Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday at the Hospital

Not much celebration this year since Nia was warded during my birthday. But I had a good time enough - Fahmi & Nia bought me roses and a piece of chocolate cake which we cut and ate together - even Nia had her one bite of that. Then Kak Lin came as a surprise and brought over some jelly cupcakes from One Utama and we lighted the candle again for the second time.
Present tak dapat lagi - postpone to after raya as well as the 'official' birthday dinner. Hehe.
But thanks to everyone for all the best wishes on Facebook, the SMSes and the phone calls. Sungguh terharu. :-)

Lampu Lip Lap

Yeay!! Raya is drawing closer. Semangat and demam raya dah start. I managed to nag Fahmi to help and fix the lampu lip lap all around the house. Baru la terasa mcm nak raya. Thank you!! :-)

Warded at Damansara Specialist Hospital

Cik Puan Kecik had her first experience being warded to DSH last Sunday. She had a very high temperature that morning - it went up until 39.8°, we freaked out and terus bawak dia to DSH emergency room. Despite having to use Voltran the night before, it doesn't seems to work on her and the temperature didn't settle and kept on rising. Makanya, we asked the emergency doctor to admit our little girl so that they can keep an eye on her. Nia had to do 2 tests, the every so famous H1N1(A) and (B) test as well as a blood test to rule out dengue fever. H1N1 test wasn't so bad because she only need to go thru a nasal swab exercise. Easy peasy, sekejap je da settle. The blood test was a challenge. Nia had to be poked for 13x before the doctor finally managed to find her blood vein. Both if us were about to lose our patience already. Ye la, so kesian tgk Nia duk menangis. Looking at us with pleading teary eyes. Mana ade parents yg sanggup tgk. *Sigh*. We were lucky that so happen her own Pediatrician doctor was in doing rounds at the ward. So he was the one yg managed to draw the blood out at last, after the ER doctor da gave up.
Anyways, after spending 4 days & 3 nights at the hospital, Nia's temperature finally settled and maintained at a healthy 35-36°. Alhamdulillah. We are now back home and now Cik Mek ni develop some rashes and cirit birit due to reactions to the antibiotics. Haih! macam - macam! Whatever it is, I'm very glad that she's much happier and healthier now. Although dah jadi super manja since dah masuk 6 days tido kat celah ketiak mummy dia.
And yes, the test result came back and its negative H1N1(A) or (B) and negative dengue. It's just viral fever with acute respiratory inflammation.
Now we can all beraya dengan hati yg tenang. He he he.
Abah & Nia - sama even when sleeping. Daddy's girl.
Feeling a bit better. Can even watch Mickey Mouse & Friends.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Semek's First Food

Yesterday Nia was exactly 6 months old. How time flies. As promised to her, Mummy will start her weaning process as soon as she reached 6 months. Makanya, balik from office semalam, terus la bersemangat buat Nia's first rice cereal. Since malas nak singgah Giant beli brown rice, terpaksa la grind pakai white rice yg sedia ada at home. Blended and masak with water & some formula. The first basic food for any babies. All the while Nia dengan sopan & santun duduk menunggu Mummy siap masak in her Jumperoo.
Her first taste, looks OK. Second taste, dah start menyembur la pulak. Habis kena muka Mummy and muka Nia skali. lol. The cereal bau sedap, mcm vanilla because of the formula I guess. Overall, Nia makan tak habis pon. I think its because its too watery. Tapi kalo pekat kang constipation pulak makcik ni. Takpe, we'll adjust the texture today. Feelings: I guess Nia was excited cos she keeps on blabbing tak tahu ape and Mummy of course la gumbira - sebab Munchkin dah makin pandai and semakin banyak ragam. :-)
The pictures are for the benefit of Abah who was not around for Nia's first solid meal.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving Place


i have to move from my cozy corner at the office to a very open workstation. so the very the benci. why? because my manager decided untuk re-shuffle the team arrangement. so i have additional 3 new team members reporting to me. hence, kena la re-arrange the seating arrangement sebab nak make sure my team are all sitting close to me. but!!! i hate the thought of leaving my super cozy corner. nanti at the newly assigned seat, i won't be able to see if people are coming over to my place since my back is facing them. benci! benci! nanti kalo big boss datang nak mintak anything i wont realize that she's coming over. despite my tantrums and complaints to my manager semalam, still tak menjadi. i still have to move to the new place. okla, logically i know memang make sense that i'm assigned to that seat, cuma......sungguh la tidak best and tak strategic. *sigh*sigh* and *double sigh*.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wadi Unung

I've been following a drama on Astro Prima (#105) everday from 6pm since last month with the title Wadi Unung. Its a story of friendship between two girls dari derang kecik sampai la dah besar. Typical of drama melayu, there's a lot of 'drama' and flashbacks. Tapi best jugak la untuk dilayan.
Anyway, the soundtrack of the drama is really nice. I couldn't help to wonder sapa la yang nyanyi. It sounded like Siti Nurhaliza, but I wasn't too sure betol ke tak dia. But my mom was pretty sure its her since the drama is produced by Dato' Khalid's sister. So, today in order to satify my curiosity, I googled in YouTube for 'Wadi Unung'. Berderet dapat hit. Memang betol pon lagu Siti. I never heard this one before but I guess lagu ni dah agak lama. The song is quite sad but very meaningful - untuk orang² yang sedih and pernah lose someone. So, now dah demam lagu ni plak.

Layan~~~~~~~~ Siti Nurhaliza - Melawan Kesepian