Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

I am so proud of myself today. For the first time, today mommy Nia da berjaya untuk mandikan Nia pagi tadi. Although we didn't do it in her bath tub, (mandi dalam sink je..hehe), at least there was no 'crying on top of my lungs' scene during the whole ordeal. As usual, Nia bangun around 8.30am for her morning feeding. Knowing yg Wan pergi masjid for kuliyyah and Nia is left alone with mommy dia je, I straight away gave her a bottle and burpkan siap-siap. Then its play in the water time. Alhamdulillah, sama mcm other babies, Nia love to be in the water. She will just keep quiet and coo when the water run over her body. So sempat la untuk sabun satu badan although mommy dia ni still tak berani nak shampoo kepala - so kepala a bit masyam la hari ni, tunggu evening bath ngen Wan la for the shampoo-ing. Hehe. So today's event can be recorded in her Baby Book - first time mandi ngen mommy on 1st April 2009 (,")

Also, today I made some online purchases for the little princess. Bought her a baby rocker and a head snuzzler. Rocker to nak guna untuk bawak balik Batu Pahat time cukur jambul nanti. And the head snuzzler will come in handy for our next trip to the hospital next week. So this time, takde la kepala Nia tergolek sana sini dlm baby seat and in the stroller. Previously takde head snuzzler, kepala Nia tergerak2 kiri kanan cos takde support. Sian baby mommy ni. Hehe. Hopefully the goodies will be delivered in time before our next hospital visit lah. All in all, the price was MYR403.00 after some discount and redemption of gift coupon. Mommy da pujuk Abah awal², so nanti Abah will pay for the rocker. Hehehe. Sayang Abah! Mwaks!

Abah skang ni tgh demam kemaruk. Kesian plak tengok. Bukan kemaruk ape. Kemaruk nak beli handphone baru. Hehe. I know dia da tunggu lama da iPhone tu. Now since da sampai Malaysia (finally!), ape lagi..kemaruk ler nak jual handphone lama and get the much anticipated iPhone. E71 ni pon baru jer a few months pakai. Hopefully boleh la jual and get a good bargain so that he can get his iPhone. Kesian plak tgk hari² duk pujuk mommy Nia ni nak handphone baru. Hehe. Nanti kite gi maxis ok Yang..;-)


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

masih dalam confinement la ni?nway, tahniah dear fren!!
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mrs Fahmi said...

hehe...aah....tgh cuti pantang laie ni....elis ape kaba?...;-)