Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Halloween Town

Nia had a Halloween Party at her play school (Tumble Tots) yesterday. All of us went and Nia dressed-up as a Witch. Somehow, despite all the struggles and a lot of wet tissues being used, I managed to paint a spider and a web on her face using my liquid eye-liner. Sorry ye - ini amateur in action. So the drawings pon takde la cantik mana. But ok la. Make do.

We had the usual activities in class. Learning the alphabet - story telling - arts - phonics - music and exercise. But this time around, we finished the activities a bit earlier, and had a mini party for the kiddies to eat nuggets and cocktail sausages prepared by the school. Afterwards, they get their chance in grabbing as much treats as they like from the 'treat corner'. There were lots of candies, sweets, chocolates and snacks. Nia was too occupied with eating (as she rarely gets to eat on her own) so Mummy had to help to fill up her treat pack. He-He-He.

All the kiddos came all dress-ed up. We had another witch in class, a fairy, a bumble bee, a pumpkin, a ballerina and a walking skeleton. He-He. All of them looked really cute in their costumes. Sadly, we didn't manage to get a class picture. Else, it would've been perfect. As the teachers dressed up as well.

I'm not too sure if Nia would have another chance to attend another Halloween Party next year, as we're not planning to continue her lessons at Tumble Tots come Jan onwards. Most likely we'll try to look for another play-school. Maybe Gymboree - have anyone tried this before - are they good? We'll see how it goes.

So "Happy Trick or Treating" everyone!