Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's the Tax Season Again!

Pejam celik², believe it or not, it's the season that I hate the most again. Rasa mcm baru je yesterday I had to go to LHDN in Jalan Duta to pay my outstanding MYR700 for last year's tax submission. Now its April again and another round is e-filing submission is due. The reason I hate it so much bukannya apa, its just that I have no idea on how to fill up the BE form. Memang blur! I'm not sure what kind of things that I can get exemptions for. I don't know what figure to put in which column. Memang tak suke la kesimpulannya. For me, LHDN memang menyusahkan hidup je. Haha. We've paid our taxes in our monthly salary. I don't understand why we must submit balik every year. *sigh*. Hopefully, this year I don't have to pay any short amount. Kalau ada nak kena refund okay lah. Hehe.

So this year, I've enrolled the help of Ida to help me out with the e-filing submission. From what she said, e-filing sounded super easy je. But I know better than that based on my experience last year. *grr*. Malam ni project untuk list down all the details. I've reset by e-filing password just now. So far everything looks good. Ida pon da tolong amekkan my EA Form from SSSC. Thanks Love. Time to dig out all those receipts from last year's expenses. Wish me luck!


~ ida ~ said...

tapi nasib ada kureng baik... u kena bayar tax. aiyooo!!!