Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's the Tax Season Again!

Pejam celik², believe it or not, it's the season that I hate the most again. Rasa mcm baru je yesterday I had to go to LHDN in Jalan Duta to pay my outstanding MYR700 for last year's tax submission. Now its April again and another round is e-filing submission is due. The reason I hate it so much bukannya apa, its just that I have no idea on how to fill up the BE form. Memang blur! I'm not sure what kind of things that I can get exemptions for. I don't know what figure to put in which column. Memang tak suke la kesimpulannya. For me, LHDN memang menyusahkan hidup je. Haha. We've paid our taxes in our monthly salary. I don't understand why we must submit balik every year. *sigh*. Hopefully, this year I don't have to pay any short amount. Kalau ada nak kena refund okay lah. Hehe.

So this year, I've enrolled the help of Ida to help me out with the e-filing submission. From what she said, e-filing sounded super easy je. But I know better than that based on my experience last year. *grr*. Malam ni project untuk list down all the details. I've reset by e-filing password just now. So far everything looks good. Ida pon da tolong amekkan my EA Form from SSSC. Thanks Love. Time to dig out all those receipts from last year's expenses. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nia is 3 Weeks Old Today!

Nia is exactly 21 days old today. Rasa mcm baru jer semalam kena operate to bring her out. Rupa-rupanya it has been 3 weeks ago since I first saw her chubby little face. Now at 3 weeks, Nia has changed a few of her first behaviours. She still sleeps most of the time - so that provides me ample time to rest as well. Now, Nia da tak bgn so frequent at night - she has somewhat or rather develop her night routine. Last feeding must be at midnite and after that she will need feeding again at 3am and 6am - interval of 3 hours between each feeding. Skarang pon dah makin kuat minum susu. Susu mommy dia pon tak cukup, so kena la add on ngen formula - kalo tak for sure la meragam tuan puteri kecik ni. Previously time baru kluar from my tummy, she only drinks about 1oz of milk for each feeding - but at 21 days, each feeding must be at 3oz, kalo tak mesti la siren berbunyi tak puas. Increase in milk intake means she's also weighing heavier nowadays. Sampai lenguh jugak la tangan nak pangku Nia minum susu. Alhamdulillah, sihat baby mommy ni.
Next check-up with Dr Musa is scheduled for Friday, 10th April 2009 - when Nia is exactly 1 month old. Nanti Nia nak kena jab her first immunization. Kesian my chubby cheeks ni - hopefully dia tak demam la after that. Takpe, we'll try to use the tips given by her Cik Yong, letak Vicks kat tempat jab right after the doctor sudah cucuk so that tak bengkak. Apparently it seems to work for Sufiyya - and no demam at all. (,")

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's In the Name

Many have asked why we chose the name we've given to our daughter. So, here it goes, the meaning of:

Nur Aqeela Daania Binti Fahmi

Nur: Light
Aqeela: Bright/Intelligent
Daania: Gift of God
Nia: Beautiful

We try to make sure that all the names given to her has a meaning behind it - since what the parent call the child is equivalent as a doa for her. Initially we wanted to name her as Nur Ariana Daania, but we were not so sure that Ariana has a meaning or not and after consulting an Ustaz, we decided on Aqeela instead since it has a very nice meaning.

Hence, hopefully our Nia (our beautiful gift of God) will be a child that is intelligent, bright, with all the good qualities in the world and most of all a Solehah ummah. Amin.

My Nia..Our Nia

Introducing Nur Aqeela Daania Binti Fahmi to the world for the first time ever.

Our precious baby girl is finally born on Tuesday, 10 March 2009 at Damansara Specialist Hospital via a Ceasearean-Section operation at 12.28pm weighing 3.42kg with the length of 48cm and head circumference of 35cm.
Our little one started her journey out of mommy's womb at about 3am in the morning when mommy's waterbag broke when she went to the toilet to take a leak. Mommy quickly woke Abah and they actually argued whether it's necessary to go to the hospital or not. But when mommy started to bleed, everthing was on auto-pilot. They showered and got ready to hit the road and prepared for the long day ahead of them.

At the hospital, mommy was quickly rushed to the maternity ward by the ER nurses. There, her tummy was strapped to a machine so that they can check on her contractions level - it was a bit funny because mommy keep on telling the midwife that she cannot feel any contractions because she doesn't know how it feels like - but the machine was showing a spike in the reading - so she is indeed having rather strong contractions. The midwife decided to check mommy's cervix if its dilated or not since she's started having strong contractions, but she was still at 1cm dilation and my head was still not engage properly in the birth channel.

At 9am, the gyneachologist came and checked mommy and she quickly informed the nurse to prep an operation theatre for mommy since I could drown in mommy's tummy if they don't get me out soon. After awhile, our anesthetist came and spoke to mommy on the procedure and gave a chance for mommy to ask any concerns that she might have. Mommy was all geared up to meet me so she was all perky and ready to be whisked away to the OT. She was wheeled off at 10am and given her epidural shot at 10.30am. By 11.45 she was ready on the operation table and Abah came in and sat next to mommy and held her hand all thru the procedure.

Alhamdulillah, after 45 minutes, I came out all purple and wailing at the top of my lungs. Mommy was too drugged to move so my peadeatrician gave me to Abah for him to Azam, Qamat and gave me my first taste of Tamar and Air Zamzam. Afterwards, they wiped me clean and put me on mommy's chest where we were officially introduced for the first time. Mommy was so happy, that she even had tears when she looked at my chubby face.

Overall, it was quite a journey for me coming out of mommy's tummy. Today, I am 19 days old and I have gained 0.2kg from my initial birth weight. Mommy is getting a hang of her new mommy-hood world and I am starting to develop my own sleeping pattern. Both of us are happy and we love each other to bits - that includes Abah as well. ;-)