Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nia is 50 Days

How time flies. Sedar tak sedar, yesterday Baby Nia was exactly 50 days. Rasa macam baru je semalam kena tolak masuk dalam operation theatre when the doctor poked my back nak cucuk epidural tu. Hehe. Now, Nia dah learn a few things. She can smile. She can look at you directly to your eyes and trail you if you move. In fact, if she's in the mood, she can even give you a few giggles of her own - though it sounded more like gurgles of coos coming out from her. Tak kisah la. Yang penting, baby mommy ni da learn a lot of things.

Normally what we'll do is, we'll have chit-chat session in the afternoons. Sebab in the morning Nia suke tido. Hehe. Then, at night, Nia loves to play with her Abah. Itu bonding time yg mommy memang da allocate specially for Nia and Abah. So that, Nia tak picky between mommy and abah sangat nanti. Cos even now pon, kalau nak tido mesti nak cari mommy. Kalau abah kiss skit time mengantok, mesti la mengamok marah kat abah dia. Cian Abah. Kecik ati dia. Hehe. Bukanla Nia nak picky sgt, agaknye rimas asyik kena gomol ngen Abah. Kalo da gomol tu, abes kena misai & janggut Abah yg prickly. Itu yg Nia cranky kalo time sleepy tu. Hehe. Tapi Nia faham, Abah loves Nia very much. Sebab tu Abah suke kiss Nia sampai pening kan?

Today, mommy taught Nia to sing. Masa Nia tengah syiok dalam bath tub duk splish-splash water. Kite nyanyi a few songs. Mommy taught you how to sing Twinkle, twinkle. Then we played Row-row-row Your Boat. Later while dressing up, I taught you how to do the Itsy-Bitsy Spider. And finally, when you were about to fall asleep this morning, mommy sang to you the Barney song - I Love You. Abes je lagu, Nia terus tertido atas pangku mommy. Best ke mommy nyanyi? Hehe. Or its so tuneless that I bored you to sleep. LOL. One thing for sure, mommy loves the time that we spend together very much. Nanti Nia da bangun, kita sambung tickle-tickle with Mr Worm again ok Munchkin. Kalo boleh, mommy taknak Nia besar. Nak maintain je baby all the time. Hehe. But at the same time, mommy nak tgk Munchkin mommy ni jadi anak dara. Hehe. Mixed feelings. Whatever it is, Nia always remember ok, that mommy loves you very very very much. And mommy can't wait to see what else that you can do by the time you are 100 days old. XoXo.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Impulse Purchase

Vidicated! My husband is as much as an impulse buyer as I am. Hahaha. All this while, dia asyik buat muka je kalau meneman isteri dia ni shopping. Tapi this time around, I get to make a face at him. Out of no where, now we have a brand new 37" Sony Bravia at home. Oklah, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Dia memang la dah eyeing for the TV dah lama. I think eversince kitorang duk bercinta dulu kot. Asal ada promotion TV at the shopping malls, mesti la tak lepas gi tanye soklan macam-macam at the promoted sampai the promoter pon naik bengang. Beli nye tak jugak. Hehe. Tapi this time around, entah macam mana, terbukak hati dia nak beli. After 2 years of surveying and comparing prices at every shop that we went. LOL. Terkejut jugak la, cos it's not easy for him to buy something as pricey as this. Tapi maybe sebab dah minat dia agaknye. Tapi ok jugak la since I love watching TV. And nowadays pon, most of the time we spend our time at home watching DVDs. So now, bergema la bilik TV ni bile da pasang home theatre semula. Kesian Baby Nia. Kalo Abah dia nak pasang surround system je, cepat² la mommy angkut dia kluar from the TV room. Hehe. TV room skang pon dah kemas balik since my pantang days are over. So all the couches the two Bibiks dah angkut masuk balik. The single bed is back in the guest room now. Lapang la sikit nak tengok TV yg beso ni. Kalo budak2 tgk cartoon pon agaknye boleh rasa nak masuk dalam TV skali. LOL.

Tapi bile di-pk kan balik, I think we got quite a good deal. Currently Sony is having a promotion, so we got a RM500 discount on the Bravia. Then the shop kasi a bit of discount for the mounting board for the wall. Apart from that, the TV is for our new home nanti. Beli skarang, so later on takde la teruk sangat kitorang nak kluar duit cos our house will be empty. Memang no furniture at all. Hehe. Ni la yg beli skit² apa yg boleh dulu. Hehe. Maybe next round can get something else pulak. Who knows. ;-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Girlfriends Luncheon

After 1 month being cooped-up at home, I finally get the chance to go out for lunch with the girls. Although tak dapat meet up with the whole gang, since it's a working day, Mya & Ida managed to squeeze me in during their lunch time on an-office day. We met up kat BSC, since me and Mya are both on a strict diet, no Chillies for us this time (boo-hoo),so it was just Dome je. At least I didn't choose salad for lunch, but I had a nice baked fillet fish with steamed broccolis and carrots to go with it.

Like any other girlfriends outings, of course ade je la gossip-gossip for us. Baru sebulan setengah tak jumpe, so many things are happening. For starters, Mya told me the good news about Alif. He finally found the right someone, with the nickname 'Leo'. Tak tahu la it stands for what. Mya said girlfriend Alif nama Sharifah something. It doesn't matter, I was just super delighted to hear the news. On the same day itself I texted him and congratulate dia on the happy news. Tanye jugak la, when can Baby Nia meet Aunty Leo. Hehe. We are superbly happy for you Alif dearie. All this while, you asyik tolong kitorang je, it's about time you found the right someone for yourself pulak. Hugs and kisses from us. Mwaks!

Then it's wedding bells update for Mya's and Sarah's. Sarah will go first in July with exactly 4 wedding receptions - solemnization, 2 receptions for Sarah's side and another reception for Ilyas's. Mak aih!! More baju kena buat and more reasons for me to slim down (Uwaaaa!!). Then Mya pulak dah confirm to bernikah on Saturday, 26 Dec 2009 morning and the reception will be on the same day at night. And Harith punye side will be doing it on 2 Jan 2010. That leaves Nadya & Edward, JJ & Zila as well as Alif & Leo je. Hehe. So next year I suppose more babies will come our way. Yippie! More fwens for Baby Nia. Hehe.

Overall, we had a good 2 hours chat. Hopefully, the next time we meet up, we can have Nadya, Sarah & Mieko with us. Baru la complete the whole gang. Memang not easy to get everyone to come at the same time. Tapi will try to make time for it. Baru la ade life skit bile da jadi wife and mommy orang ni. Yer la, kadang you just need some time off for yourself. Luckily hubby is very understanding and tak kisah bini dia ni kluar for some girl-time. Maybe he also needs some time off from me kot. Thats why kasik. Hehe. Fair and square la, dia pon ade some guy-buddies time. :p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rumahku Syurgaku

Saturday baru ni, kebetulan I went to see another new addition to our big family member, my cousin just had his first newborn, a baby boy, Aiman Al-Yamani Bin Omar Al-Yamani. So happen that he was staying at Subang Bestari, whereby to get there, kena la pass-by Denai Alam. So, me and my rombongan cik kiah (I had 2 aunties and my mother with me) dapat la pass by and usya our future house kat situ. Sadly, tak sempat nak amik any pictures of the house to show the development stage cos rombongan cik kiah ni nak balik rumah cepat and the weather was super hot at that time. Anyhow, our house dah naik dinding complete dah. To be cemented kasik licin and I think after this roof pulak naik. The row in front of us dah start mengecat dah. Excited la pulak tgk rumah. Hubby was not with us that day, cos he had to stay home and take care of Nia. So it was me and the aunties aje lar. Bila tgk rumah tu, mcm tak percaya pon ade jugak. Yerla, tak percaya nak ada rumah sendiri dah - and soon plak tu. Tentatively, completion date is by the end of next year. But when we check with our Sime Darby agent recently, kabarnya they are ahead of schedule so most likely by mid next year kot - Insya Allah.

So looks like kena start saving byk la cash ni. The main bulk nanti nak buat house grill, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe as well as nak tuko electric gate. Furniture kat dalam boleh postpone dulu setahun dua. Haha. Duduk atas carpet/lantai sudah. Kalo start fikir from now, terus rasa pening cos so many things to do. Dah tahu la duit bonus tahun depan nak gune untuk apa. Fully for rumah la. Sama macam this year. Both of us kalo berborak pasal rumah ni mesti la mcm-mcm angan-angan. Nak buat mcm-mcm style. Haha. Harap tunggu cukup bajet ke tidak je. Nantila, ingat nak round berdua ngen hubby je in a few weeks time. At least can take same pictures and see the progress of it. ;-).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Single Framework Sucks!

I've been away from the office for almost 2 months now and I'm getting all sorts of news. People are leaving Shell. Why? Simple actually. Mostly it's because of the soon-to-be implemented single framework policy which will have us all moving to a new remuneration package that might involve our salaries being cut down. Reason being? Its to streamline all processes with the global Shell Shared Centres like those in Manila as well as Krakow, Poland. My reaction? Totally absurd!

Why? Employers cannot be so cruel to the staff. We have got monthly financial commitments that needs to be considered. If we are currently enjoying a RM2k monthly basic salary, you can't simply cut it down to RM1.5k/month. People have rents,loans and bills to pay so to speak!

The sad part is, we can't have a union to speak on behalf of us because we fall under the 'Executive' criteria and thus not under the Collective Agreement group. So who is there to speak on behalf of us? Currently its the so-called bosses that we have.

Now, I'm being sarcastic because 'THE BOSSES' that are supposed to speak on our behalf are not affected by this drastic changes in the policy. So they don't understand how we feel. They don't understand the extent of this issue. So now, people are leaving Shell. People are resigning. And people has started to look for other opportunities out there. Padan muka Shell!

As for me, what will I do? Shall I stay at endure the salary cut at Shell, or do I start looking for new jobs out there? Let's just say that rezeki is everywhere. ;-). Be it here in KL, or it could be somewhere else.

To Nadia: Selamat berpindah to Dubai and good luck with your new job there
To Adila: Selamat ber-training with the PTDs and make sure to get a spot at Wisma Putra or the PM's Department

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dah Sampai...

Of all the things that we bought when I was pregnant of Nia, we forgot to get a bottle warmer bag. So trip² pergi ke hospitals before this, susu Nia sume kena wrap pakai kain nappy je to keep it warm cos mommy tak habis pantang lagi so cannot go to the mall to get a bag for her. Hehe. Cian Nia. By the time nak minum susu, da sejuk dah. So, since littlewhiz is still on sale for the whole month, I decided to get for her the warmer bag that I've seen at Mothercare before this. Ade RM5 discount and of course, since mommy is paying for this and not your Abah, I chose Pink for you. Else, Abah mesti asyik nak Black je. Isk. Cepat jugak website ni process my order. It took them only 2 days to confirm and ship the order. Hari ni dah dapat. Memang impressive! Harap²nye this bag tahan lama la. It looks ok. The material is environmentally friendly. And since it doesn't have any divider's inside, we can even use the bag later on when Nia starts weaning to keep her bottled food warm.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toothy Grin

Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful surprise from Nia. Finally, she gave me her full toothy grin. All this while ade jugak dia attempt untuk senyum. Tapi selalunye tak berapa menjadi. Hehe. But yesterday, for the first time, Nia managed to smile to the fullest - although takde gigi - that makes it even much more cuter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nia is 1 Month!

Bath Time

I'm super proud of Abah today. For the first time he decided untuk mandikan Baby Nia pagi ni. When it comes to Abah and Nia, mesti la ada adegan-adegan yg tak dapat dielakkan. Today I let Nia tido lama skit. Dah pukul 10.30am baru kejutkan dia untuk mandi. In the beginning, everything is going as plan. Abah dah buka baju Nia and wipe her bottom clean. So angkut la Nia untuk masuk dalam bath tub. I left the both of them together for 5 seconds untuk amik towel, and next thing I know, Abah dah terjerit-jerit in the toilet. Ingatkan ape la, panic jugak dibuatnya. Rupanya, anak dara dia dah wee-wee on him and in the bath tub. Aiyoo! Dah kena tadah warm water all over again. So out Nia and the water go. Abah dah kasi buka seposen plak, panic jugak dia kena wee-wee ngen baby agaknya. haha. Kesian pon ade jugak tgk muka. Takpela, first timer. Below some of the snapshots of today's happenings.

To Abah, practice makes perfect. Petang ni kita try lagi mandikan dia ok. Hehe.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abah oh Abah...

Since bergelar parents and getting into parenthood ni, macam-macam yg kena adjust and get use to. Yerla, now no longer can wake up from sleep late. Nak bangun lambat pon takleh cos dah ada 'au de natural' alarm tido kat babycot sebelah ni. Takpon, even if the 'alarm' tak menangis, memang dah automatic bangun awal. I suppose the body clock pon dah adjust ikut the baby's timing. Bagus jugak la, at least nak bangun for Subuh now takyah nak set alarm da. Since 6am for sure Miss Nia akan bangun untuk minum susu.

Semalam something really funny happened to us. Me and hubby made a deal between the two of us. Since during the day and up until 10pm I will be taking care of the baby, so I get to sleep the first part of the night. Meaning, the midnite feeding and the 3am feeding will be his shift. Afterwards, the 6am shift onwards sume mommy punye shift la. But Abah being Abah, even if it is his shift, mommy still has to wake up sama. Buat susu, change diaper, cuma Abah will do the feeding and the burping and putting Nia back to sleep again. Last night in particular was hillarious.

As usual, at 3.15am sharp, our little Nia started whimpering to be fed. Hubby dah pesan before we went to bed to wake him up once the baby starts crying. So, I woke him up lah. Cakap, "Yang, baby da start nangis tu..bangunlaa...nak kena kasik susu.." Ada ke patut, suamiku yg still drugged with sleep ni boleh tanye dalam keadaan mamai..."Ha...nak kasi susu? Nak buat ape kasi susu?" Adoiii.....hahaha....nak je cobit kat perut kasik mata cik abang ni terbukak luar skit. Nia da makin kuat melalak, dia boleh blur tanye ape pasal nak kasi susu kat baby...ahhaha...Takperla, hubby pon baru nak get a hang in the fatherhood thing...hehe...the best of all, siang smalam, he actually remember yg dia cakap mcm tu and we had a good laugh because of this... Kisah-kisah nak kasi susu ni memang macam-macam and of course funny...especially yg bangun tengah2 malam ni...hehehe...

But whatever it is, we are having fun. Baring atas tilam bertiga with Nia. Tickling her with the blankie at her nose - and watching her wrinkle kan hidung dia afterwards - super cute! Memang betol orang cakap, now I cannot imagine our life without Nia with us. So it's a salute to Abah, mommy and Baby Nia. Mwahs!

Nia's First Attendance to a Birthday Bash

It was a small get together that we had at home last week. Sempena Sufiyya's 2nd birthday as well as untuk buat tahlil arwah for Abah since 2nd April was his birthday. Since I was still in pantang, Abang Yo and Kak Ana decided to have the party at Kota Damansara instead of their place. So for one day, I get to eat real food instead of more ikan bakar and sup sayur. Tapi tak banyak la, I just had a 4 sticks of satay, some potato salad and seafood carbonara.

Also, it was Nia's first attendance to a birthday party. The little miss slept all through the bacaan Yassin and even during the cake cutting ceremony. Cousins dia memekak, terjerit kat sebelah main balloons pon dia tak sedar. Hehe. Bagus jugak, mommy & abah can actually enjoy eating and being in other people's company instead of the two of us je. Hehe. So some pictures from the party, below.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nia at 25 Days

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rocker Nia Dah Sampai!

Yayyy!!Rocker and head snuzzler Nia dah sampai today. Cepat jugak kedai ni deliver, ordered on 1st April, 3rd April da dapat. Impressive service - boleh la mommy order lagi barang untuk Nia kat website nanti. Anyway, Nia da excited nak test duduk atas rocker ni. Mommy pon ingat nak tolong assemble la untuk Nia. Dengan bersemangat bukak kotak rocker tu. After dah baca instruction, complicated lar pulak. Ada nak kena pasang screw bla bla. Sorry eh Nia, mommy tak reti la, kena la kite tunggu Abah balik office malam ni pasangkan. Nanti malam kang Nia boleh test duduk ok baby.


Bila da siap pasang....look at miss pricess sleeping peacefully on her rocker...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 April 2009

Today birthday Arwah Abah - 2 April 1939. If Abah masih ada with us today, he would have turn 70 years old hari ni. Sadly, God loves him more. Hopefully Abah bahagia wherever he is right now. Yang pasti, family tak pernah lupa pasal Abah. Sabtu ni pon, Insya Allah, kitorang akan buat tahlil utk Arwah, sempena birthday Abah ni. Even for me, personally sometimes rasa mcm tak percaya yg Abah dah takde dengan kitorang. Macam still terngiang-ngiang suara Abah and sometimes ternampak-nampak shadow Abah duduk baca buku dalam library kat rumah ni. Terkilan jugak rasanya sebab Abah tak sempat tengok Nia. In fact Abah tak sempat pon nak tahu that he was getting his 10th grandchild. *sigh*. This is one of the things that I realized, when Abah passed away, yg things that needs to be spoken, things that are important, buat la dengan segera. Jangan la ditangguh-tangguhkan. Tell your loved ones, just how much you love them, how much they mean to you. Cos you never know, mungkin tomorrow, they might not be there with you anymore, or you might now be there with them any longer.

So, untuk Arwah Abah, Insya Allah, selagi nyawa ni dikandung badan (chewah!!hehe), I will not forget untuk sedekahkan surah Yassin every Friday untuk bekalan Abah. In fact, everynight before I sleep, I try to make it a point untuk sedekahkan bacaan surah-surah lazim so that kubur Abah lapang dan terang bercahaya. Mudah-mudahan, diringankan urusan Abah di alam barzakh dan dipermudahkan perjalanan Abah untuk ke syurga nanti. Insya Allah. Al-Fatihah.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

I am so proud of myself today. For the first time, today mommy Nia da berjaya untuk mandikan Nia pagi tadi. Although we didn't do it in her bath tub, (mandi dalam sink je..hehe), at least there was no 'crying on top of my lungs' scene during the whole ordeal. As usual, Nia bangun around 8.30am for her morning feeding. Knowing yg Wan pergi masjid for kuliyyah and Nia is left alone with mommy dia je, I straight away gave her a bottle and burpkan siap-siap. Then its play in the water time. Alhamdulillah, sama mcm other babies, Nia love to be in the water. She will just keep quiet and coo when the water run over her body. So sempat la untuk sabun satu badan although mommy dia ni still tak berani nak shampoo kepala - so kepala a bit masyam la hari ni, tunggu evening bath ngen Wan la for the shampoo-ing. Hehe. So today's event can be recorded in her Baby Book - first time mandi ngen mommy on 1st April 2009 (,")

Also, today I made some online purchases for the little princess. Bought her a baby rocker and a head snuzzler. Rocker to nak guna untuk bawak balik Batu Pahat time cukur jambul nanti. And the head snuzzler will come in handy for our next trip to the hospital next week. So this time, takde la kepala Nia tergolek sana sini dlm baby seat and in the stroller. Previously takde head snuzzler, kepala Nia tergerak2 kiri kanan cos takde support. Sian baby mommy ni. Hehe. Hopefully the goodies will be delivered in time before our next hospital visit lah. All in all, the price was MYR403.00 after some discount and redemption of gift coupon. Mommy da pujuk Abah awal², so nanti Abah will pay for the rocker. Hehehe. Sayang Abah! Mwaks!

Abah skang ni tgh demam kemaruk. Kesian plak tengok. Bukan kemaruk ape. Kemaruk nak beli handphone baru. Hehe. I know dia da tunggu lama da iPhone tu. Now since da sampai Malaysia (finally!), ape lagi..kemaruk ler nak jual handphone lama and get the much anticipated iPhone. E71 ni pon baru jer a few months pakai. Hopefully boleh la jual and get a good bargain so that he can get his iPhone. Kesian plak tgk hari² duk pujuk mommy Nia ni nak handphone baru. Hehe. Nanti kite gi maxis ok Yang..;-)