Thursday, April 16, 2009

Single Framework Sucks!

I've been away from the office for almost 2 months now and I'm getting all sorts of news. People are leaving Shell. Why? Simple actually. Mostly it's because of the soon-to-be implemented single framework policy which will have us all moving to a new remuneration package that might involve our salaries being cut down. Reason being? Its to streamline all processes with the global Shell Shared Centres like those in Manila as well as Krakow, Poland. My reaction? Totally absurd!

Why? Employers cannot be so cruel to the staff. We have got monthly financial commitments that needs to be considered. If we are currently enjoying a RM2k monthly basic salary, you can't simply cut it down to RM1.5k/month. People have rents,loans and bills to pay so to speak!

The sad part is, we can't have a union to speak on behalf of us because we fall under the 'Executive' criteria and thus not under the Collective Agreement group. So who is there to speak on behalf of us? Currently its the so-called bosses that we have.

Now, I'm being sarcastic because 'THE BOSSES' that are supposed to speak on our behalf are not affected by this drastic changes in the policy. So they don't understand how we feel. They don't understand the extent of this issue. So now, people are leaving Shell. People are resigning. And people has started to look for other opportunities out there. Padan muka Shell!

As for me, what will I do? Shall I stay at endure the salary cut at Shell, or do I start looking for new jobs out there? Let's just say that rezeki is everywhere. ;-). Be it here in KL, or it could be somewhere else.

To Nadia: Selamat berpindah to Dubai and good luck with your new job there
To Adila: Selamat ber-training with the PTDs and make sure to get a spot at Wisma Putra or the PM's Department


~ ida ~ said...

hmmm... kiter ikut lah arus peredaran zaman ni. rezeki ada kat mana2... usaha tangga kejayaan. hahaha...

to the mgmt - nak seribu daya tak nak seribu dalih...

to us - cari keje!

Mrs. Mizi Sofyan said...

menci la bosses ni. tak nak kawan la.

jom carik keje tmpt lain..

Anonymous said...

yeah... im not sure to be exec or stay as non. but to be sure, it is great to have someone speak on my behalf. small complaint to the secretariat, then issue will boom! hahahaha. u cant dowgrade yourself, fahmi. :)

but sure, rezeki is everywhere. u got talent. try middle east! hehehe. people say hujan emas negeri orang, hujan batu negeri sendiri. I think you should collect the batu in your negeri sendiri and baling dekat kepala bosses you! regards.

cheers mate!

-qarmizi sofyan

Mrs. Mizi Sofyan said...

Babe, komen di atas adalah dari suamiku yang menyangka blog ini adalah blog suamimu. kini, dia amat lah malu atas kesilapannya, malangnya komen di atas tidak dapat didelete coz dia komen as anonymous. hehehe.