Monday, June 30, 2008

Our First Weekend Together

I just love spending my time with him. We had our first weekend together as husband and wife. We didn't really do anything much. Just some lazing & bumming around. Ran a couple of errands. Did some banking. Catch two movies together. Went to a colleague's wedding. And last night for the first time, after a 2 weeks old marriage, we sat down in the TV room to watch The Covenent, together - our first TV session - although I must admit I was snoozing half of the time. LOL.

I know, I know, I'm being melodramatic here. But hey! Give the bride some space. We are still in our honeymoon period and we're loving every second of it. (Yippie Yay!)

Anyhow, I've done the booking for Hubby's return ticket to AMS - KUL. Have completed mine today as well. Still contemplating where to go during our weekend in Amsterdam. A friend suggested London. But another colleague suggested Paris to us last night. Our preferences? Whichever that has the most attractions for us to see, the easiest & cheapest mode of tranportation and the best deal to offer.

So, here I am, still googling on whatever that is necessary for the both of us. Which reminds me: to get the Dummy Books to Amsterdam and the country we'll be visiting during our extra weekend there. Another reason to visit MPH this weekend.