Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Girlfriends Luncheon

After 1 month being cooped-up at home, I finally get the chance to go out for lunch with the girls. Although tak dapat meet up with the whole gang, since it's a working day, Mya & Ida managed to squeeze me in during their lunch time on an-office day. We met up kat BSC, since me and Mya are both on a strict diet, no Chillies for us this time (boo-hoo),so it was just Dome je. At least I didn't choose salad for lunch, but I had a nice baked fillet fish with steamed broccolis and carrots to go with it.

Like any other girlfriends outings, of course ade je la gossip-gossip for us. Baru sebulan setengah tak jumpe, so many things are happening. For starters, Mya told me the good news about Alif. He finally found the right someone, with the nickname 'Leo'. Tak tahu la it stands for what. Mya said girlfriend Alif nama Sharifah something. It doesn't matter, I was just super delighted to hear the news. On the same day itself I texted him and congratulate dia on the happy news. Tanye jugak la, when can Baby Nia meet Aunty Leo. Hehe. We are superbly happy for you Alif dearie. All this while, you asyik tolong kitorang je, it's about time you found the right someone for yourself pulak. Hugs and kisses from us. Mwaks!

Then it's wedding bells update for Mya's and Sarah's. Sarah will go first in July with exactly 4 wedding receptions - solemnization, 2 receptions for Sarah's side and another reception for Ilyas's. Mak aih!! More baju kena buat and more reasons for me to slim down (Uwaaaa!!). Then Mya pulak dah confirm to bernikah on Saturday, 26 Dec 2009 morning and the reception will be on the same day at night. And Harith punye side will be doing it on 2 Jan 2010. That leaves Nadya & Edward, JJ & Zila as well as Alif & Leo je. Hehe. So next year I suppose more babies will come our way. Yippie! More fwens for Baby Nia. Hehe.

Overall, we had a good 2 hours chat. Hopefully, the next time we meet up, we can have Nadya, Sarah & Mieko with us. Baru la complete the whole gang. Memang not easy to get everyone to come at the same time. Tapi will try to make time for it. Baru la ade life skit bile da jadi wife and mommy orang ni. Yer la, kadang you just need some time off for yourself. Luckily hubby is very understanding and tak kisah bini dia ni kluar for some girl-time. Maybe he also needs some time off from me kot. Thats why kasik. Hehe. Fair and square la, dia pon ade some guy-buddies time. :p