Thursday, June 19, 2008

99 stalks of Roses

Somehow or rather, he never stops to surprise me...on our Akad day, I received a gorgeous bouquet of red roses from feelings: very very surprise & superbly happy....and of course...i was deeply touched....I knew he doesn't really care much about giving flowers to me...but having to receive it hours before the that i would have to acknowledge, to be one of the most romantic gestures that somebody had ever done for me...thanks a lot sayang...i loveeeeee the flowers very very very much...mucho gracias~ ;-)

the flowers were deep red in colour....beautifully wrapped in a lilac tissue - which goes well with his hantaran for me...and there were 99 stalks of roses, which was still wet with morning dew when it arrived right in front my door step...and of course, there was a card as well....needless to say, with a meaningful message inside....;-)

the night after our akad, he mentioned that 99 stalks of roses carries a certain meaning...after some googling, I've found that:

Red Roses: I Love You
99 Stalks: I Will Love You Till The Day I Die

after knowing this, i definitely vote the roses to be his most romantic gesture eversince we have been baby, thanks a bunch for the roses....i shall remember this always....and of course....i will also love you till the day i die...