Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nia Fell Off the Bed

berderau darah subuh smalam....cos Semek fell off the bed while I was in the shower getting ready to go to work at 5am....tgh brush gigi, tetiba dengar bunyik 'gedebuk'....berlari keluar toilet....rupanya she woke up and was trying to crawl over to the shower dengar bunyi air....despite the fact that i've put six huge pillows all around her...haihhh....meggigil ler lutut mummy and siap boleh bergenang air mata sama ngen Nia while she cried....*sigh*, mummy has decided that Nia can no longer sleep kat celah ketiak mummy when abah is not around...whatever it is, kena tido jugak dlm cot...

thank you to all those comforting comments and thoughts from other mommies and daddies kat least i know, all of their babies pon jatuh katil jugak at one point...i'm just glad that nothing bad happened, no bruises, no benjol, no terseliuh ke ape....

apart from that....another 2 new tricks from Semek...

Nia can now 'Jiggy with It' everytime a song is played on Disney channel...siap terkinja² pulak badan dia...;-)...will try to take a video of her jiggying the next time dia buat

And...Nia pon dah pandai geleng kepala skarang...everytime dia dengar kita ckp 'leng leng leng tergeleng-geleng' harus laaa dia geleng kepala jugak....and last night, while having papayas, when i ask her, "do u want some more"?, nia said no by geleng kepala for the first time!!! hehhehe...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate Expats!

I'm officially an Expatriate-Hater now - which I think the feeling is mutual.
They have never been anything to HR apart from trouble and problems.
Gaji like banyak Ya Rabbi, and yet ada aje la yg tak kena and nak complaint. Sungguh la tidak bersyukur.
Regardless if its a Mat Salleh Expat or a Malaysian Expats in overseas, sume kalau dah naik jadi Expats tu memang lah sengal.
Huh!!! Idiots!!!Stress~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 New milestones for Nia

15.11.2009 : Nia waved Bye-Bye for the first time to Wan when we were about to leave the house to go on our weekend retreat at Royale Chulan

15.11.2009 : Nia managed to clearly say A-Bah continuously for almost 20x even after I told her to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Muuuuummmmmmm-y ...... Sheeeessshh!

17.11.2009 : Nia managed to lift up her bum-bum for the first time & almost crawled to the other side of the bed .... :-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Bells in 2010

I've realized that I have many weddings to attend next year....biar betol ni.....byk baju baru kena buat...ngee ngee ngeeee...

Weddings to Attend in Year 2010

January: Dilart - Johor Bahru
February: JJ --- betolkah kabar angin ini?...TBC
March: Kiyai & Didi - Batu Pahat
April: Free
May: Alif - Nikah in Kelantan and Reception in KL
June: Nurul - Nikah in Kelana Jaya and Reception in Merak Kayangan
July: Free
August: Ramadhan
September: Eid'ul Fitr
October: Free
November: Eid'ul Adh
December: Free

Maya's wedding plan is still tentative for next year...tak confirm yet....and in mind, we're also planning for a holiday in June...ini tak masuk holiday dengan family ke ape laie ni.......tengok lah keadaan....Exciting year ahead...heehhe....

January: Mungkin going to Cameron Highland with the family dari Batu Pahat
June: Our own holiday sempena 2nd Annicersary....TBC
Mid Year: Holiday with family Pak Engku, also to be confirmed on the venue...I'm opting for Redang...:p

I loiiiiiiiiiiiiiike holidays!

Friday, November 13, 2009

masa Oh masa

haihhh....a longggg overdue entry....many things have happened....many pictures have been captured and not uploaded....nak kata busy bagai Minister, takde la kan....but the minutes seems to be ticking faster nowadays that I didn't even have the time to complete one thing before another thing comes up...well, thats what they say, dunia di akhir zaman...kalo 24 hours tukar jadi 48 hours a day pon tak sempat....

she's officially 8 months old now...getting cheekier, naughtier and slimmer!!! aahahaah...long gone are her chubby cheeks, chubby legs and buncit tummy....all that is left now, is a much slimmer, trimmer body...well, she still has some of the baby fat here and there....but i must say, i do miss the chubby cheeks that she used to have...
milk feeding bukan main banyak nowadays, can even finish up to 9oz at one go kalau at night....siang, dah start eating solid, since Nia hates all the gooey-mushy-squashy puree/porridge...memang la anak Abah, cos she loves rice, bread and PASTA!!!!! hehehehe....
now that Nia has her walker, she's all over the house...makin lama makin laju and can race with Abang Fawwaz on his bicycle...
and ooo yes, i finally gave in to Wan's pujukan and rayuan and bought Nia her buai since she refused to sleep during the day....asyik nak main je...the buai seems to work for a week, now baru nak masuk second week, seems like the magic of the buai dah hilang since now she realized that everytime we put her in the buai, its nap-time!!! so...drama queen pon take over la...the no-tears crying will start....huhuhu....

Fahmi's birthday is around the corner....i have yet to decide what to get for him...he's asking for a DSLR...mahal!!!!!! dang!!! so i'm stil thinking...and since I also have yet to get my birthday present, so some slight delay with his presents too....kehkekekehe....
anyway, am planning for a weekend getaway since both of us are on leave this coming monday and tuesday....bawak Nia pergi lepak at one of the hotels la....then, can take her to play at the pool...

it's the time of the year again - APPRAISALS -
i hate this time of the year...i have 7 people reporting to me...7 types of behaviors to deal with....but only 3 types of employees...the high-performers, the average and the under-performers...what's for sure, i'll be drained out after a session with the under-performers....*sigh*...
we're having a team outing soon next its dinner at tony romas followed by a movie at cinneleisure..fahmi nak tag along....tapi tak boley laaa yang oii.....khikhihki
and...i've rsvp-ed for the Masquarade Dinner next month at Sunway...must start thinking about what to wear...(ha...this one you can follow...:p)

school leave is about to start would be expecting the troops to be sleeping over at Wan's place nanti...meriah la sikit rumah...My mom would be happy...but at the same time, stress juga if the kids starts fighting...thats when SuNani would have to step in and shout to them...ahah..Mak Tiri
kak lin had to go through an operation yesterday....kena remove her cyst in her stomache if she wants to get pregnant again...alhamdulillah, operation went well - 2 hours je...and most likely she'll be back home tomorrow....and mc for a month!!! ---> Jealous!
all of us will be celebrating raya haji kat kota damansara this's mama's, not going back to batu pahat or terengganu...
ooh!! Ki is sick....something's not right with his kidney...he's doing some tests with the specialist kat HKT....if the results are not so good, we might be bringing him to KL to see the specialists in Putrajaya - apparently this is the best hospital for specialists based on what the doctors say lah

catch-up with maya for breakfast few weeks back...the rest couldn't make it and ida thought it was on sunday...hishh!!!
seems rather difficult to catch up with my own friends nowadays....a bit disappointed here on this note...mmm
most of the time, we hang up with fahmi's friends...we're planning for a picnic and a bbq soon....can't wait!!yay!!!

last but not least....

my weight is still the same - no difference there....i still can't fit into my old 577...stress!!
i'm actively searching for the best photography package in town....teringin sangat nak amik garden portraiture with Nia and far, its either CikiMiki or EyesOfGrace ...seems promising enough!
apart from that, day in and day out, sama je....i wish there's a big difference....but not quite yet....patiently waiting and hoping for a big fat bonus cheque in March 2010 so I can have a nice kitchen for Denai Alam's house nanti...:-)