Monday, June 30, 2008

Our First Weekend Together

I just love spending my time with him. We had our first weekend together as husband and wife. We didn't really do anything much. Just some lazing & bumming around. Ran a couple of errands. Did some banking. Catch two movies together. Went to a colleague's wedding. And last night for the first time, after a 2 weeks old marriage, we sat down in the TV room to watch The Covenent, together - our first TV session - although I must admit I was snoozing half of the time. LOL.

I know, I know, I'm being melodramatic here. But hey! Give the bride some space. We are still in our honeymoon period and we're loving every second of it. (Yippie Yay!)

Anyhow, I've done the booking for Hubby's return ticket to AMS - KUL. Have completed mine today as well. Still contemplating where to go during our weekend in Amsterdam. A friend suggested London. But another colleague suggested Paris to us last night. Our preferences? Whichever that has the most attractions for us to see, the easiest & cheapest mode of tranportation and the best deal to offer.

So, here I am, still googling on whatever that is necessary for the both of us. Which reminds me: to get the Dummy Books to Amsterdam and the country we'll be visiting during our extra weekend there. Another reason to visit MPH this weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our 'Business & Honeymoon' Trip

I received my Global Credit Card yesterday. Checked the details and everything seems to be in order. But I can't quite remember what was the PIN No which I have set initially when I submitted the form (*Wonders*). Excitedness is creeping in. It's my first business trip abroad. A 12 hours direct flight in Business Class - that is if I managed to get the ticket. Else, we would have to transit either in Germany or in Singapore. I would pick the earlier. ;-). And the best part would be, hubby will be going with me. So it's more like a business + honeymoon trip for us. Yeay!

Was planning to do the ticketing by today for myself and hubby. But I received an invite for a CWT session for tomorrow. Since this is going to be the first time I'll be using the card, might as well I just wait for the session so that I can listen to what they have to say.

Been asking and googling around on what to do during our trip to Amsterdam. We have one extra weekend to spare. Currently, there are 3 options. To go up north to Copenhagen, Denmark. Or down south to Brussels, Belgium. But my preferred choice would be to the west across the channel to London, England. Same choice as my hubby. (,")

Our travelling option would either be by train or by bus. It's pretty hard to get a cheap flight ticket from NL to London. So, its either we book the Eurotrain return trip from Brussels - London. Or we can take a bus from Amsterdam and go straight to London. The latter seems to be more cost saving since the ticket will be much cheaper and we'll save some for the hotels. Anyhow, anybody has got any tips for all these 3 places? Please let us know.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Food Tasting

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Solemnization Ceremony

Thursday, June 19, 2008

99 stalks of Roses

Somehow or rather, he never stops to surprise me...on our Akad day, I received a gorgeous bouquet of red roses from feelings: very very surprise & superbly happy....and of course...i was deeply touched....I knew he doesn't really care much about giving flowers to me...but having to receive it hours before the that i would have to acknowledge, to be one of the most romantic gestures that somebody had ever done for me...thanks a lot sayang...i loveeeeee the flowers very very very much...mucho gracias~ ;-)

the flowers were deep red in colour....beautifully wrapped in a lilac tissue - which goes well with his hantaran for me...and there were 99 stalks of roses, which was still wet with morning dew when it arrived right in front my door step...and of course, there was a card as well....needless to say, with a meaningful message inside....;-)

the night after our akad, he mentioned that 99 stalks of roses carries a certain meaning...after some googling, I've found that:

Red Roses: I Love You
99 Stalks: I Will Love You Till The Day I Die

after knowing this, i definitely vote the roses to be his most romantic gesture eversince we have been baby, thanks a bunch for the roses....i shall remember this always....and of course....i will also love you till the day i die...

Hantaran Nany to Fahmi

All hantaran from my side was created by my sister, Kak Lin within 1 week...:p apart from the Sireh which we get Alip to help out....i love the the roses...and babybreath...

Wedding band




Baju melayu & sampin

Shirt & pants


Belt & shades


Perfume set

Hantaran Fahmi to Nany


Dowry & wedding band

Duit hantaran


Perfume set

Make-up set


Fruit basket

The whole collection.. I think I miss the Pulut Kuning for the single pictures..

The small pink roses deco in front is actually to hold my engagement ring.. We were engaged for 10mins just before the akad nikah...;-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

1 + 1 = 2

It's the happiest day of our lives,
When we said 'I Do',
And nothing else mattered, except for me and you,
Now that we are bound together,
And one has become two,
I love you with all my heart,
My love, my husband, my Boo....(,")