Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dah Sampai...

Of all the things that we bought when I was pregnant of Nia, we forgot to get a bottle warmer bag. So trip² pergi ke hospitals before this, susu Nia sume kena wrap pakai kain nappy je to keep it warm cos mommy tak habis pantang lagi so cannot go to the mall to get a bag for her. Hehe. Cian Nia. By the time nak minum susu, da sejuk dah. So, since littlewhiz is still on sale for the whole month, I decided to get for her the warmer bag that I've seen at Mothercare before this. Ade RM5 discount and of course, since mommy is paying for this and not your Abah, I chose Pink for you. Else, Abah mesti asyik nak Black je. Isk. Cepat jugak website ni process my order. It took them only 2 days to confirm and ship the order. Hari ni dah dapat. Memang impressive! Harap²nye this bag tahan lama la. It looks ok. The material is environmentally friendly. And since it doesn't have any divider's inside, we can even use the bag later on when Nia starts weaning to keep her bottled food warm.