Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm sooooo tired at the office and all this workload. Tiba-tiba bulan December ni la sume nak datang bertimpa-timpa. People!!! December is the month to chill!!~ People are supposed to be on leave. Not doing regression testing sampai 3x when normally its just once a month. Mangkuk ayun mana la yg decide nak buat sampai 3x ni....dah la sume in a row....*sigh*....i'm just counting my days to January before we can go off on a week's break to Langkawi....
On top of that, me and hubby are both darn tired from our non-stop activities that we have to do every weekend...ade je kena travel kenduri kawen la....travel family holiday la....travel balik kampung la...majlis itu la...majlis ini la.......huwaaaa.....both of us are actually looking forward for some quiet R&R time at home without anything to do except tengok tv, read books or main PS3/Wii.....so, this weekend is going to be our last travelling plan for this year....we need to go back to Batu Pahat untuk cukur jambul Baby Hedzra (my husband's niece)...and then, we're finally done for this year..*phew*..both of us have agreed that no more travelling or weekend plans sampai our trip to Langkawi in Jan.....till then.....selamat berehat, selamat bercuti and selamat bermalas-malasan di rumah...Sekian!


aNaS said...

agreedddddddddd...saya pun tgh kepenatan bekerja ni..ujung2 thn cmni lah depa nk buat training bagai..penatnye nak handle..and satu lagi,kami sibuk ngn walimatulurus si kembar..phewwww!