Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nia's First Attendance to a Birthday Bash

It was a small get together that we had at home last week. Sempena Sufiyya's 2nd birthday as well as untuk buat tahlil arwah for Abah since 2nd April was his birthday. Since I was still in pantang, Abang Yo and Kak Ana decided to have the party at Kota Damansara instead of their place. So for one day, I get to eat real food instead of more ikan bakar and sup sayur. Tapi tak banyak la, I just had a 4 sticks of satay, some potato salad and seafood carbonara.

Also, it was Nia's first attendance to a birthday party. The little miss slept all through the bacaan Yassin and even during the cake cutting ceremony. Cousins dia memekak, terjerit kat sebelah main balloons pon dia tak sedar. Hehe. Bagus jugak, mommy & abah can actually enjoy eating and being in other people's company instead of the two of us je. Hehe. So some pictures from the party, below.