Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warded at Damansara Specialist Hospital

Cik Puan Kecik had her first experience being warded to DSH last Sunday. She had a very high temperature that morning - it went up until 39.8°, we freaked out and terus bawak dia to DSH emergency room. Despite having to use Voltran the night before, it doesn't seems to work on her and the temperature didn't settle and kept on rising. Makanya, we asked the emergency doctor to admit our little girl so that they can keep an eye on her. Nia had to do 2 tests, the every so famous H1N1(A) and (B) test as well as a blood test to rule out dengue fever. H1N1 test wasn't so bad because she only need to go thru a nasal swab exercise. Easy peasy, sekejap je da settle. The blood test was a challenge. Nia had to be poked for 13x before the doctor finally managed to find her blood vein. Both if us were about to lose our patience already. Ye la, so kesian tgk Nia duk menangis. Looking at us with pleading teary eyes. Mana ade parents yg sanggup tgk. *Sigh*. We were lucky that so happen her own Pediatrician doctor was in doing rounds at the ward. So he was the one yg managed to draw the blood out at last, after the ER doctor da gave up.
Anyways, after spending 4 days & 3 nights at the hospital, Nia's temperature finally settled and maintained at a healthy 35-36°. Alhamdulillah. We are now back home and now Cik Mek ni develop some rashes and cirit birit due to reactions to the antibiotics. Haih! macam - macam! Whatever it is, I'm very glad that she's much happier and healthier now. Although dah jadi super manja since dah masuk 6 days tido kat celah ketiak mummy dia.
And yes, the test result came back and its negative H1N1(A) or (B) and negative dengue. It's just viral fever with acute respiratory inflammation.
Now we can all beraya dengan hati yg tenang. He he he.
Abah & Nia - sama even when sleeping. Daddy's girl.
Feeling a bit better. Can even watch Mickey Mouse & Friends.


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

seb baik nia tak aper2..memang kesian tengok baby kena amik tu seb baik nuha tak kena..seb doc kesian..

nway, selamat hari raya dr kami sekeluarga

** kami ** said...

hahaha.. memang sama lah abah & Nia. tidak syak lagi. ahahaha...

sama ke tak ke... mommy ida loves you!!

mrs Fahmi said...

tu lar....dah la muka sama....gaya tido pon sama...mcm mana tu..isk isk isk