Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pre-School Hunt

Next year Nia will be turning 4 years old... So, I think this year would be a good point to start looking for a good potential pre-school for her... Since Nia has never been to a daycare centre or a baby sitter apart from her Wan's house, we will need to start preparing her mentally for this...until now, the only time yg dia pernah pergi 'school' would be during the time we sent her to playgym dekat Tumble Tots - and she lovessssssssss it.... i know in terms of readiness, dia memang dah more than ready to go to school...everyday she normally follows her Wan to pick up her cousin from Kindy...and compared to the cousin, Nia yg lagi super excited tolong babaikan the friends and teachers from the Kindy...ahahaha...typical of her...full of drama... i've basically got a few list of pre-schools around Kota Damansara that I'm thinking of checking pon berdasarkan things that I've not too sure of their quality of materials, teachers or others yet....nak kena check la dulu..

1. RealKids
2. QDees
3. CIC
4. Genius Aulad
5. Itqan
6. Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori

so, if you've any experience in going pre-school hunting, please feel free to drop me a comment on items that I should check during my visits...or perhaps if you have any experience with any of these schools pon, even better....what i have in mind that i'll need to check (or perhaps my must-haves list) would be:

1. Safety
2. Hygiene
3. Children-friendliness
4. Qualifications of the teachers
5. Headmaster visibility/availability at school
6. Food/Nutrition
7. Activity modules
8. Fees
9. Teaching methods
10. Discipline enforcement

Anything that I might have left out? Please let me know... I know it will take a few months for me to go around and survey these places...but i better start early so that I know I'm choosing the best school that suits my needs....of course, other parents might have other its always up to us la kan which one we will choose...hopefully, we will choose one that works best for us...nanti if we're done with our survey, i'll make sure to put some of my thoughts about these schools here too....somehow or rather, I feel so nervous on Nia’a behalf…can’t believe it that my baby girl is going to school soon….Mama-Tiger mode on….ahaha…I mean, with all the stories that we listen to nowadays, it’s pretty scary to send them out there….yer la….kat rumah kite jaga macam mana….but at school, the teachers might treat them differently kan…*sigh*….ni mommy plak yg jadi separation anxiety…camno tu….huhuhu…u all mcm mana? was your first experience in sending your Little Ones out there venturing on their own…