Monday, December 27, 2010

WFH - Working from Home

This week is going to be my 3rd week working from home. The past 2 weeks memang had to because I need to chair daily teleconference calls with colleagues from UK at 7pm and if I were to drive to the office, harus la tak sempat nak sampai rumah and login by 7pm. And I don't want to reach home late because that is actually Nia's time with me - bukan time kerja lagi dah. However, duty calls, so terpaksa, so I made a deal with my boss and decided to work from home. And this week, although masih lagi ade regression test for year 2011 Jan bundle, I won't be coordinating it dah - cos my colleague is back from leave and I've been slaving for the past 2 weeks and now its her time la pulak kan. But then again, this morning, I felt sangat la malas nak pergi office nun jauh di Cyberjaya sana, so I decided why not work from home saje laa this week. Besides, its just a 4 working days week and my Boss is away in Rome - she will definitely won't be checking in on me - and plus the rest of the team is also in leave - if I were to go to the office pon harus la sangap kan cos takde org.

When my siblings or my aunties come over to the house and bumped into me at home like this, they will always think that I'm on leave. Yer la, datang kol 12pm, I am still in my pyjamas - harus la ingat aku cuti kan. But no, I am indeed working. Sometimes working from home pon ade dia pros and cons. I tend to be in front of the laptop most of the time - so takde la time nak layan Nia sangat pon - more or less sama je macam kat office. Although most of the time I won't mind having her in the library with me. I'll just switch on our personal laptop and let her watch YouTube, or else, angkut all her toys and she will just play on the floor waiting for me to finish work. Most days, I will be in my PJs in front of the laptop replying to emails and checking on defects until lunch time. Then I will take my 1 hr break to have a shower, lunch break and solat.

But yes, I must admit, I LOVEEEEE working from home. For the flexibility. For the time that I get to see Nia. Sometimes tengah2 kerja tu rasa rindu kat Nia, boleh la lari turun bawah tgk dia buat ape. She gets to have more around more often. Be it both of us are sitting in front of laptops pon - the presence counts I think. Ekekeke. And I know, my husband pon sangat jeles that he can't do this. He secretly wishes that he can also works from home so that he gets to play with Nia more. Hahaha. Jangan mare naa.

Of course, this is one of the benefit when you are working with Kerang. They do have this flexibility given that most of us are required to work on GLOBAL TIMING. So that means, although dah balik rumah kol 6pm tu, on normal days, I do sometimes still login at night to attend meetings and such. So in order for Kerang to make sure that people won't simply cabut, they have to la kasi flexibility mcm gini. Kalo tak, takde sapa nak kerja u olsss.

Ok la, I need to go and make the bed and have my shower. (He He). Till then, Toodles and yes, MERRY X'MAS and Happy BOXING DAY (Secretly wishing for that Coach - if only KL pon ade Boxing Day)!


Leonora Halim said...

dem!!! i'm jelesssssssss...........