Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year all!! Hopefully all of us will have a wonderful year ahead! Till the next post, have a safe celebration with your loved ones tonight! Remember, safety is always first!!...hhehhee...

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Azam 2010?

Ok, it's time of the year to revise and check if I've achieved those things that I planned for 2010...This was the list that I had back in Dec 2009 when we were ushering in 2010....lets see...
1. New job, perhaps?? Because I'm sick & tired with what I'm doing now. Dah nak masuk 4 tahun. Mintak tukar, tak dapatnye. Boringggg...I'm hoping for career advancement...with biggggggggggggggg money....ahahha....sesungguhnye ku mata duitan...:p
---> Yeap, I got transferred to a new role, new department, although am still in the same Company....but it's okay....a variety at this is a check!
2. Time to save more $$$$$ to renovate my to-be-completed house..nak buat, grill, dry/wet kitchen, plaster ceiling, built-in wardrobe...kalo ade rezeki lebih, nak kasi cantik toilet and pasang electric gate..furnitures - kemudian fikir...:-)
---> Alhamdulillah, we got the keys to our house, and the renovation is successfully done and completed.....we have the kitchen made for both wet and dry...the plaster ceiling, exactly how we wanted it to be....we have built-in wardrove for bedroom 2 and bedroom 3....we have the curtains u for some of the rooms...2011, would be to have walk-in wardrove for master bedroom, to furnish the house, a feature wall and an electric yes....aircond for all the this is also another check!
3. Must go on holidays and spend more quality family time
---> Yeap, we sure did went on a lot of holidays this year....although all of it were domestic holidays....tak jadi nak pi Gold Coast as per my original plan....we went to Cameron Highland, Pulau Perhentian, Penang (twice!), Port Dickson, and a few quick getaways in KL itself....that's more than enough...So another check on the list!
4. Stay healthy
---> Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with health this year, both myself and hubby....Nia had her 4 days stay at Pantai Hospital, BP when she was down with the super high viral fever....other than that, we've been peachy all year round....Checked!
5. Educate Nia so that dia jadi anak mummy & babah yg solehah....
---> This is ever on-going....but one thing she can do now is, she can pray...akakak...although tunggang terbalik and tak least, she has the interest to do it whenever she sees us on the sejadah.....gerenti akan berebut la ngen, half check for this
6. Be more generous to those in need & thankful for what I have
---> Tried to be more generous....give more and expect less....nothing major.....just little charities here and people always say, what goes around, comes around, Insya Allah...
7. Cook more meals for suamiku....kihkhikih
---> Meal wise...ahaah...not much of an improvement, since I still have my mom and Bibik cooking at home for us....I think unless we really actually move to our own place, then only this can take place..(alasan!hahah...)....
8. Fix my retirement & financial plan for my children
---> Retirement plan je takde lagi....But Nia has got her own education fund and health insurance she's covered....this is a half check and MUST be revisited next year ASAP!
Now that I've completed mine, what abour yours? Have you achieved all of the things that you planned for 2010?

1st Win of Many Others in the Future

ok.....I never thought that I would say this....but SYABAS MALAYSIA U23!!!You guys rock our world!!! never in my life that I would thought that we can actually see the glory of Malaysian footballers ever again....and yet, last night, our U23 team has broke the spell and brought home a national pride for all Malaysian regardless of race and gender.....

mind you, I am no football fan...and mr Husband is not one either....kebetulan our maid has been following the Suzuki Cup from day 1....and somehow, Malaysia ended up playing against Indonesia and that's when she had to change her mind and went back supporting her own country....Hence, dalam dia duk syiok layan bola, I pon masuk ler bilik tu layan skali....taknak la Malaysia takde org support plak kat rumah ni kan.....skali, watching Khairul Fahmi B. Che Mat performance during the match, caught me off-guard and sangat la kekaguman with his skills hokeeehhh.....before this, Hubby dah ade cakap to me....dia nak belikan jersi Malaysia for me and letak nama Fahmi kat blakang tu...(kebetulan plak nama depa sama kan)....since he already has a Man U jersey himself dengan nama 'Nani'....and I went like...what?...Malaysian jersey?!!!...taknak la...takde kelasss hokehhh...and who the heck is Fahmi ni....and Hubby kept on telling me that he's this goalie kid with a superb skills in catching balls and of course, naturally, I took it for granted....dah semalam tengok sendiri with my own eyes how Fahmi Che Mat plays....baru la rasa macam terkedu sekejap...ahaha....okok...he's damn good! I wish him all the best...who knows, any International Club might be interested to sign him on...that would definitely be a first for Malaysia!

Anyways, PM announced that with the win last night, there will be a Cuti Peristiwa declared tomorrow...guess in conjunction of the New Year as well.....since we in Shell are already enjoying replacement leave for New Year tomorrow, me and my friends are keeping our fingers crossed that HR will decide to give us the replacement on Monday!! that will be a long 4 days off weekend....till then.....heartiest congratulations to Malaysia U23 team, specifically to Fahmi and Safee Sali!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Need a CashCow

I was watching the re-run episodes of Giuliana & Bill on #712, when something that Bill said to Giuls struck me right on my head..."You've got the spend less and save more now that we're having a kid"....ahhaaa.....How very true is that....I mean, all parents know this.....And of course, future parents too....When I was expecting Nia last time, I didn't expect it to be so much like this that I can't even remember the last item that I actually bought for myself....Nowadays, most of the things will either be the groceries, things for the house, infant formula, packets of MamiPokos and new set of clothes for the Little Missy....I was trying to think back when was the last time I bought a new pair of clothes for myself and I think it was during Raya....tu pon sebab beli materials untuk baju new new new shirts.....not even a new handbag (although I've been salivating for one for sooooo longgg...)......the sacrifices that you make for your child...ahaha....We don't even think of new stuff for us's always for Nia, just to make sure she gets the best of everything.... playschool.... developmental toys....educational activities....hahaha oh my.....if I were to think back of myself 3 years ago....i was no where close like this....every month ade je handbag or kasut baru....mental!....guess its just one of the things that a kid can change in you....

Monday, December 27, 2010

WFH - Working from Home

This week is going to be my 3rd week working from home. The past 2 weeks memang had to because I need to chair daily teleconference calls with colleagues from UK at 7pm and if I were to drive to the office, harus la tak sempat nak sampai rumah and login by 7pm. And I don't want to reach home late because that is actually Nia's time with me - bukan time kerja lagi dah. However, duty calls, so terpaksa, so I made a deal with my boss and decided to work from home. And this week, although masih lagi ade regression test for year 2011 Jan bundle, I won't be coordinating it dah - cos my colleague is back from leave and I've been slaving for the past 2 weeks and now its her time la pulak kan. But then again, this morning, I felt sangat la malas nak pergi office nun jauh di Cyberjaya sana, so I decided why not work from home saje laa this week. Besides, its just a 4 working days week and my Boss is away in Rome - she will definitely won't be checking in on me - and plus the rest of the team is also in leave - if I were to go to the office pon harus la sangap kan cos takde org.

When my siblings or my aunties come over to the house and bumped into me at home like this, they will always think that I'm on leave. Yer la, datang kol 12pm, I am still in my pyjamas - harus la ingat aku cuti kan. But no, I am indeed working. Sometimes working from home pon ade dia pros and cons. I tend to be in front of the laptop most of the time - so takde la time nak layan Nia sangat pon - more or less sama je macam kat office. Although most of the time I won't mind having her in the library with me. I'll just switch on our personal laptop and let her watch YouTube, or else, angkut all her toys and she will just play on the floor waiting for me to finish work. Most days, I will be in my PJs in front of the laptop replying to emails and checking on defects until lunch time. Then I will take my 1 hr break to have a shower, lunch break and solat.

But yes, I must admit, I LOVEEEEE working from home. For the flexibility. For the time that I get to see Nia. Sometimes tengah2 kerja tu rasa rindu kat Nia, boleh la lari turun bawah tgk dia buat ape. She gets to have more around more often. Be it both of us are sitting in front of laptops pon - the presence counts I think. Ekekeke. And I know, my husband pon sangat jeles that he can't do this. He secretly wishes that he can also works from home so that he gets to play with Nia more. Hahaha. Jangan mare naa.

Of course, this is one of the benefit when you are working with Kerang. They do have this flexibility given that most of us are required to work on GLOBAL TIMING. So that means, although dah balik rumah kol 6pm tu, on normal days, I do sometimes still login at night to attend meetings and such. So in order for Kerang to make sure that people won't simply cabut, they have to la kasi flexibility mcm gini. Kalo tak, takde sapa nak kerja u olsss.

Ok la, I need to go and make the bed and have my shower. (He He). Till then, Toodles and yes, MERRY X'MAS and Happy BOXING DAY (Secretly wishing for that Coach - if only KL pon ade Boxing Day)!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have an important lunch date today - and I'm very nervous about it. Gegege. Harap-harap everything goes well. Will tell more in due course. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ohh-Emm-Gee! ..... (OMG!)

One of my favourite guy is coming to town ya'alls!! How cool is that....I've been wanting to watch him live in action for so that he's really coming, rasa macam tak percaya the email brochure from my Enrich membership last night...scrolled down to check out the ticket price and that droppped my jawline kasi mulut nganga sikit nye besar oh my! Soooo the pricey! Cheapest is MYR250!!! goshhh...and its just at stadium melawati...not even dekat istana budaya or anywhere yg comfortable....geeezzzz....that somehow made me think twice....maybe i should start nagging to Encik Suami......nak gi concerttttt....please please please please....:p...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another 28 Weeks to Go....

Alhamdulillah....I have reached my 12th weeks of pregnancy.....Compared to my previous pregnancy, I am really couting the weeks to cross over to second trimester this time...and thank God, that is just 1 week away....*phew*....bukan ape....kali ni, my morning sickness - or shall I say, evening sickness - is worse than the previous one....My 1st pregnancy was pretty much smooth sailing apart from the fact I regularly have a blackout and fainted once during the 1st trimester....tapi morning sickness memang almost zero that time....kali ni, asal balik kerja je, gerenti mual - angin - sume la, cukup lengkap...once muntah lam kete...kat toilet tu, toksah ckp la....haha....papehal, at least my case is not as bad as some of the other preggie ladies...

Anyhow, I sure am glad to be stepping closer to the end of all kemualan dan yg sewaktu dengannya.... How's Little Miss taking in all this? I don't think she fully understands the situation yet...She know's that there's a baby inside mummy's tummy....cos she followed us to our first scanning last month....but apart from that, she's been acting like a big drama princess as the usual....mengaruk nak dukung, manja, cranky...sume la....guess its the big sister syndrome...and all this only happens when mummy is around...kalo mummy takde, ok je, behave baik-baik....oo well...i've expected this...and Nia pon still I don't really mind....kang once dia dah besar, dah taknak la plak cuddly cuddly with mummy...eheheh...sementara dia nak ni.....ok la....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm sooooo tired at the office and all this workload. Tiba-tiba bulan December ni la sume nak datang bertimpa-timpa. People!!! December is the month to chill!!~ People are supposed to be on leave. Not doing regression testing sampai 3x when normally its just once a month. Mangkuk ayun mana la yg decide nak buat sampai 3x ni....dah la sume in a row....*sigh*....i'm just counting my days to January before we can go off on a week's break to Langkawi....
On top of that, me and hubby are both darn tired from our non-stop activities that we have to do every weekend...ade je kena travel kenduri kawen family holiday balik kampung la...majlis itu la...majlis ini la.......huwaaaa.....both of us are actually looking forward for some quiet R&R time at home without anything to do except tengok tv, read books or main PS3/, this weekend is going to be our last travelling plan for this year....we need to go back to Batu Pahat untuk cukur jambul Baby Hedzra (my husband's niece)...and then, we're finally done for this year..*phew*..both of us have agreed that no more travelling or weekend plans sampai our trip to Langkawi in Jan.....till then.....selamat berehat, selamat bercuti and selamat bermalas-malasan di rumah...Sekian!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Mummy's princess got a big cut on her palm.
What happaned?
Minah nih duk main basikal outside the house compound kat atas jalan raya. Now kan school break, so we have 6 of her cousins staying over at home. So she was all happy that morning, playing with everyone when suddenly, our neighbour's dog decided to bark at them excitedly. Teruja tgk ramai budak-budak outside the house kot. So this Little Missy, panicked, and wanted to get down from her bicycle to run over to her Bibik. Tapi tersadung and fell down on the road - jalan raya tu lar. But I guess, because of the adrenalin rush, she didn't realize that she had a cut at that time and continued playing macam biasa. Afterwards, boleh mandi (tak nangis lagi), main ngen cousins - siap pukul-pukul abang-abang dia (tak nangis lag), kira all is well la (sebab tak sedar lagi tangan luka this time). Then out of the sudden, my niece saw the cut and told the Bibik. So Bibik came over to inspect so Little Miss pon baru la perasan this red gash on her palm. Terus la drama - nangis tersedu sedan, wants to be carried all over the house by Bibik, and siap lentok kepala atas bahu. I'm guessing its not so much of the pain, cos if it is, she would've cried time mandi pagi tu. My guess is dia seriau cos tak pernah luka and it looks pretty gory with the red color around the wound. He He He.
Elok Mummy balik kerja malam tu, drama sambung la. Show off her hand and asked to be carried. And please, don't mention the luka to her, else, the tears will start rolling down again. *_*. Nia oh Nia.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please Protect Our Children!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Have you heard of this word before...."Ceper"....

I have not....even in my 28 years of life....first time I heard this was last night during dinner at home with my brothers and sisters around....and I went like..."ha??...ceper....amende tu....tak penah dengo pon"...terus kena gelak dek anak-anak buah....ceissss....rupanya, this is what people in KL call when u play with tudung botol....remember the days when we were back in primary schools, we used to hang out at the school canteen just to wait for the kakak/abang canteen to throw away all the tudung bottle and we will collect them and play in nama dia da jadi canggih skit..."Ceper"....

tapi katanye skarang, kids in school (ini cerita from my nephew lar), they can no longer collect this at the school canteen....skang tudung bottle tu dah kena jual....sepeket ade 5 keping and dijual at the price of RM1 ke brapa sen tah....ceissss.....this canteen people are really making money....cekik darah budak-budak betol la....but i'm still glad that the legacy of main tudung botol still lives on...I can't remember the last time I played thing for sure, it's sure is fun watching them now playing and challenging each thats what you call semangat it only by flicking your fingers and not dropping a single sweat....akakakak....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Porte Dickson

Teruja! Esok we're heading out to Port Dickson early in the morning for 4 days. It's a family holiday with my in laws who are all coming down from Johor. We're staying at Maybank's holiday bungalow and I hope that the place is nice and cozy. From the Google picture, it looks pretty decent. And of course, what's a beach holiday if we don't have any BBQ, right. Since the bungalow already consists of a BBQ pit, all we need to bring is marinated food direct to the grill.

So, wind, sand and water, here we come!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's A Boy!

Congratulations congratulations and congratulations to our beloved friends, Ash & Mizi, who have just greeted their second child into this world yesterday afternoon at 3.35pm... Both baby and mummy are doing great, and I can just envy Ash for such an easy delivery that she had this time around.... Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Compared to her 1st delivery for Qadeja, Baby Umar's birth was pretty much smooth sailing and fairly quick....Ash felt some contraction started yesterday morning and by the time she reached the hospital, she was already 4cm dilated!! How awesome is that?!!!. :-)....Next, the Gyne just induced her a lil bit with some water and with just 3 push, Junior No.2 popped out weighing a whooping 3.6kg!!!

So harap-harapnye, our second one nanti pon akan jadi as easy as this....but somehow i doubt that....since my previous delivery was a C-Section and if I can go for a normal birth (which I'm hoping I can) this time around, it would be similar to someone yg baru nak beranak first time normal since the passage is not there yes, the tearing and everything lar....haihh....cuma harapnye this time, baby is totally engaged that takyah go for C-Sect....

Whatever it is....let's toast to sleepless nights and diaper-changing duty! :-)...Hail Mommies~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For the past 2 days, I've been logging into Fireflyz website countless times. Rasa stress macam nak tarik-tarik rambut pon ada cos everytime I tried to book their holiday package, I kept on getting an error message suruh key in the credit card number again. Despite trying 3 different credit cards, sama jugak. Then I tried 3 different laptops, sama jugak. Tried at the office, sama jugak. At home, sama jugak. All the same error. Called their Call Centre - lucky the waiting period was rather short unlike AirAsia. Tapi they advisor can't help me much. They checked and confirmed that the system is up and running and since I am trying to book a package deal, they won't be able to perform the booking manually over the phone for me since the booking needs to be connected online with the hotel's system as well. Arghhh. Nak book directly with the hotel - mahal la pulak harganya. Tapi after much effort and feeling like dah almosttttt nak give up (tinggal la dalam 5% je lagi before I start shouting to Fireflyz) tetiba jeng jeng jeng.......kluar message cakap, your booking is successful - and please print out the booking details and itenary. Whoaaaaa.....rasa mcm keterujaan melampau....yer la, after 2 days of trying, feels like as though I just hit a jackpot or something...hahahaahah.....

Makanya, where are we going and when are we going? Not too far - domestic je...Only to Langkawi....just the 3 of invitation extended to other people....Fahmi really wants this holiday to be about us this time without having any other people tagging along....Since this might as well be the last time we will go on a holiday just the 3 of us before no.4 pops out soon...(opppsss....yesss....thats a different story all together....:-P)....

So, for MYR1,345.32, we secured ourselves 3 return tickets (2 adults and 1 infant) on Fireflyz from Subang - Langkawi - Subang and a 4 days 3 nights stay at the Holiday Villa Langkawi Beach Resort with daily warm breakfasts....I think it's not so's a 4* hotel, with a huge pool and a jacuzzi and a spa with a clean white sandy beach front (from the google pictures) thru some of the online reviews and most of it is pleasant and, fingers crossed that we've made the right selection this time....

So keterujaan melampau, can't wait for January 2011....thats the date for our the meantime, have to start saving $$$....mak nak borong pinggan Corelle ni kat Langkawi....ekekekeke.....till then...toodles!!~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shout What?!

We might be getting free admission tickets to Shout Awards. I know. Shout Awards? What's that? Tak pernah dengar pon. Ha-Ha. You're not alone. I've never heard of this either. The first time I'm hearing this was this morning on the radio show. Then I was asking Fahmi, ape benda Shout Awards ni..and he went like....errr...entah....some award ceremony kot....Then we came to the office and this afternoon, a colleague told me that he might be getting 2 free tickets to the Shout Awards. But he won't be able to make it on that day so he's thinking to pass it on to us....Baru la tergerak hati nak google ade website ke for shout awards ni....rupanya its quite hip jugak...kitorg la yg ketinggalan zaman....akakakak.....

ok still unsure whether we'll be going or not....with my condition, i don't think i want to be jumping around so much like i normally do.....but since its seated..why now...see how....tanye boss, dia kata ok, then on je la....cian Nia, kena tinggal la at home...mummy and babah nak pi dating ok....hope to see Faizal Tahir there.....*drool*.....^_^....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memasak Vs Imam

Came across this blog entry.....rasenye, macam this is sangat common now....tepuk dada, tanye la selera masing-masing....wallahualam~
Kalau perempuan tidak boleh memasak, dikutuk dan disuruh belajar. Kalau lelaki tak boleh jadi imam kita kata okay saja.
Jangan diperbesarkan nanti mereka terasa hati.

"Apalah perempuan, tak pandai masak siapa nak kahwin dengan awak!" Begitulah kata rakan sejawat lelaki pada seorang anak dara, juga rakan sejawat kami.
Maka jawaplah si gadis ayu itu yang dia tidak sempat belajar memasak sebab dari kecil tidak digalakkan keluarga sebaliknya di suruh menumpukan perhatian pada pelajaran saja.
Setelah tinggal di asrama, peluang pulang ke rumah terhad dan tidak sempat turun ke dapur membantu ibunya.

''Habis sekarang kenapa tidak belajar?" Tanya sang lelaki lagi dengan penuh semangat.
''Sedang belajarlah ni tetapi selain sibuk dengan kerjaya saya juga sibuk belajar agama, jadi belajar memasak tetap tidak diutamakan!" Begitu jawab si gadis yang membuatkan lelaki tadi menggeleng-geleng kepala.
Baginya tidak sempurna seorang wanita jika tidak tahu memasak. Wanita sepatutnya buat begitu juga.
Syarat utama menjadi suami mesti boleh menjadi imam.

Walau ada yang kata, jika itu syaratnya bermakna makin ramai wanita yang hidup bujang seumur hidup.
Lelaki meletakkan kebolehan wanita di dapur sebagai perkara utama dan ungkapan hendak memikat suami, perlu pikat seleranya sering diguna pakai.
Tidak kiralah jika wanita itu berpelajaran atau berjawatan tinggi dan penyumbang utama kewangan dalam rumahtangganya.
Sekarang bukan asing lagi gaji isteri lebih tinggi daripada suami.

Namun kedudukan suami sebagai raja tidak pernah dilupa walau dia tidak mengambil inisiatif mempelajari ilmu menjadi imam.
Ilmu bermain video game di komputer mereka rasa lebih perlu.
Kalau tidak tahu memasak disuruh belajar dan sesudah belajar perlu handal.
Jika handal bukan setakat masak untuk keluarga sendiri, kalau boleh perlu boleh memasak untuk tiga pasukan bola. Begitulah standard yang telah ditetapkan.
Bolehkah kita meletakkan undang-undang itu kepada lelaki juga? Kalau tidak pandai jadi imam, belajarlah.

Mula-mula jadi imam kepada keluarga sendiri, sudah terror boleh mengimam satu taman perumahan juga.
"Sibuk suruh kita handal memasak, mereka tu bolehkah jadi imam?" Dengus teman wanita yang lain.
Betul juga ya? Berapa kerat lelaki yang menjadikan sembahyang jemaah di rumah bersama anak isteri sebagai agenda utama, selain keperluan memenuhi pelbagai seleranya?
Maka bertanyalah wanita kini kepada beberapa lelaki tentang kebolehan yang satu ini.
Ternyata ramai yang menjawab tidak confident menjadi imam sebab takut bacaan al-Fatihah tidak sempurna, salah tajwid atau pun dia merasakan isterinya lebih handal.
Ada yang kata lebih elok dia dan isteri sembahyang sendiri-sendiri.

Ada juga menjawab, rasa kelakar pula apabila dirinya yang rugged menjadi imam.
Isu ini sepatutnya kita beratkan sepertimana masyarakat memberatkan wanita perlu pandai memasak jika mahu bersuami.
Lelaki juga harus boleh menjadi imam supaya kewibawaan mereka sebagai ketua keluarga tidak goyah atau menjadi mangsa 'queen control'.

Kalau tidak pandai, belajarlah sekarang. Jika wanita disuruh belajar, apa salahnya lelaki!


alamak! terasa kuciwa la plak....yesterday we had a blood donation drive at work....and I'm an avid blood donater... nak kumpul sticker la konon-konon-nye...ehehehe....tapi yer la kan....Arwah my dad used to say, since kite sometimes tak cukup duit utk donate kat orang....the least we can do is donate our blood....gerenti la ade byk dlm badan kan.....tapi semalam tak dapat nak join the donation drive....due to some unforeseen circumstances....tgk je la org duk isi borang kat tepi theatrette sambil mengigit jari....ugh!!...takpe....i will make sure that i can participate the next time they do this .....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Lumpy Phlegm

Mommy has a sick grumpy baby at home. Munchkin is not feeling well and has been restless all through the night. Both of us didn't get much sleep as Munchkin was having blocked nose and its really difficult for her to breathe. She ended up crying most of the time and even threw up on our bed at midnite. I had to carry her almost all thru the night and end up sleeping on the sofa with her on my lap. Lucky for her, there's no temp recorded as of yet - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just gonna be a bit of cough and some green runny nose. Temp will mean possible fit attack for her and we really really really need to avoid that. On top of that, we'll be travelling to Terengganu to visit my grandfather tomorrow so I really hope that her condition will improve much better by this afternoon or at least tonight.

For now, she's finally sleeping after a dose of Promethezine from Dr Musa and a layer of Vicks Vapo-Rub on her chest and back. Hopefully with enough rest, Little Missy will feel a bit above the weather tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When God Has Better Plans

What a day today has been. We received 3 sad news in a day.

News No. 1
A close girlfriend of mine who is at 35 weeks gestation has lost her baby girl who is still in her tummy. This is her first child and I can only imagine the pain and the grief that she and husband would have to go thru. I guess this is one of the worst nightmares that any mommy-to-be would have to face. Despite the low statistics of it happening, it does happened, and it happened to someone we knew. I shed tears when I received the news because I know how excited they have been in preparing to receive the little girl who is now in Heaven waiting for her Mummy's return. To the family, my deepest condolonce for your loss and please know that our prayers and thoughts are always with you during this trying time. Al-Fatihah.

News No. 2
My boss who had previously lost her Godfather last week, is unfortunate to lose another Uncle today. The Godfather and Uncle are actually siblings - hence making the loss of 2 family figures in a gap of one week very trying. Our condolonce to the families too.

News No. 3
My husband's colleague at work, whom father has been suffering from a Stage 4 cancer has succumb to his illness and passed on this afternoon. The son, who is currently on a month leave to take care of the father was with him during his final moments - Alhamdulillah. I am sure God acknowledges the efforts will place Arwah amongst those that He loves. Al-Fatihah.
So my dear friends....
This is the power of Allah s.w.t. He can give us life in a form of a newborn baby and He can also take her back if He deems necessary. All that we have in this world are just momentary. In times of losses and grievances, you will come to realize that life is more than just work, money and wealth. It's about love, endurance, patience, wisdom and family. To those who has been fortunate not to have lost anyone dear to you as of yet - please embrace your loved ones. Make time for them. Love them and let them know of it. Because you will never know that if tomorrow, you might no longer have the luxury to do so.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Halloween Town

Nia had a Halloween Party at her play school (Tumble Tots) yesterday. All of us went and Nia dressed-up as a Witch. Somehow, despite all the struggles and a lot of wet tissues being used, I managed to paint a spider and a web on her face using my liquid eye-liner. Sorry ye - ini amateur in action. So the drawings pon takde la cantik mana. But ok la. Make do.

We had the usual activities in class. Learning the alphabet - story telling - arts - phonics - music and exercise. But this time around, we finished the activities a bit earlier, and had a mini party for the kiddies to eat nuggets and cocktail sausages prepared by the school. Afterwards, they get their chance in grabbing as much treats as they like from the 'treat corner'. There were lots of candies, sweets, chocolates and snacks. Nia was too occupied with eating (as she rarely gets to eat on her own) so Mummy had to help to fill up her treat pack. He-He-He.

All the kiddos came all dress-ed up. We had another witch in class, a fairy, a bumble bee, a pumpkin, a ballerina and a walking skeleton. He-He. All of them looked really cute in their costumes. Sadly, we didn't manage to get a class picture. Else, it would've been perfect. As the teachers dressed up as well.

I'm not too sure if Nia would have another chance to attend another Halloween Party next year, as we're not planning to continue her lessons at Tumble Tots come Jan onwards. Most likely we'll try to look for another play-school. Maybe Gymboree - have anyone tried this before - are they good? We'll see how it goes.

So "Happy Trick or Treating" everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Time with Nia: Water Slide

Last weekend, the weather was pretty warm....So happened, I also had my nephew and niece who came over and lepak at home with us....Thinking of activities that they can do, tetiba teringat balik at the big splash of pool that Nia got during her 1st birthday....So, I nagged and begged Mr Hubby to bring out the pool and pump it all up....After much pleading and a lot of 'pls pls pls pls pls prettttttyyyy plssssss Uncle Fahmi" --> from the kids la...hahah....he gave in and fired up....

So after dah isi air, the kids started to splash all over the lawn....that's when I came with an idea, why not we dismantle Nia's swing from the existing frame and just use the slide together with the pool....and here you go....the little girl, who doesn't seems to be scared at all, sliding away on the veryyyy slippery slide all the way down into the water....I was case she might fall or anything.....but the Babah is allllllll cool about it - typical daddies...huh!...and he even said, after this dia nak ajar Nia how to slide head-down.....haiyaaaa......NO NO NO....Mummy said, be safe....rather than be adventurous!!!

Fun Time With Nia

This is Nia - having fun with the playground swing - at Baby Adam's place

Friday, October 22, 2010

First Trial

Look at this little girl... In Mummy's Tudung....

Yesterday, as soon as I reached home after work....Nia dengan sangat la excited berlari2 ke pintu...nak sambut Mummy & Babah balik....I always love this moment of the day....Because you can see how much your child loves you...With her smile....her screams...hahah...and from her eyes pon of the joys of motherhood...anyways, as promised, malam tadi tested out my amateur-skills untuk face painting muka Hubby....I don't have any real face paint to play with...apart from the 5-sticks of glitter face crayons that I bought at Toys'r'Us previously....trying to make do and save some $$$, I planned to draw using 2-tubes of my liquid eye-liner....result? Ok la...Bcos the tip is quite pointy, so its very easy to use...

Some loose powder as the foundation, a bit of glitter eye-shadow, pink blusher, 2 tubes of liquid eye-liner, brushes, pencil eye liner, glitter face crayons

And we don't have any pink based, terpaksa la setempek sacrifice my Clinique Blusher...Haihhhh....all in the name of "ART" the end result?...Jeng Jeng Jeng...

What do you think? Ok tak? hehehe....ok what for a first timer.....^_^....Credit goes to Hubby for allowing me to use his face a my canvas....kekeke...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's gonna be a WITCH....

Hehehe....we went to Ikano last night to look for Nia's Halloween mentioned in my previous entry, that I planned to go to Toys'r'Us to get the outfit....but a colleague of mine kat office ni ade mentioned that there's also another shop at LG Ikano which is also selling we decided to just go and see what they have....rupanya, kedai yang dia mentioned tu, is the Balloon Party Shop....the one next to the BBQ shop (dekat stretch yg connect Ikano with IKEA) we went in and saw that they have a variety of collections....I was getting all excited, cos I noticed that they have the Minnie Mouse costume exactly the same as the one that I saw on the Internet tapi the website does not ship outside of US....dengan teruja nye tengok the price tag.....and my jaw went like this.....

My oh my....MYR420 for a Minnie Mouse costume?!!! apakah ini woiii? bloody expensive?....on the internet, the website in US is just selling it for USD$25....even if they were to ship to MY, I don't think the cost will reach MYR420?!!...sangat la mencekik darah, put that back on the tgk Mermaid custome.....another whoooppping price tag....MYR380.....goshhhh....terus simpan balik and ajak hubby to get out of there.....its just too expensive...kalau takat nak pakai sekali je....harus la tak worth the money at all.....sorry Nia, you cannot get the Minnie Mouse outfit, b'cos Mummy and Babah is still slaving in Kerang to put food on our table everyday....if we are Royalties or some petroleum Sheikh family....then, that's a totally different story....^_^...

Makanya, pergi la kat Toys'r'Us....and we found a few selections of Halloween costumes...ade Doctor, Thomas the Train, Policeman, Mechanic, Pumpkin Baby, Dracula Cape, Skeleton Body Suit......and we decided on the Witch Costume since its the cutest one for kids and it even comes with a witch's hat and a tiny broom (which looks more like a feather duster rather than a broom...ehhe).....I also bought some glitter face crayons to do some face-painting for Nia ni yang rasa a bit susah see, I'm no good in class is my least favourite subject in school....why? because I'm not artsy, and I always get a "C" simple words, I am definitely no where close to, painting Nia's face is gonna be one big challenge for me....

In preparation, I will need a lot of practice to get this, pagi ni google-d for some picturs that I can use as reference and I managed to get these...

Kinda cute eyy....So, tonite I think I will need to start practicing on Hubby's face dulu...ahaha...baru la boleh buat on Nia....harap-harap menjadi a back-up plan, I'm also searching for any shops that offers face-painting as one of their service....anyone has any idea where I can find a face-painter in the area of Kota Damansara?...Please do let me know.....till then, happy practicing to me....hehe...and yes, I will try to upload some pictures of my 'master-piece' with Mr Hubby nanti...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hangin' On

And who ever said that being a wife is easy?

Le Pliage~

I'm in love - with these - for awhile now. But I'm just looking at them - from a distance - trying hard not to go too close. But now - an oppurtunity has come - that I might be able to get these, with a slightly cheaper $$$ and directly from Paris. Why oh Why? Should I or shouldn't I? Can I hope for some generousity from someone that's willing to get them as a gift for me instead? Hu hu hu.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat

As usual, Nia went to her play-school on Sunday. Meeting up, learning, socialising and playing with kids at her own age. At the end of the class, the Teacher made an announcement that the school will be organizing a Halloween Party for the children on the 31st of October and they are to come to class in their own favorite Halloween costumes - and of course, Parents are also encouraged to be in costumes as well. So, this is going to be the first Halloween Party for all of us. Ha-Ha. Ye la...we're Malaysian, we never celebrate this kind of things. But just to humour and make sure Nia gets to join in the fun (its not like she understands what the whole thing is all about pon - all in the name of FUN FUN FUN!).. Makanya, Mummy pon kena la start mencari costumes for her...Lucky for us, last 2 weeks we went to Toys'r'Us and I noticed that they were selling a few outfits and decorative accessories for Halloween.

So pagi ni, login to ( and found some pretty cute outfits that we can buy for Nia. Ade a few selections for Toddler Girls, but I just can't make up my mind yet. Hubby is all game to choose that Pumpkin outfit for her...Sangat adorable kan....but Nia is not as chubby as before dah....dah big girl....Mummy is more keen to go for the witch costume complete with a broom stick...What do you think? Is it too 'adult-looking' for her? I think its OK. But Hubby is worried in case she starts hitting her other friends using the broom-stick. Which she is more than capable of kalau time-time dia tengah hangin kus-kus. He He He. See how lah. We're gonna go to Ikano later tonight and see what they have. Else, I think 1Utama or maybe the outlet in Empire Gallery might have more options.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nia: The Drama Princess

Yesterday, I witnessed how my baby girl has grown to be a 100% drama begins right after we arrived home from work....around 7pm....since both of us are car-pooling now, so haruslah kitorg reached home together sampai2 tu, I was the one with the key to unlock the main door in front....during which, just a few mins before that, Nia was in the kitchen playing with Wan and Imah (our Bibik), when my mom heard the keys turning the door knob, she quickly told Nia, to check who's at the door....and told her..."maybe mummy has reached home".....
So our little drama princess ni, after listening to the words from Wan, that mommy is home...quickly shifts her gear from little miss nice to little miss drama, and started to do her fake-wailing and fake-crying and shouted....'mommyyyyy!!!!sakittttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!'......whilst holding her left knee and hobbling forward rushing at me yang baru masuk pintu rumah ni.....terhencut2 jalan mcm org injured main bola....haiyoooooooo....
Wan and Kakak Imah dah gelak bagai nak rak....I was dumb-founded.....looking at her...which a few seconds ago I can clearly hear her laughing and all giggling....tetiba menangis menjerit sakit....then I asked her....sapa buat....immediately, as usual, blame either the Bibik or Abang Fawwaz....*rolling my eyes*...and the best of all...I asked her again...."Nia sakit kat mana".....(note earlier that she was hobbling and holding her left knee)....but now, pegang lutut kanan and looked at me with teary eyes, and said...."Sakit knee".........isk isk isk....drama drama drama....after mummy dah dukung for around 10 seconds...sakit pon dah hilang...ahahah...

Seoul Garden

From last night, tetiba rasa teringin to have dinner at Seoul Garden 1Utama (mengidamkah?? ^_^)....dah quite sometime jugak rasenye since the last time we went there to eat....i think our last visit was during my ex-team punye bowling outing a few months, haruslah mencuba untuk dikenen-kenenkan dengan suami, tonight, i'm telling Imah (our Bibik), that she doesn't have to cook for us.....we'll just go out for dinner jer la....

pagi ni, cuba la cari-cari kot derang tgh ade promotion right now...sadly, none of their promotion is applicable to us.....nampak gaya kena la kami membayar full price...anyways, i'm still game for a round of Seoul Korean tonight....hopefully hubby feels the same way too....hehe...anyone care to join us?...^_^...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Munchkin Pose for 'Anjeeeeee'

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pics: Maya's Solemnization

this is one of my favourite picture that was captured during Maya's Nikah in Batu Pahat...i think it should be captioned as, "The Making of a Beautiful Bride"....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Update: Projekt Haus

Excited!!! Tomorrow we're gonna go and check on our hse progress...currently all the major works are alnost pon contractor dah wash the house using chemicals & acid to remove all the cement & paint stains...esok is the last touch-up for the house...apart from the electrical wiring ada sikit lagi x settle...

I've even bought all the stuff utk start cleaning the house...teruja this week harap2 can settlw then kitchen hob installation as well as the dry kitchen cabinet....weeeehuuuu....akhirnya, dah ada rupa rumah....feelings?: mcm tak percaya...;-)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mommy Me

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new."

I came across this line while browsing the web looking for fun outdoor activities for me to do with Nia. Somehow I have never thought of becoming a mommy as what the statement mentioned. For us, when a new baby is born, the attention will always be on the bundle of joy. Not realizing that the new mommy would also needs all the emotional and psychological support at that moment. We tend to forget, that being a mommy is also something alien to the lady of the house. I actually felt the same way when I first had Nia. The first 1 month was quite a challenge. I was still in pain due to the C-Section. Husband was working night shift. Nia wakes up regularly at night and sleeps all thru the day. My milk supply was very little which made Nia cranky for lack of milk and in return made me feel really sore after all the biting and struggles to feed her. There were times that I actually cried in the toilet feeling very much hopeless and not knowing what I really needs to do - rasa alone to the max laaa time sedih2 macam ni. Always wanting to be the perfect mom, and feeling that the expectation is so great from everyone. And listening to stories from other new mommies who seems to be coping splendidly well with their own babies - sangat depressing OK.

Somehow, I felt this was one of the reason that affected my willpower to keep on breastfeeding Nia. Feeling depressed and as though I am doing everything wrong at that time. Tapi, over time, as I get used to this new mummy-role, things started to get easier. I can juggle doing many things at one go. And I am no longer upset even if I don't get enough sleep and rest. I think watching Nia's milestones and knowing that I always have a special place in her heart, made me stronger. Lebih-lebihi lagi if I know that she would choose me over anything or anyone else when she needs comforting - now that is truly remarkable. You just know that you have this special bond with your baby that even your spouse would not understand.

I guess other moms might feel the same way as I did, cuma maybe no one wants to bring it up. All I can say is, being a first time mummy is definitely not easy. It takes a lot of patience, morale support and preseverance. But at the end of the day, everyone will pass thru it. The key thing to remember is, just do it your own way the way you deem right, they way you see is best for you and your child. Mommies are defintiely a superwoman. It's not an easy job to manage babies, your home, your husband, your career, your life, etc. But in good faith, if I were offered a chance to be a full-time mommy, I wouldn't hesitate to say YES as soon as I can.

To all mommies out there, just remember that we are all SPECIAL especially to our babies! Hail MOMMIES!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of Becoming a "Puan"

Fuh.....wanted to blog a few times but it has been one crazy week....with countless open house invites, and Maya's wedding tak abes lagi....and my grandfather had a stroke attack....and our Projekt Haus is also having some hiccups....*Phew*....frankly, I'm just looking forward to this coming weekend for some rest& relax (which I can pretty much see its rather unlikely too *sigh*)....anyways, first stop is Maya's Wedding....

Much anticipated by all of us....since I think everyone pon tahu how much Maya wanted to get married in comparison to the rest of us....even from the time when we were back in MMU....ahahah....she's like the girl who is always dreaming of Prince Charming and a fairytale after much planning on her side....all of us went down south to Batu Pahat to attend the Nikah at Maya's house....Alhamdulillah, most of us were able to make it....with the exception of Mieko & Co, Dilart and Hubby, JJ & Zila....Dengan skali shake-hand je, Maya is officially the wife of, we immediately called her Puan Maya after that...ekeke....just to tease her a night we had the wedding reception and it was rather fun to have everyone together.....dah lama tak dapat chit-chat hu-ha-hu-ha like we used to dulu-dulu....

Then back in KL.....last Saturday, we attended her Tea Ceremony in Bangi....this is a first for me....Nad and Sar had attended a few before this....I think it was rather cool.....Harith has one of those Aunties yg boleh meng-kecoh and menggamatkan there were lots of laughter around us....Being a close ceremony only for families....we managed to get to know Harith punye family even better.....all I can say is.....I think Maya is very lucky to have a super cool, warm and friendly family-in-laws.....I think they are great....

And finally on Sunday, we had the last ceremony of Sambut Menantu at the UPM Banquet Hall....Here....finally, I managed to meet up with everyone.....close well as previous colleagues from HRV....we stayed longer than we planned....but not as long as what the bride would want us too....(sorry la...ade open house plak).....managed to snap pictures here and our official pelamin picture was a nice event.....good food...and great company....looking forward to another one of these soon (this is the queue for Nad to start preparing...eheheh).....

So for Mr and Mrs Harith...Congratulations on your wedding and welcome to married life....We wish both of you a life long eternal bliss and happiness with many many children as you wish.....After this jgn lupe buat house warming and invite us over for some BBQ....ehehehe....Love u guys to bits....XOXO

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

umah hijau vs umah kuning

seteleh berpk-pk dan yang sewaktu dengannya, we finally got our hands on the brand spanking new iPhone 4!! yieahhhaaa....

the previous Sunday, we registered ourselves in Maxis waiting list...much to my suprise, both of us received a text message today, informing that our units are ready for collection before 3pm on first come first serve basis today....makanya, kami dengan penuh bersemangat waja, terus decide to work from home the second half of the day and went straight to Maxis from work in the afternoon....ekekeke...talking about how excited both of us were!! ^_^

so yeah, after much debate and opinions given by friends and relatives, we opted to stay loyal with rumah hijau sahaja....below are some of the comments that I have received during my tafakur moments...egegege....

so now, both of us are jakun-ly enjoying our new iPhones!

Monday, September 27, 2010

nak nak nakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

sesungguhnye this is indeed the latest craze!!!! me and hubby have been waiting for this to come out for so that it's out, dah terus out of stock pulak....adoiii...tension betol.....bersemangat je kitorg ni balik from Batu Pahat, terus direct pergi Maxis kat TTDI nak beli....skali, dah out of stock....

Wahai Maxis procurement team, takkan laaa u all ni tak capture lesson learnt from your previous 3Gs experience....obviously many people would be dying to get their hands on the next iPhone 4....yang korang prepare stock sikit je tu kenapa....sampaikan display unit pon takde kat Maxis....apekah ini?...arghhhhh....

So, shall I opt for Digi instead?...Digi pon offer a much cheaper plan.....with unlimited internet access lagi...kelessss comparison to Maxis, sume benda la kena charge how how?....nak gi DiGi Centre la afterwork its Green vs Yellow....which is which...

Henna or Inai

Last weekend all of us travelled back up to Batu Pahat for one of my bestfriend's wedding - Maya! I don't want to talk about the wedding yet - nanti tunggu pictures are ready then we can share about that. But first thing first, I want to share about Semek's milestone!!

My oh my! Only now I've come to realized that my baby girl has grown up and becoming more and more girlish by the day...The night before Maya's akad nikah, all of us went over to her place to help out...Sampai kat sana, I had to help out to put the Inai on the bride's fingers....Nia, being curious as always, sat by my side, amazed with the reddish slob that I was putting onto Aunty Maya's hands...then my other 2 friends, Nad and Sarah, cannot help it but to ask Nia is she wants to wear the Inai my surprise, dia nak try it out!! tak geli plak minah kecik ni tengok tempek2 inai, the 2 Aunties pon ape lagi, amik the tube Inai, and started to put it on Nia's chubby little fingers....we left it there for 2-3 minutes and quickly washed it off bile dia dah start nak smudge them...

the result is...........jeng jeng jeng......reddish fingernails and little miss vain keep on telling everyone that her fingers sangat "Cannnnnnnntekkkkkkkkkk"..........hahahahah....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feeling Scared to Bits

Last week, post our raya in Terengganu, we went back to celebrate Eid with my in-laws in Batu Pahat, Johor. Things were going on fine until our third day in Batu Pahat...out of the blue, Nia suddenly contracted fever on Tuesday - 14th Sept...thinking that it is nothing serious, we brought her to a normal child's specialist that day the clinic, we realized that her body temp is rather high for a normal fever, which was the Paed inserted Voltaren to help to control the fever...Back home we went and she seems to cool down a bit...

The same night, we had a BBQ and a small family gathering at 7pm Nia was all up and running and active as the usual...her temp was still there, but only mild...we gave her the antibiotics and fever syrup as instructed...around 9pm, seeing that she's tired and seems to be a little clingy to me, I brought her inside to change and to put her to we went into the bedroom which was mildly air-conditioned, suddenly she started shivering...thinking that she's too cold, I brought her outside to the living area to change her....after thats done, we went back inside the bedroom and i switched off the air-cond....cradled her and started reciting the prayers for her to sleep....suddenly, I noticed that her eyes started to roll up and her body is jerking....Ya Rabbi.....seeing her eyes rolled up - reminded me during the time Abah tengah nazak....panic and takut at that time, Tuhan je la yang tahu....immediately i ran outside while carrying Nia, and menjerit mcm org gila calling my husband yang tengah duk entertained the relatives....luckily we had a relative who is a Doctor amongst our guest at that time, and she quickly told us to strip Nia naked of all her clothes and her the time, Nia dah tak sedar, she's having a fit attack due to the high tempreature - 40.1C....we sponged her with water and ice....all the time, mulut ni tak abes-abes duk berselawat and calling her name....menggeletar tangan and kaki Mummy....Ya Allah - never ever I would want to go through that moment again....after 1-2 mins that seems like eternity - Nia gained consciousness again and started crying and calling out my name....Alhamdulillah - that was a moment that I would never ever forget - leganye - syukur teramat sangat that she's back with us....

We kept sponging her, and the relative Doctor gave her another round of Voltaren....since her temp didn't go down much - it lingers around 38-39, we immediately dress her back and rushed to Pantai Medical Centre, Batu Pahat...So, checked-in and had to spent 4 days of our raya at the hospital....I didn't really mind sleeping and staying at the hospital, as long as I know that the doctors and nurses are around in case Nia had another round of fit attack...

Alhamdulillah, after 2 types of antibiotics, 4-5 bottles of glucose drip, the temp seems to settle and we checked out of Pantai MC on the 17th of Sept....I pray to Allah, that this episode will never ever repeat itself again and that Nia will always be a healthy, bubbly baby....Insya Allah

Salam Lebaran

Happy Eid to All!
This might come a tad too late, but we are still in the month of Syawal and like the old people used to say, raya kan sebulan....Hehe...

So how was your raya? For us, it's fun fun fun - all the way. As mentioned in my previous entry, this year, we celebrated our 1st Syawal in Kuala Terengganu at my grandparent's. All of us travelled back 2 days before raya and Alhamdulillah, the journey back/forth were both smooth sailing - no traffics jams, no accidents, no interruptions - tapi ade speed trap!! - but we are safely within the speed limit at that time...*phew*....

In KT, we managed to replenish our stock keropok ikan tamban and ikan parang....Husband gets to eat his favorite kuih asidah, kuih belimbing, karipap ikan, keropok lekor & jala mas for iftar - 2 days in a row!!!

On 1st & 2nd Syawal, all of us buat rombongan Cik Kiah and visited all the aunties and relatives and had our round of Nasi Dagang, Laksa, Nasi Minyak, Sate, Rendang, Ketupat Palas Goreng, Lemang and of course, lots and lots of carbonated drinks...i think the kids enjoyed the trip more than the adults since they get to switch and swap which car they think is the coolest and which car they want to trash for the next trip....ini tak masuk cerita how much they managed to collect for their duit raya....fuhhhhhh.....patut SuNany 'tax' sikit duit raya tu sebab dah sepah kan kereta ngen serdak biskut raya....^_^....

As usual, since there were just too many of us, we are unable to stay at Tok and Ki's place...we had to rent a homestay bungalow at Jalan Kamaruddin...the house is very cozy, fully furnished and air conditioned...its clean and comfortable with enough space for the 10 kids to run around...satu je yg takde is Astro...but we had the normal TV channels which are more than enough - tak sempat pon nak tengok TV kat rumah, asyik berjalan je....and whenever we're at home pon, asyik duk bersembang, so tak sempat nak tgk jugak....but we brought our portable DVD player and my brothers also brought their laptops with more than enough cartoon DVDs to keep the kids occupied....

We bid farewell to Terengganu on 3rd Raya, and head up South immediately that night to Batu Pahat to continue our Raya...All I can say is, after more than a week of being away from home, when we finally reached Kota Damansara last Saturday, I was more than happy to say....finally, we're home sweet home...eheheh...nonetheless, next year, it's another round of travelling again for us...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If this is your last Ramadhan..........

Andai kata this is your last Ramadhan...

I came across the above statement last night on FB....tetiba tercuit pulak rasenye....made me re-think back, on how I have spent my Ramadhan so far....banyak ke tidak beribadat nye.....byk ke tidak amalan nye...Did I take the oppurtunity to make full use of the blessed month?...haihh....memang betol la orang cakap....manusia tend to be so ignorant with benda-benda keduniawi...And I am also to be blamed as one of them....Astaghfirullahalazim....

Silently I hope that this will not be my last Ramadhan...Harap-harapnye, I still have countless Ramadhan with my families....ample time for me to redeem myself....and to multiply my ibadah...this year terawikh pon not really - with Semek duk berpeluk kat kaki all the time...mengaji pon tak sempat nak khatam....although dapat la abeskan more juzu' compared to last year....instead, byk duk pk pasal preparation for Raya je...Masya Allah...isk...ape nak jadi nih...Harap-harap, next year would be better for me...Insya Allah...

Anyways, we're leaving for Kuala Terengganu tomorrow morning...excited jugakla...before bertolak, we plan to singgah and visit kubur arwah Abah...dah lama rasenye tak pergi ziarah kubur Abah....this time around, I plan to bring Nia that she can have a look....Nia skarang dah kenal gambar Aki....everytime she looks at our family photos or kat Wan punye handphone wallpaper...sure akan cakap..."Aki!!!" cute...its a pity that she didn't get the chance to know Aki....else dia akan tahu how rock her Aki is...ehehe....

Anyways, enough ramblings for now...Selamat Hari Raya to all...Maaf Zahir & Batin from kami sekeluarga....for those who are driving, please drive safely....everyone wants to reach home safely and have a good time at the speeding, seatbelts on and 15 mins break for every 2-hrs of driving....Safety First!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Show Mummy........Where's your.......

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lighting It Up

As our yearly tradition, everytime we reach the 15th night of Ramadhan, we will start to light up our pelita's around the house. This year, I bought 2 new sets of pelita since the previous one that we had, dah macam so sedih keadaannye. Surprisingly, they are very cheap now. Mind you, this is just plastic pelitas OK. Bukan yang old school besi mcm yg kat kampung2 tu. Bought 2 packets kat Giant on the first week of fasting, for RM3/packet of 10 pelitas. (Not bad huh?)

So semalam, back from work, kitorang terus round area Kota Damansara, looking for a hardware shop - nak beli minyak for the pelita. For RM12, we got a big bottle of Turpentine. Ok lah tu. Cukup la nak nyalakan pelita for malam tujur likur nanti, Insya Allah.

Yang excited nak pasang pelita, none other than Cik Semek. Sibuk duk pi-mai-pi-mai, around garden waiting for Babah untuk masukkan minyak and nyalakan pelita. This is the first time that Nia, is experiencing this. Last raya, she was too small to appreciate the suasana hari raya. In short, I am very much looking forward for this Raya. We're planning to go back to my grandparent's place in Kuala Terengganu - Insya Allah. Tak sabar nak makan nasik dagang and laksa kuah putih and laksam. Yummehhhhhhh!!!

So, selamat menyambut malam ke-15 Ramadhan dan Malam Tujuh Likur yang bakal menyusul.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Update: Projekt Haus

Last weekend sangat lah taxing for us. In order too keep up with our contractor yang sangat lah efficient and pantas membuat kerja, we had to go to Sg Buloh and purchase electrical lightings for the whole house. At first, ingatkan lepas raya baru nak fix the lights. Skali hari Selasa ni. Adoi. Makanya, di tengah2 bulan puasa ni, kami anak beranak pon terpacak la kat kedai letrik tu selama berejam-rejam duk memilih lampu yang berkenan di hati. Perasaan? Exhausted tapi teruja. Yerla. Sapa tak excited kan. Pilih lampu untuk rumah sendiri. Basically takde la susah mana. Yang susah is to make sure that the choices that we made in total will not exceed our budget. Since ade plaster ceiling and such in our living room, we had to purchase downlights and T5 dengan byk sekali. Decorative lights ade jugak. 2 lights at our living area. Another one in front of the stair case. And another 2 at the dry kitchen. The rest, sume downlights - including the bedrooms.

Budget now mcm dah a little bit lari. So, most likely our last installment for the Dry Kitchen Cabinets kena buat 0% monthly installment. Because whatever remaining savings that we have left kena gune for curtains and barang-barang dapur. Adoi. Ini tak termasuk furnitures ok. For now, we've settled with 'Japanese Syle' la untuk furniture. Hehe. Bak kata Ida, "Kayuh slow-slow".He he he. I don't really mind not having any furnitures for now. Cos in my mind, I might as well wait before, I decide to buy anything so that I can have enough money and buy something that I really like (which can be pretty pricey selalunye). Rather than buying something cheapo tapi cepat rosak and takde kualiti.

Nonetheless, hari ni Norien, from Kian Classic, will be going over to the house to mark where our dry kitchen punye plumbing needs to be adjusted to. Then kena mark another extra plug point for our microwave and oven untuk install in the dry kitchen cabinets nanti. By this week, our wet kitchen, most likely akan siap pasang all the wall tiles. The sink & water tap will be fixed. Lantai will be levelled up and tiled. Additional plugpoints (3) will be installed.

Belakang rumah memang tak sempat siap minggu ni - so tak kisah. Cos they need to do the plumbing/drainage for the washing machine and the plug point jugak.

Internally, dalam rumah - plaster ceiling sudah siap. Tinggal nak touch up jer. Lightings sume akan pasang hari Selasa ni. Curtain railing for bawah pon harap-harapnye this week. Yang the rest, kena buat ngen curtain vendor. Tapi for plaster ceiling at the dining area, belum pasang the wood panelling lagi. Itu, still tak siap.

Next would be touching up of the house. Nak kena re-paint all the smudges, bla bla. Washing, cleaning and polishing of the tiles. Installation of dry kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobe, stove, hood and oven, grill fixture and touch up. And dekat blakang rumah, last would be nak pasang that poly-carbon roof.

And who said renovating a house is an easy work? Poning ade la. Talking and discussing and haggering with the contractors. Nak get the cheapest price but at the same time I still want the quality and workmanship. Then kena survey bermacam kedai, bermacam barang, bermacam harga. Sampai naik poning. At the same time, asyik duk tengok kat bank account balance for checks and credit - to make sure our money is sufficient. Harap-harap zero hutang. Insya Allah. So far all has been paid in cash. My motto is: Biar susah skarang, jangan susah kemudian.

Overall, we're having fun doing the house. Penat lelah pon untuk rumah kite jugak kan. Biar la kite yg penat, as long as we get what we want. I really hope that the end result will be as good as what I have in mind. Insya Allah.