Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kids are Ready for Raya

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Terdetik in My Heart

Went to surau for Zohor prayers earlier on, and managed to listen to the tazkirah from an Ustaz...tak sure plak ape nama dia...but he's on TV Al-Hijrah la petang-petang...muda lagi...something that he said, buat rasa mcm terdetik sangat kat, I'm just sharing this with everyone...mudah-mudahan dapat mengingatkan kita to the things yang lagi penting in this life but sometimes have been neglected by us...

Just in case Ramadhan ini Ramadhan kita yang terakhir:

"Untunglah mereka yang mana hari ini lebih baik dari hari semalam,
Rugilah mereka bila mana hari ini sama seperti hari semalam; dan
Celakalah mereka yang mana hari semalam lebih baik dari hari ini"

In which category do you think you have fallen into? Harap-harapnya, Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna untuk kita semua... Insya Allah...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Salam Ramadhan al Mubarak

Hola..Lama sangat tak update, sampai tak tahu nak tulis yang mana satu dulu…
So many things have happened… and was too busy with work (alasan standard!!)
Whatever it is, first thing first…

Salam Ramadhan al Mubarak lovelies..
I wish you and your family good health, a lot of happiness and blessings in this holy month…
Semoga kita dapat mengerjakan puasa yang sempurna disisi Allah… Insya Allah

So far, fasting has been a breeze for me…challenge part is just nak make sure that I can sustain my EBM supply… the first 3 days of Ramadhan I couldn’t fast… Miss P finally made its decision to pay a visit again after 1 year and 1 month of hiatus…ceisss….just a few days of Ramadhan, tetiba plak dapat period…baru jer berangan thinking that I will get to fast for the whole month this year…end up, awal2 pon dah cuti….haihhh…anyway, back to EBM, on my first day of fasting (3rd Ramadhan), pump kat office, skali pump dapat 2oz je…homaigodddd….terkezutttt oiiii…sikit bebeno ni….tapi chill lagi…4th Ramadhan, I made sure I drank a lot of water the night before, more than 2litres la…pump during the day, per session 2oz jugak….aiyayaa….start to freak out la ni… tak caya, tgk la gambo kat bawah ni ha….

Tweeted this and uploaded kat FB jugak….got a lot of feedbacks from other mommies…ramai kasi suggestion on what I can do to improve…Alhamdulillah, thank you sangat2….so what I’m doing for today is, minum ayaq byk giler sampai rasa mcm nak muntah woiii….malam je dari berbuka until bed-time, I think I drank about 3litres+…. Toilet break memang toksah kata la….byk kali kot pi toilet…bak kata org Terengganu, mmg bese abehh!!...ahaha…then sahur bgn, made sure today I eat a full hearty meal, 2 toasts, scrambled egg, hashbrown 2 keping and pan fried home-made chicken pops…hamek kauu…mmg kenyang sampai paksa-paksa diri makan…. Then top it up with another 2litres of water…took my Shaklee supplements and also Moringa tablets…. Harap-harapnye ade la improvement…for now, I haven’t pump yet…satgi noon time nak pi meng-express…wish me luck mommies!!

Sambungan update from the entry:

Went to express milk at 1pm… Now that Aaryan is already 1yr+, I’m only expressing milk sekali sehari je…Alhamdulillah, can see improvement today… If yesterday I only get 1.9oz, today in 1 session, I manage to get 3.6oz… Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat-sangat…cukup for 1 feeding for Aaryan – he only drinks about 3oz skali minum, sikit kan…eheheh…but he eats a lot – sume benda dia sapu :-) ….If like this, I’m planning to start expressing more frequently, mcm baru start dulu, just to give some stimulation…huhu…what I did last night to increase my supply today was:

1. Drink a lot of plain water – like reallllllyyyyy a lot – around 5litres kot, dari berbuka until imsak
2. Took 3 tablets of Moringa supplement before sleep, bought from Lunatots Giant KD
3. Took my Shaklee breastfeeding supplement, bought from Lydzar
4. Eat a complete meal during iftar with 3 biji kurma
5. Makan kuih for supper – last night I had burger bakar hokeh…forced hubby to go out and get one cos I was so friggin hungry…hahah…
6. Eat a healthy meal during a sahur (as mentioned previously..ehehe) with 3 biji kurma

Today, I plan untuk add on with Soya Drink…niat nye nak cari Soy Drink Melilia tu…but dunno where I can get it…do u think I can find it at Giant ke ar? Let me know ya mommies…
Till then, happy berbuka puasa with your loved ones…and jgn lupe terawikh!! That’s our “exercise” for this month…*wink*….

Friday, June 8, 2012

Free Pinrtable Birthday Banner

Hello All...

after a long hiatus....nak kasi quick hapdet....a lot has happened for the past few months....couldn't give any update at all in May cos it was my peak month at weak....kalo org keje jadi accountant, ala-ala tgh buat mth end closing giteww...akakaka...bukan ape...June is a free period for us in downstream IT....cos of ECC6 upgrade u can imagine brapa byk change ticket going into may bundle la...last minute works from all the teams....dah, enough about work....just a quick update about me....

Today dah masuk bulan June, so that means, baby boy will be turning ONE soon...omg....tak percaya rasenye....mcm baru je kena masuk OT nak kena operate...haiyaaa...dah setahun si Kenit, this also means, it's parteeyyyyyyy timeee...eheheh....the special date is this Sunday, on the 10th...we're not planning to invite many, just family je this round....lesson leart from Nia's 1st Birthday 3 years ago....we ended up with a cake-cutting picture of the birthday princess with snots running down her down and tears on her cheeks - she was overwhelmed with all the guests and kids running this time, its a close occasion je la....anyhow, i didnt do much planning kali ni....just a cake, some food and a home-made birthday banner....mineral water or goodie bag pon tak sempat nak buat....some of you mommies out there might have been in the same position as me before....i want to save a lot of money without having to splurge and hire someone to do all the decorative stuff....self-satisfaction la, all along, i've always created and printed and pasted my own stickers, mineral water tag, cuppie tags, TQ tags, paper bag tags, invites, bla bla this round, i decided nak buat birthday banner sendiri....tapi dah too last minute and i'm so drained out of je la..after 2 days of pencarian, i found something that we can all alphabet banner template - ready to be downloaded by anyone and used for mommies, please help yourself out to this, you can go ahead and download and string the alphabets yourself and make any kind of banner for your  birthdays, parties, anniversaries or even as a flashcard to your babies....

harap-harap this will help those mommies who are running out of muse and in return saving some money...:-)

till next time, bye!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pre-School Hunt

Next year Nia will be turning 4 years old... So, I think this year would be a good point to start looking for a good potential pre-school for her... Since Nia has never been to a daycare centre or a baby sitter apart from her Wan's house, we will need to start preparing her mentally for this...until now, the only time yg dia pernah pergi 'school' would be during the time we sent her to playgym dekat Tumble Tots - and she lovessssssssss it.... i know in terms of readiness, dia memang dah more than ready to go to school...everyday she normally follows her Wan to pick up her cousin from Kindy...and compared to the cousin, Nia yg lagi super excited tolong babaikan the friends and teachers from the Kindy...ahahaha...typical of her...full of drama... i've basically got a few list of pre-schools around Kota Damansara that I'm thinking of checking pon berdasarkan things that I've not too sure of their quality of materials, teachers or others yet....nak kena check la dulu..

1. RealKids
2. QDees
3. CIC
4. Genius Aulad
5. Itqan
6. Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori

so, if you've any experience in going pre-school hunting, please feel free to drop me a comment on items that I should check during my visits...or perhaps if you have any experience with any of these schools pon, even better....what i have in mind that i'll need to check (or perhaps my must-haves list) would be:

1. Safety
2. Hygiene
3. Children-friendliness
4. Qualifications of the teachers
5. Headmaster visibility/availability at school
6. Food/Nutrition
7. Activity modules
8. Fees
9. Teaching methods
10. Discipline enforcement

Anything that I might have left out? Please let me know... I know it will take a few months for me to go around and survey these places...but i better start early so that I know I'm choosing the best school that suits my needs....of course, other parents might have other its always up to us la kan which one we will choose...hopefully, we will choose one that works best for us...nanti if we're done with our survey, i'll make sure to put some of my thoughts about these schools here too....somehow or rather, I feel so nervous on Nia’a behalf…can’t believe it that my baby girl is going to school soon….Mama-Tiger mode on….ahaha…I mean, with all the stories that we listen to nowadays, it’s pretty scary to send them out there….yer la….kat rumah kite jaga macam mana….but at school, the teachers might treat them differently kan…*sigh*….ni mommy plak yg jadi separation anxiety…camno tu….huhuhu…u all mcm mana? was your first experience in sending your Little Ones out there venturing on their own…

Thursday, March 8, 2012

U is for Umrah

Nope...not for me...but for my Mom...:-)....Sent her off to KLIA today for her long-awaited umrah trip... harap-harap one day, ade la rezeki for us pulak to go there...anyhow, semoga Mama selamat pergi and selamat kembali....Insya Allah...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Aaryan: 1st Flu

I have not done justice to my boy... bile check-check balik entries, I barely have posts related to his stories...waduhhh...i'm so sorry baby boy...mommy has been super busy this last few months memang tak sempat nak hapdet...(alasan asalan and more alasan...*eyes-rolling*)...

anyhow, Aaryan couldn't sleep too well last night...srottt sretttt bunyi nye...rupanya, anak mommy kena his first case of flu....woke up during subuh tadi, rasa badan nye mcm a bit dedo...but couldn't be too sure, i didnt have our thermometer with us, as we're now half-way shifted to our own house in Denai Alam - and most of our stuff are still in Kota since today is Friday and I'm working from home, took him to see a child specialist pagi tadi...

Alhamdulillah - his body temp is still normal - so no fever lah...and yang penting, no sore throat too - so that shouldn't affect his appetite...nak plak now he has become a picky random milk drinker...risau la jugak kan - although he loves solid food so much - but still la have to drink milk too...but this is a separate story...lucky for us, the doc gv us something to relieave his blocked nose - so far, he seems ok with the Iliadin nasal more crankiness...let's see if it really works tonight..

So, in comparison to Nia, Aaryan has lesser it because I am breastfeeding? Sebab Nia dulu, umor 6 months dah warded to DSH sebab high-fever...huhuh....So far for Aaryan, Alhamdulillah, he's a healthy baby...although badan takde la se-debab Kakak dulu, but he doesn't easily contracts desease...and I hope it stays that way la....perhaps, it's contributed by the EBM too...berkat usaha Mommy memerah although berlari-lari at the office terkejo ke sana sini...eekekek...whatever it is, hopefully baby boy will get better soon....Insya Allah...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anak Itu Amanah Allah

Innalillah.... Al-Fatihah buat adik Faris Nor Daniel.... Hopefully, roh adik Faris, tenang di sisi Allah...and I am sure Jannah is for you dear boy.... berat hati memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul....looking at your picture, with tears running from your eyes, I can only imagine how painful it has been for you...Semoga ini yang terbaik utk arwah adik Faris...and hopefully the parents & family and strong to go thru dugaan yang sungguh berat ini...i can't comment much as I've only known about kisah arwah yesterday.... but reading about it, has truly touched my heart... sesungguhnya, anak itu amanah dari Allah....dari Dia mereka datang...and to Him, they will go back...semoga anak-anak kita semua, dilindungi, dirahmati, and diberkati dengan kesihatan and kesempurnaan always...Insya Allah...

Mode: Sedih :-'(

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Help Adik Faris!

Everdearest mommies..

Let's join our hands and help Adik Faris.... I came across reading his pain from Bersama Mazidul's blog.... Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi...sedihnye baca kisah Adik Faris ni.... semoga Allah pelihara and panjangkan umur Adik Faris.... may health and wellness be his after this... and hopefully semoga the parents and family are strong to go thru dugaan yang amat besar, as fellow Muslims, let us pray and contribute (if mampu) buat Adik Faris - his hospital bills are almost RM100k..... let's do our part and don't let them suffer on their own...Semoga Allah membalas jasa for those yang dapat menghulurkan bantuan...Insya Allah...

To read more about Adik Faris:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Si Cheeky Monkey!

Scene malam tadi...

Nia: *syiok duk mengorek hidung*
Aaryan: sitting facing Kakak and intently watching was she was doing

2-minutes later...

Nia: hmmmm...(while looking at her finger dengan hasil yg dikorek tadi)
Nia: "Adik...... nahhh...makan ni..." (sambil disua-nya taik idung dia kat mulut adik)
Aaryan: *blink*blink*blink*
Mommy: "Nia....bagi adik makan ape tu?"
Nia: "theee heee heee....taik idung Nia..." (tanpa perasaan bersalah)
Mommy: grrrrrrr