ni?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nia Chak-Chak Wan

Nia Loves It Very Much When Abah Jokes Around

p/s: Sorry, but i'm not too sure how to rotate the video....??

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday at the Hospital

Not much celebration this year since Nia was warded during my birthday. But I had a good time enough - Fahmi & Nia bought me roses and a piece of chocolate cake which we cut and ate together - even Nia had her one bite of that. Then Kak Lin came as a surprise and brought over some jelly cupcakes from One Utama and we lighted the candle again for the second time.
Present tak dapat lagi - postpone to after raya as well as the 'official' birthday dinner. Hehe.
But thanks to everyone for all the best wishes on Facebook, the SMSes and the phone calls. Sungguh terharu. :-)

Lampu Lip Lap

Yeay!! Raya is drawing closer. Semangat and demam raya dah start. I managed to nag Fahmi to help and fix the lampu lip lap all around the house. Baru la terasa mcm nak raya. Thank you!! :-)

Warded at Damansara Specialist Hospital

Cik Puan Kecik had her first experience being warded to DSH last Sunday. She had a very high temperature that morning - it went up until 39.8°, we freaked out and terus bawak dia to DSH emergency room. Despite having to use Voltran the night before, it doesn't seems to work on her and the temperature didn't settle and kept on rising. Makanya, we asked the emergency doctor to admit our little girl so that they can keep an eye on her. Nia had to do 2 tests, the every so famous H1N1(A) and (B) test as well as a blood test to rule out dengue fever. H1N1 test wasn't so bad because she only need to go thru a nasal swab exercise. Easy peasy, sekejap je da settle. The blood test was a challenge. Nia had to be poked for 13x before the doctor finally managed to find her blood vein. Both if us were about to lose our patience already. Ye la, so kesian tgk Nia duk menangis. Looking at us with pleading teary eyes. Mana ade parents yg sanggup tgk. *Sigh*. We were lucky that so happen her own Pediatrician doctor was in doing rounds at the ward. So he was the one yg managed to draw the blood out at last, after the ER doctor da gave up.
Anyways, after spending 4 days & 3 nights at the hospital, Nia's temperature finally settled and maintained at a healthy 35-36°. Alhamdulillah. We are now back home and now Cik Mek ni develop some rashes and cirit birit due to reactions to the antibiotics. Haih! macam - macam! Whatever it is, I'm very glad that she's much happier and healthier now. Although dah jadi super manja since dah masuk 6 days tido kat celah ketiak mummy dia.
And yes, the test result came back and its negative H1N1(A) or (B) and negative dengue. It's just viral fever with acute respiratory inflammation.
Now we can all beraya dengan hati yg tenang. He he he.
Abah & Nia - sama even when sleeping. Daddy's girl.
Feeling a bit better. Can even watch Mickey Mouse & Friends.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Semek's First Food

Yesterday Nia was exactly 6 months old. How time flies. As promised to her, Mummy will start her weaning process as soon as she reached 6 months. Makanya, balik from office semalam, terus la bersemangat buat Nia's first rice cereal. Since malas nak singgah Giant beli brown rice, terpaksa la grind pakai white rice yg sedia ada at home. Blended and masak with water & some formula. The first basic food for any babies. All the while Nia dengan sopan & santun duduk menunggu Mummy siap masak in her Jumperoo.
Her first taste, looks OK. Second taste, dah start menyembur la pulak. Habis kena muka Mummy and muka Nia skali. lol. The cereal bau sedap, mcm vanilla because of the formula I guess. Overall, Nia makan tak habis pon. I think its because its too watery. Tapi kalo pekat kang constipation pulak makcik ni. Takpe, we'll adjust the texture today. Feelings: I guess Nia was excited cos she keeps on blabbing tak tahu ape and Mummy of course la gumbira - sebab Munchkin dah makin pandai and semakin banyak ragam. :-)
The pictures are for the benefit of Abah who was not around for Nia's first solid meal.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving Place


i have to move from my cozy corner at the office to a very open workstation. so the very the benci. why? because my manager decided untuk re-shuffle the team arrangement. so i have additional 3 new team members reporting to me. hence, kena la re-arrange the seating arrangement sebab nak make sure my team are all sitting close to me. but!!! i hate the thought of leaving my super cozy corner. nanti at the newly assigned seat, i won't be able to see if people are coming over to my place since my back is facing them. benci! benci! nanti kalo big boss datang nak mintak anything i wont realize that she's coming over. despite my tantrums and complaints to my manager semalam, still tak menjadi. i still have to move to the new place. okla, logically i know memang make sense that i'm assigned to that seat, cuma......sungguh la tidak best and tak strategic. *sigh*sigh* and *double sigh*.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wadi Unung

I've been following a drama on Astro Prima (#105) everday from 6pm since last month with the title Wadi Unung. Its a story of friendship between two girls dari derang kecik sampai la dah besar. Typical of drama melayu, there's a lot of 'drama' and flashbacks. Tapi best jugak la untuk dilayan.
Anyway, the soundtrack of the drama is really nice. I couldn't help to wonder sapa la yang nyanyi. It sounded like Siti Nurhaliza, but I wasn't too sure betol ke tak dia. But my mom was pretty sure its her since the drama is produced by Dato' Khalid's sister. So, today in order to satify my curiosity, I googled in YouTube for 'Wadi Unung'. Berderet dapat hit. Memang betol pon lagu Siti. I never heard this one before but I guess lagu ni dah agak lama. The song is quite sad but very meaningful - untuk orang² yang sedih and pernah lose someone. So, now dah demam lagu ni plak.

Layan~~~~~~~~ Siti Nurhaliza - Melawan Kesepian

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia

Happy Birthday Malaysia!
Another birthday, another year, more improvements or deteriorations?
Anyway, my Merdeka wish for this year would be:
  1. Unity, harmony and zero racial issues
  2. To have financial and job security
  3. To have abundant of love, a happy family and lots of kids
  4. A nice & safe home to live in
  5. More money
  6. No more haze and traffic jams and H1N1 or any other deseases around
  7. Less work & More plaY

Juice & Puree

Nia had her first taste of Prune on Saturday, 29 August 2009 – which was also her first meal apart from susu and plain water. We went to see Dr Musa on Friday to get her first dosage for Pnemococal Vaccine jab. Kebetulan pulak Nia has been having constipation so we asked the doctor if there’s anything that he can give to soften her stool. Since she’s still small, doctor suggested untuk just kasi Prune Juice as well as Prune Puree. So menggagau la pi cari diluted Prune Juice untuk Cik Puan Kecik ni. Alhamdulillah, ade baby prune juice but until today Nia still tak berak lagi – so I’m hoping that her poo-poo is not so hard and dah soft because she has been diligently drinking the juice everytime kasi. Makanya, tak genap la Nia 6 months for her first time feeding. But I have yet to feed her anything else. Tunggu la another 1 week for her 6 mths birthday and we can celebrate by having a meal. For now its purely prune for the stool treatment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jumperoo @ Toy'r'Us

Friday, August 28, 2009


Since Nia is getting bigger & heavier and sangatla active, we are now thinking of getting her either a walker or an activity centre. She's now at the stage yg suka jumping all the time - Ms Jumping Jack! I did some googling and found something that is really fun by Fisher & Price - The Jumperoo!

Jumperoo is actually an activity cum entertainment centre for the baby. It's fixed and movable and promotes development of different skills. The seat is 360° rotatable and there are safety springs attached to fix the seat to the frame. On top of that, there's a play tray that can be fixed for Nia's little fingers to explore. I've read thru reviews for Jumperoo and the only Cons that I can see is the bulkiness of the it. Even after going thru other mothers reviews, most of them are saying that Jumperoo is value for money. The most important thing is, The Jumperoo is safe, develops rota skills for the baby, interactive and of course it has to be FUN for Nia.

Makanya, my mission this weekend is to go and search for Jumperoo at the shopping malls and check it out myself. Since its a bit on the pricey side, sebab itu la nak kena evaluate betol². Suggestion sudah diusulkan kepada Mr Banker yesterday. Harap² dapat la stamp approval. Hehe.

Hunting-mode in action!-

Fahmi Junior in Every Single Way

Nia has proven to be daddy's girl in every single way. Dah la muka sejibik like Abah - ade bibit² kejelesan from Mummy here...egegge

Then....she can burp and ehemmms...mind you, kentut like Abah too......*sigh*....apa nak jadi pada anak daraku ini...isk isk isk....

Tapi, at the same time.....perangai joker tu pon menurun frm Abah....so Nia memang la bole jadi mini-clown ikut Abah pada bile² masa...

Whatever it is...i love the both of them dearly....muwahs muwahs muwah!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kelakar Sangat! : v2.0

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Jams + Civic + Pannaz + Subak

Sunday morning woke up and ajak Fahmi to eat out for lunch. So we decided to go to Pannaz (http://malaysianfoodguide.com/2009/04/08/pannaz-bbq-dishes-damansara-perdana/) since da lama tak makan there. So, after dah mandikan Nia and gave her a bottle, we ventured out. Nak dijadikan kisah, on the way to Damansara Perdana, Civic got knocked from behind by a GenGen dekat intersection The Curve/Surian Tunnel. Knowing suamiku, dia pon keluar dari kereta almost nak hangin tapi tak jadi, cos looking from his side of the car takde pape. So relax la. Pusing datang on the pasenger side, Oppps! bumper sudah jatuh from the bracket. Terus la tak senang duduk. Nak pulak the guy who bang the car kept on saying, ala....nothing much la...only some scratches...Wrong wrong wrong thing to say to someone who loves his car so much...So melangguk la kami di tepi jalan membuatkan traffic jam semakin sesak for those yg nak pergi The Curve..after pong-pang² for 30 mins, the guy agreed to pay us RM300 ringgit as compensation so tak payah ler nak gi buat police report ke ape...Lucky...kalo tak da panjang cerita laie....

So, sambung perjalanan ke Pannaz...sampai at Damansara Perdana, the restaurant is closed!!!! aiyoo...apa ini...closed on a Sunday....haihh....so change of plan, we went to Subak (http://www.subak.com.my/) instead....another place that i've been wanting to try out for quite sometime...jalan dia not sure sure at first, tapi redah je la since its only in Penchala, how sesat can you go in Penchala...pusing² kat Bukit Lanjan, we saw the restaurant signage...Yay!! terus park and walk up the hill..

Overall, superbly cozy layout - although I must say, at night gerenti banyak nyamuk - and true enough I can see mosquito coils being laid out around the area...The restaurant has a Balinese touch and you can actually feel the sense of tranquility dengan bunyi hutan and all....We ordered and within 10mins the food came - good service!

We ordered:

Subak's Fettucine Carbonara (RM36)

Subak's Balinese Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken Skewer (RM25)

Rainbow Slurpee (RM12)

Subak's Smoozers Creamy Vanilla combined with Green Apple Syrup (RM13)

Overall, the food is quite good & tasty. But I would suggest a wider range of selection for people like me. The price boleh la tahan mahalnye and the food portion pon biasa je - takde la boleh makan 2 orang...I might come again to try out the steak or ribs....but not anytime soon...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kelakar Sangat!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wishing for the Impossible

Uishhhh.......my superbly long overdue post..............lately so many things have been going on....with the single framework coming along soon, and rumah pon dah naik tinggi dah......banyak laa plak expenses to be incurred.....on top of that, the H1N1 ni, is really scary.....last night pon Nia had a mild tempreture....mula-mula it was just 37.2...then naik 37.4.....then naik lagi....jadi 37.6.....prevention is always better than cure, before demam jadi betol², terus feed her with Uphamol for Babies yang Dr Musa prescribed dulu....Alhamdulillah, by the time nak tido semalam, she's back to normal...a healthy 36.1...phewwww! Lega mummy....

Anyways, thinking of our future expenses.....there are so many things that I can wish for.....if only I have my own fairy good mother, or genie pon boleh la....baru la best....gerenti sume pon dia akan cakap "Your wish is my command, *katching!*"

I wish:

1. My MYR64k (tak campo interest) study loan will somehow be settled without me having to pay for it every month - oh! this should include my 2 car loans as well & the house loan *b.l.i.s.s*
2. I win a money lottery and get MYR1 million and no tax to be paid
3. Everyone will get equal & significant health/medical benefit coverage as a citizen of Malaysia
4. H1N1 will go away soon
5. Our future house is designed by Nate Berkus, fully furnished without any expenses from my end - Oprah, if you're reading this - I heart you.......pls pls pls pick me and furnish my new home!
6. Shell retracts back their decision to go thru the Single Framework exercise - that means no paycut for everyone - status quo
7. I can slot enough time every day after each prayers to recite 5 pages of the Al-Quran, so that boleh khatam every month - and takde la end up baca Yassin je every Friday like now - so pathetic!
8. I can stay at home and be a full-time mummy for Nia and cook superbly delicious meals for Fahmi like all those chefs in AFC channel
9. I can make Mama happy all the time now that we still have her with us

10. I am a superwoman!!!! :-P

Monday, July 6, 2009

Anuar Zain : "Lelaki Ini"

Superb!! That would be my comment kalau orang tanya how was Anuar Zain's concert. Kalau nak kasi rating, I would definitely give him a full 10/10. I admit, I was a little bit reluctant to go at first, since we had to pay MYR180/ticket. Tapi after listening to him singing live, Insya Allah, given a second chance, I will definitely attend his other shows. The emcee kicked off the show around 8.30pm informing all spectators with the basic guidelines/etiquette that was supposed to be adhered in IB. Strictly no handphones - they'll "taze" you with laser lights even if you were simply replying to a text message. Anuar sang 21 songs with 4 malay oldies songs from Ibnur Riza and god knows who else. I particularly enjoyed it when he sang 'Kau Bunga Cintaku' - which is a very catchy number. And of course, the closure - 'Perpisahan' - was just awesome! Anuar Zain rocks! It was worth my MYR180 and it was a full house indeed in IB - with even other Malaysian artistes present to give their support to Anuar Zain's first debut concert in Malaysia.

It's sad that we couldn't capture any photos to share and he didn't have any 'Meet the CraZy Fans' session. Else, we could've gotten an even clearer look at the handsome Abang Nuar. He he He.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Education Fund

People, anyone has any suggestions on the best education fund that I can get for Nia? I'm googling and there seems to be so many to choose from. Sampai naik poning nak pilih yang mana satu. Let me know if you have any idea or if you have purchase one for your baby.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm sick. I think I have compulsive shopping disorder. It looks like I can't resist the temptation to purchase things for Nia - be it clothes or toys. Isk isk isk. Penyakit membeli! This has to stop. Sebab cupboard Nia pon dah pack!Uwaaa...Please temptations, go away.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

There is No Remorse & Regret

Everyone warns me that having a baby will definitely change my life and my husband's. My mom was one of those that has been telling me countless times during my pregnancy to get as much rest & sleep as I can back then cos when the baby comes - we'll be deprive of all this tiny pleasures. Yes, we have been having sleepless nights, tight monthly budget, being pooped and peed on and many other things that you can think of. But personally I would say that it was all worth it. I love the look on Nia's face when I reached home from work. Her face will just lit up when she sees me at the door - all arms and feet flying in the air seeking for attention and in her own silent way to ask me to pick her up. And when I do, she'll reward me with the cutest little gummy grin and some gibberish talk of her own - I suppose it's just her way of saying "Mummy! You're back & I've missed you so much!".

I came across this at BabyCenter. It's just something to share with all Mummies and future mummies out there. Some of you might have experiences that is worth sharing with the rest.

• You discover an inner strength you never realised you had.

I believe so. I discovered that I no longer think of only myself. Instead Nia is always the first factor to be considered when it comes to our decision-making.

• You accept that the last 15 pregnancy pounds you can't seem to shift are absolutely worth it.

Absolutely. Who else can give me a perfect tiny baby like the one that I'm having at home. Hehe. But that doesn't mean that I need to keep that extra kilos. Hi Hi Hi.

• You don't need a clock any more - your baby now sets your daily schedule.

Memang betol. Now nak bangun solat subuh during weekends memang confirm tak payah alarm clock. Sharp 6am je Nia bangun for her feeding. Senang cerita.

• You respect and love your own parents in a new way.

Definitely I respect them. I can't imagine how Mama can actually cope with 5 kids at home. Memang lah jadi full time housewife. But still, with all the cooking and cleaning and gardening and my daily fights with Kak Lin..ahaha...and God knows what else lagi lah. Love you to bits. XoXo.

• Any pain your baby suffers feels much worse than your own.

Sangat tak tahan when I see Nia suffering from a block nose this past week. Kesian dia cannot breathe properly. End up kena sedut hingus ngen Abah. Baru lega.

• You don't mind going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night.

I crave going to bed as early as possible nowadays. I sleep when the baby sleeps. LOL.

• Your heart breaks much more easily.

Jadi extra sensitive. Haha. Is it the hormones? Or the mummy-instinct kicking in. :p

• You discover how much there is to say about one little baby tooth.

Ha..This one tak tahu laie....Cos Nia has yet to start toothing..

• You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself.

Hahaha...so true...how can I resist to look at those chubby cheeks...ngapp ngapp ngapp....

• You're no longer disgusted by babies' bodily functions - in fact, you're fascinated by them (hooray, a poo!)

This is more for mummy, cos mummy gets very excited if Nia drops a big poo-poo in the diaper....haha....but Abah seems to always be peed on by her....lucky Nia takde machine gun nak pancut....cuma fountain je for Abah...:p

• The sacrifices you thought you'd made to have a baby no longer seem that big a deal.

All the heartburns, backache, sore feet, numb fingers...what's that?....easy peasy lemon squeezy.....hahhaah....

• You respect your body ... finally.

I heart my body. I heart my booooncit tummy. ^_^

• You realise that a baby's comforter has magical powers!

It's the bantal busuk for us!!!

• You give parents with a screaming baby an "I-know-the-feeling" look, instead of a "Can't-they-shut-him-up?" one.

OOoo...sangat la...I feel you kinda look....it used to be..haiyooo....why laa this kid cannot stop crying look....paradigm shift people...

• You make time for one more baby hug and kiss, even if it means you'll be late.

every morning oso extra kiss....extra hug....extra hours in the traffic jam to work.....

• You realise that it's possible to love a complete stranger.

the first week, mcm takut

the second week, macam amazed

the thrid week, you're perfect!

• You learn that taking a shower is a luxury, never mind a trip to the hairdresser's.

mummy now can shower shorter than 5 minutes and be ready if Abah is not around to wait for Nia in the room...memang lah mandi kambenn

• You finally get to speak to the shy neighbour in your street, because you've got a baby in your arms.

people/society seems to be friendlier when you have a baby around....everyone seems to be looking at you and telling you how cute the baby is....alhamdulillah...

• Every day is a surprise.

hahaah.....yesterday mummy became super excited cos she saw Nia managed to fully hug her bantal golek...and after that, Nia dah boleh hold her squeeky bear and wave it around!!pastu boleh tgk tgn sendiri with an amazed look on her face....I think she just realized that she actually has two arms and two legs...hahahaha....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Penyakit Berjangkit

I'm back to work. Sesungguhnye sangat lah malas to the max nak balik kerja. In fact I even told my husband, boleh tak kalau nak jadi full time housewife. Hehe. Katanye once gaji da masuk RM20k/month, baru boleh. Adoiii....Lambat lagi la nampak gayanye..Sabo je la..

First day nak balik office, duk teringatkan Baby Nia at home. Elok jam masuk 6pm terus pack laptop cabut. Sampai la rumah 6.30pm. Hehe. Rindu kat budak kecik tu...haiii....you all mommies pon tahu lah macam mana rasenye...ehhehe...Nak pulak this month, husband terpaksa kerja graveyard shift. Haihh. Memang la tak jumpe laki bini kat rumah. Jumpe time dinner and time subuh je la before I leave to go to the office. Hehe. Tapi takpe. Ini semua dugaan. Insya Allah, nak juga rasenya cari kerja yg dah takde shift. Ye la, kesian jugak bila dipikirkan Baby Nia kat rumah when both mummy and Abah are on odd shift hours.

Anyway, back to the office gossips. Rupanya penyakit preggie ni dah berjangkit kat rakan²ku yang lain. Ting Ting close the previous round of pregnant mummies by giving on 25th May - 2 weeks earlier than her due date. And surprise surprise. Baby Nia will be getting 2 new friends from Aunty Umi - who is now 10 weeks pregnant as well as Aunty Prem - who is now around 6 weeks pregnant. Yay! New friends for Nia and more babies during family day. Awesome!

Tomorrow mummy nak kena bawak Nia to the hospital for her 3rd month immunization jab. Elok baru je abes flu dah nak kena cucuk plak. Takpela. Mummy's girl is one tough chick. You'll go thru this just fine. Sunday is mummy's and abah's first anniversary. Tak sangka plak by the time celebrate 1st anniversary, dah ade budak kecik kat sebelah. Rezeki. Hehe. Nia memang complete all the holes that used to be there. Mummy has yet to get Abah his present. Ingat nak gi beli petang ni kat KLCC. Tapi Abah ni byk plak soal dia. Hilang la surprise kalo ckp awal². Hish. Tapi takpe, nanti mummy pikirkan surprise utk dia. We'll wait & see.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Bit Weird

After so long, yesterday I got my period back again. All this while time pregnant memang la tak period. Then after deliver, since kena C-Section, tak banyak sangat blood. By the time discharge kluar from hospital, I didn't even have to use the maternity pads. Pakai pantyliner je. Gyne cakap sebab dia dah suck all the blood out during the operation. So yesterday, when my 'old friend' came, rasa macam pelik plak. Haha. Ye la. Dah macam close to a year takde real period. In fact, semalam siap macam duk pk nak gi solat, then baru la tiba² teringat balik yang period, takyah solat. Hahaha. Bila duk kelam kabut cari pad, terasa macam a small girl yg first time dapat period je. Rasa laa a little bit pelik. But all in good sense. ;-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nia's First Big Trip

On 1st May, Nia finally had her maiden big trip at 53 days old to go back to Batu Pahat, Johor. All this while, I've never really brought her out and about since she was too little. Kalau keluar pon, normally to go to the hospital. Sekali je Nia really went out, itu pon ke Starbucks kat Sunway Damansara je for 1.5 hours. Hehe. The morning untuk bertolak balik ke BP memang hectic. I never thought that such a tiny person can have so many things to pack. Sebesar-besar boot kereta Abah, Nia punye barang was like 90% of it. Sebab barang mommy and Abah cuma 1 duffel bag je, itupon kitorg sharing. Now I know how hard it was for Mama to pack for all 5 of us kalau time nak balik raya kat Terengganu. Memang salute lah!! :p

Anyways, back in Batu Pahat, we had Nia's Akikah and Potong Jambul ceremony. Alhamdulillah, everything went superbly well. It was the first time I was involved in a 'merewang' activity cos all this while kalau kat KL, sume pon main cater je. Now baru la tahu the real erti merewang ni. Syiok jugak rupanya. Cos boleh ramai-ramai berkecoh-kecohan kat dapur buat kerja. Terasa la meriah nak buat kenduri untuk budak kicik ni. Kenduri nye dibuat at night, we started off with the recital of Yassin, and a simple tahlil. Then baru la marhaban and acara untuk potong jambul Nia yg mahal ni. Hehe. Although banyak jugak kena cantas, but rambut Nia still boleh maintain tercacak malam tu. We decided not to shave her head bald. Kesian lah. Nia kan princess. Ape kelasss rambut botak kan. Hehe. We stayed in Batu Pahat for a week. Kasik chance Nia beramah tamah ngen sedara-mara kat sana plak. Then on Thursday, we were off to Putrajaya for a quick holiday just the three of us.

Since it was Nia's first hotel stay, mommy ni super excited for Nia. Hehe. We stayed at Pullman Putrajaya Resort & Spa. The hotel was newly launched and not completely finished yet. The view was superb - we got a lake facing view. Memang cantik. But it was too hot for Nia to go out disebabkan weather 'summer' kat Malaysia ni. Abah nak swim kat pool pon tak jadi sebab panas sangat. The room memang best, katilnye besar, so Nia can sleep in between us. But they were nice enough to actually provide us with a baby cot with no extra charge. Masuk bilik je the cot was already there. Impressive!

Then, Nia had her first trip to KLCC. Her first mall as well. At first risau jugak nak bawak. Yerla, with the swine flu going about. Tapi since kat KL ni takde case lagi, panjangkan langkah jugak la. Sampai ke KLCC je Nia tido. All throughout the time we were there, makcik kenit ni membuta. Elok masuk kereta nak balik la dia buke mata nak susu. Hish. Tak nampak la Nia how KLCC looks like. Hehe.

All in all, we had a good time bertiga last week. Nia took her trip pretty well. Slept the whole way on the highway. Now we're ready for our next trip. Maybe we can persuade Abah to drive us to Singapore the next time we go back to Batu Pahat. Mommy will make sure to get Nia's details updated in the passport, just in case Abah rajin nak bawak kite jalan-jalan again. *Wink*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nia is 50 Days

How time flies. Sedar tak sedar, yesterday Baby Nia was exactly 50 days. Rasa macam baru je semalam kena tolak masuk dalam operation theatre when the doctor poked my back nak cucuk epidural tu. Hehe. Now, Nia dah learn a few things. She can smile. She can look at you directly to your eyes and trail you if you move. In fact, if she's in the mood, she can even give you a few giggles of her own - though it sounded more like gurgles of coos coming out from her. Tak kisah la. Yang penting, baby mommy ni da learn a lot of things.

Normally what we'll do is, we'll have chit-chat session in the afternoons. Sebab in the morning Nia suke tido. Hehe. Then, at night, Nia loves to play with her Abah. Itu bonding time yg mommy memang da allocate specially for Nia and Abah. So that, Nia tak picky between mommy and abah sangat nanti. Cos even now pon, kalau nak tido mesti nak cari mommy. Kalau abah kiss skit time mengantok, mesti la mengamok marah kat abah dia. Cian Abah. Kecik ati dia. Hehe. Bukanla Nia nak picky sgt, agaknye rimas asyik kena gomol ngen Abah. Kalo da gomol tu, abes kena misai & janggut Abah yg prickly. Itu yg Nia cranky kalo time sleepy tu. Hehe. Tapi Nia faham, Abah loves Nia very much. Sebab tu Abah suke kiss Nia sampai pening kan?

Today, mommy taught Nia to sing. Masa Nia tengah syiok dalam bath tub duk splish-splash water. Kite nyanyi a few songs. Mommy taught you how to sing Twinkle, twinkle. Then we played Row-row-row Your Boat. Later while dressing up, I taught you how to do the Itsy-Bitsy Spider. And finally, when you were about to fall asleep this morning, mommy sang to you the Barney song - I Love You. Abes je lagu, Nia terus tertido atas pangku mommy. Best ke mommy nyanyi? Hehe. Or its so tuneless that I bored you to sleep. LOL. One thing for sure, mommy loves the time that we spend together very much. Nanti Nia da bangun, kita sambung tickle-tickle with Mr Worm again ok Munchkin. Kalo boleh, mommy taknak Nia besar. Nak maintain je baby all the time. Hehe. But at the same time, mommy nak tgk Munchkin mommy ni jadi anak dara. Hehe. Mixed feelings. Whatever it is, Nia always remember ok, that mommy loves you very very very much. And mommy can't wait to see what else that you can do by the time you are 100 days old. XoXo.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Impulse Purchase

Vidicated! My husband is as much as an impulse buyer as I am. Hahaha. All this while, dia asyik buat muka je kalau meneman isteri dia ni shopping. Tapi this time around, I get to make a face at him. Out of no where, now we have a brand new 37" Sony Bravia at home. Oklah, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Dia memang la dah eyeing for the TV dah lama. I think eversince kitorang duk bercinta dulu kot. Asal ada promotion TV at the shopping malls, mesti la tak lepas gi tanye soklan macam-macam at the promoted sampai the promoter pon naik bengang. Beli nye tak jugak. Hehe. Tapi this time around, entah macam mana, terbukak hati dia nak beli. After 2 years of surveying and comparing prices at every shop that we went. LOL. Terkejut jugak la, cos it's not easy for him to buy something as pricey as this. Tapi maybe sebab dah minat dia agaknye. Tapi ok jugak la since I love watching TV. And nowadays pon, most of the time we spend our time at home watching DVDs. So now, bergema la bilik TV ni bile da pasang home theatre semula. Kesian Baby Nia. Kalo Abah dia nak pasang surround system je, cepat² la mommy angkut dia kluar from the TV room. Hehe. TV room skang pon dah kemas balik since my pantang days are over. So all the couches the two Bibiks dah angkut masuk balik. The single bed is back in the guest room now. Lapang la sikit nak tengok TV yg beso ni. Kalo budak2 tgk cartoon pon agaknye boleh rasa nak masuk dalam TV skali. LOL.

Tapi bile di-pk kan balik, I think we got quite a good deal. Currently Sony is having a promotion, so we got a RM500 discount on the Bravia. Then the shop kasi a bit of discount for the mounting board for the wall. Apart from that, the TV is for our new home nanti. Beli skarang, so later on takde la teruk sangat kitorang nak kluar duit cos our house will be empty. Memang no furniture at all. Hehe. Ni la yg beli skit² apa yg boleh dulu. Hehe. Maybe next round can get something else pulak. Who knows. ;-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Girlfriends Luncheon

After 1 month being cooped-up at home, I finally get the chance to go out for lunch with the girls. Although tak dapat meet up with the whole gang, since it's a working day, Mya & Ida managed to squeeze me in during their lunch time on an-office day. We met up kat BSC, since me and Mya are both on a strict diet, no Chillies for us this time (boo-hoo),so it was just Dome je. At least I didn't choose salad for lunch, but I had a nice baked fillet fish with steamed broccolis and carrots to go with it.

Like any other girlfriends outings, of course ade je la gossip-gossip for us. Baru sebulan setengah tak jumpe, so many things are happening. For starters, Mya told me the good news about Alif. He finally found the right someone, with the nickname 'Leo'. Tak tahu la it stands for what. Mya said girlfriend Alif nama Sharifah something. It doesn't matter, I was just super delighted to hear the news. On the same day itself I texted him and congratulate dia on the happy news. Tanye jugak la, when can Baby Nia meet Aunty Leo. Hehe. We are superbly happy for you Alif dearie. All this while, you asyik tolong kitorang je, it's about time you found the right someone for yourself pulak. Hugs and kisses from us. Mwaks!

Then it's wedding bells update for Mya's and Sarah's. Sarah will go first in July with exactly 4 wedding receptions - solemnization, 2 receptions for Sarah's side and another reception for Ilyas's. Mak aih!! More baju kena buat and more reasons for me to slim down (Uwaaaa!!). Then Mya pulak dah confirm to bernikah on Saturday, 26 Dec 2009 morning and the reception will be on the same day at night. And Harith punye side will be doing it on 2 Jan 2010. That leaves Nadya & Edward, JJ & Zila as well as Alif & Leo je. Hehe. So next year I suppose more babies will come our way. Yippie! More fwens for Baby Nia. Hehe.

Overall, we had a good 2 hours chat. Hopefully, the next time we meet up, we can have Nadya, Sarah & Mieko with us. Baru la complete the whole gang. Memang not easy to get everyone to come at the same time. Tapi will try to make time for it. Baru la ade life skit bile da jadi wife and mommy orang ni. Yer la, kadang you just need some time off for yourself. Luckily hubby is very understanding and tak kisah bini dia ni kluar for some girl-time. Maybe he also needs some time off from me kot. Thats why kasik. Hehe. Fair and square la, dia pon ade some guy-buddies time. :p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rumahku Syurgaku

Saturday baru ni, kebetulan I went to see another new addition to our big family member, my cousin just had his first newborn, a baby boy, Aiman Al-Yamani Bin Omar Al-Yamani. So happen that he was staying at Subang Bestari, whereby to get there, kena la pass-by Denai Alam. So, me and my rombongan cik kiah (I had 2 aunties and my mother with me) dapat la pass by and usya our future house kat situ. Sadly, tak sempat nak amik any pictures of the house to show the development stage cos rombongan cik kiah ni nak balik rumah cepat and the weather was super hot at that time. Anyhow, our house dah naik dinding complete dah. To be cemented kasik licin and I think after this roof pulak naik. The row in front of us dah start mengecat dah. Excited la pulak tgk rumah. Hubby was not with us that day, cos he had to stay home and take care of Nia. So it was me and the aunties aje lar. Bila tgk rumah tu, mcm tak percaya pon ade jugak. Yerla, tak percaya nak ada rumah sendiri dah - and soon plak tu. Tentatively, completion date is by the end of next year. But when we check with our Sime Darby agent recently, kabarnya they are ahead of schedule so most likely by mid next year kot - Insya Allah.

So looks like kena start saving byk la cash ni. The main bulk nanti nak buat house grill, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe as well as nak tuko electric gate. Furniture kat dalam boleh postpone dulu setahun dua. Haha. Duduk atas carpet/lantai sudah. Kalo start fikir from now, terus rasa pening cos so many things to do. Dah tahu la duit bonus tahun depan nak gune untuk apa. Fully for rumah la. Sama macam this year. Both of us kalo berborak pasal rumah ni mesti la mcm-mcm angan-angan. Nak buat mcm-mcm style. Haha. Harap tunggu cukup bajet ke tidak je. Nantila, ingat nak round berdua ngen hubby je in a few weeks time. At least can take same pictures and see the progress of it. ;-).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Single Framework Sucks!

I've been away from the office for almost 2 months now and I'm getting all sorts of news. People are leaving Shell. Why? Simple actually. Mostly it's because of the soon-to-be implemented single framework policy which will have us all moving to a new remuneration package that might involve our salaries being cut down. Reason being? Its to streamline all processes with the global Shell Shared Centres like those in Manila as well as Krakow, Poland. My reaction? Totally absurd!

Why? Employers cannot be so cruel to the staff. We have got monthly financial commitments that needs to be considered. If we are currently enjoying a RM2k monthly basic salary, you can't simply cut it down to RM1.5k/month. People have rents,loans and bills to pay so to speak!

The sad part is, we can't have a union to speak on behalf of us because we fall under the 'Executive' criteria and thus not under the Collective Agreement group. So who is there to speak on behalf of us? Currently its the so-called bosses that we have.

Now, I'm being sarcastic because 'THE BOSSES' that are supposed to speak on our behalf are not affected by this drastic changes in the policy. So they don't understand how we feel. They don't understand the extent of this issue. So now, people are leaving Shell. People are resigning. And people has started to look for other opportunities out there. Padan muka Shell!

As for me, what will I do? Shall I stay at endure the salary cut at Shell, or do I start looking for new jobs out there? Let's just say that rezeki is everywhere. ;-). Be it here in KL, or it could be somewhere else.

To Nadia: Selamat berpindah to Dubai and good luck with your new job there
To Adila: Selamat ber-training with the PTDs and make sure to get a spot at Wisma Putra or the PM's Department

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dah Sampai...

Of all the things that we bought when I was pregnant of Nia, we forgot to get a bottle warmer bag. So trip² pergi ke hospitals before this, susu Nia sume kena wrap pakai kain nappy je to keep it warm cos mommy tak habis pantang lagi so cannot go to the mall to get a bag for her. Hehe. Cian Nia. By the time nak minum susu, da sejuk dah. So, since littlewhiz is still on sale for the whole month, I decided to get for her the warmer bag that I've seen at Mothercare before this. Ade RM5 discount and of course, since mommy is paying for this and not your Abah, I chose Pink for you. Else, Abah mesti asyik nak Black je. Isk. Cepat jugak website ni process my order. It took them only 2 days to confirm and ship the order. Hari ni dah dapat. Memang impressive! Harap²nye this bag tahan lama la. It looks ok. The material is environmentally friendly. And since it doesn't have any divider's inside, we can even use the bag later on when Nia starts weaning to keep her bottled food warm.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toothy Grin

Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful surprise from Nia. Finally, she gave me her full toothy grin. All this while ade jugak dia attempt untuk senyum. Tapi selalunye tak berapa menjadi. Hehe. But yesterday, for the first time, Nia managed to smile to the fullest - although takde gigi - that makes it even much more cuter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nia is 1 Month!

Bath Time

I'm super proud of Abah today. For the first time he decided untuk mandikan Baby Nia pagi ni. When it comes to Abah and Nia, mesti la ada adegan-adegan yg tak dapat dielakkan. Today I let Nia tido lama skit. Dah pukul 10.30am baru kejutkan dia untuk mandi. In the beginning, everything is going as plan. Abah dah buka baju Nia and wipe her bottom clean. So angkut la Nia untuk masuk dalam bath tub. I left the both of them together for 5 seconds untuk amik towel, and next thing I know, Abah dah terjerit-jerit in the toilet. Ingatkan ape la, panic jugak dibuatnya. Rupanya, anak dara dia dah wee-wee on him and in the bath tub. Aiyoo! Dah kena tadah warm water all over again. So out Nia and the water go. Abah dah kasi buka seposen plak, panic jugak dia kena wee-wee ngen baby agaknya. haha. Kesian pon ade jugak tgk muka. Takpela, first timer. Below some of the snapshots of today's happenings.

To Abah, practice makes perfect. Petang ni kita try lagi mandikan dia ok. Hehe.