Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When God Has Better Plans

What a day today has been. We received 3 sad news in a day.

News No. 1
A close girlfriend of mine who is at 35 weeks gestation has lost her baby girl who is still in her tummy. This is her first child and I can only imagine the pain and the grief that she and husband would have to go thru. I guess this is one of the worst nightmares that any mommy-to-be would have to face. Despite the low statistics of it happening, it does happened, and it happened to someone we knew. I shed tears when I received the news because I know how excited they have been in preparing to receive the little girl who is now in Heaven waiting for her Mummy's return. To the family, my deepest condolonce for your loss and please know that our prayers and thoughts are always with you during this trying time. Al-Fatihah.

News No. 2
My boss who had previously lost her Godfather last week, is unfortunate to lose another Uncle today. The Godfather and Uncle are actually siblings - hence making the loss of 2 family figures in a gap of one week very trying. Our condolonce to the families too.

News No. 3
My husband's colleague at work, whom father has been suffering from a Stage 4 cancer has succumb to his illness and passed on this afternoon. The son, who is currently on a month leave to take care of the father was with him during his final moments - Alhamdulillah. I am sure God acknowledges the efforts will place Arwah amongst those that He loves. Al-Fatihah.
So my dear friends....
This is the power of Allah s.w.t. He can give us life in a form of a newborn baby and He can also take her back if He deems necessary. All that we have in this world are just momentary. In times of losses and grievances, you will come to realize that life is more than just work, money and wealth. It's about love, endurance, patience, wisdom and family. To those who has been fortunate not to have lost anyone dear to you as of yet - please embrace your loved ones. Make time for them. Love them and let them know of it. Because you will never know that if tomorrow, you might no longer have the luxury to do so.


lydzar said...

takziah pada semua berita sedih itu..harap2 keluarga mereka tabah sentiasa

mrs Fahmi said...

tu larrrr.....harap2 begitula....

Leonora Halim said...

al-fatihah... :( :( :(