Thursday, December 30, 2010

1st Win of Many Others in the Future

ok.....I never thought that I would say this....but SYABAS MALAYSIA U23!!!You guys rock our world!!! never in my life that I would thought that we can actually see the glory of Malaysian footballers ever again....and yet, last night, our U23 team has broke the spell and brought home a national pride for all Malaysian regardless of race and gender.....

mind you, I am no football fan...and mr Husband is not one either....kebetulan our maid has been following the Suzuki Cup from day 1....and somehow, Malaysia ended up playing against Indonesia and that's when she had to change her mind and went back supporting her own country....Hence, dalam dia duk syiok layan bola, I pon masuk ler bilik tu layan skali....taknak la Malaysia takde org support plak kat rumah ni kan.....skali, watching Khairul Fahmi B. Che Mat performance during the match, caught me off-guard and sangat la kekaguman with his skills hokeeehhh.....before this, Hubby dah ade cakap to me....dia nak belikan jersi Malaysia for me and letak nama Fahmi kat blakang tu...(kebetulan plak nama depa sama kan)....since he already has a Man U jersey himself dengan nama 'Nani'....and I went like...what?...Malaysian jersey?!!!...taknak la...takde kelasss hokehhh...and who the heck is Fahmi ni....and Hubby kept on telling me that he's this goalie kid with a superb skills in catching balls and of course, naturally, I took it for granted....dah semalam tengok sendiri with my own eyes how Fahmi Che Mat plays....baru la rasa macam terkedu sekejap...ahaha....okok...he's damn good! I wish him all the best...who knows, any International Club might be interested to sign him on...that would definitely be a first for Malaysia!

Anyways, PM announced that with the win last night, there will be a Cuti Peristiwa declared tomorrow...guess in conjunction of the New Year as well.....since we in Shell are already enjoying replacement leave for New Year tomorrow, me and my friends are keeping our fingers crossed that HR will decide to give us the replacement on Monday!! that will be a long 4 days off weekend....till then.....heartiest congratulations to Malaysia U23 team, specifically to Fahmi and Safee Sali!