Thursday, December 30, 2010

Azam 2010?

Ok, it's time of the year to revise and check if I've achieved those things that I planned for 2010...This was the list that I had back in Dec 2009 when we were ushering in 2010....lets see...
1. New job, perhaps?? Because I'm sick & tired with what I'm doing now. Dah nak masuk 4 tahun. Mintak tukar, tak dapatnye. Boringggg...I'm hoping for career advancement...with biggggggggggggggg money....ahahha....sesungguhnye ku mata duitan...:p
---> Yeap, I got transferred to a new role, new department, although am still in the same Company....but it's okay....a variety at this is a check!
2. Time to save more $$$$$ to renovate my to-be-completed house..nak buat, grill, dry/wet kitchen, plaster ceiling, built-in wardrobe...kalo ade rezeki lebih, nak kasi cantik toilet and pasang electric gate..furnitures - kemudian fikir...:-)
---> Alhamdulillah, we got the keys to our house, and the renovation is successfully done and completed.....we have the kitchen made for both wet and dry...the plaster ceiling, exactly how we wanted it to be....we have built-in wardrove for bedroom 2 and bedroom 3....we have the curtains u for some of the rooms...2011, would be to have walk-in wardrove for master bedroom, to furnish the house, a feature wall and an electric yes....aircond for all the this is also another check!
3. Must go on holidays and spend more quality family time
---> Yeap, we sure did went on a lot of holidays this year....although all of it were domestic holidays....tak jadi nak pi Gold Coast as per my original plan....we went to Cameron Highland, Pulau Perhentian, Penang (twice!), Port Dickson, and a few quick getaways in KL itself....that's more than enough...So another check on the list!
4. Stay healthy
---> Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with health this year, both myself and hubby....Nia had her 4 days stay at Pantai Hospital, BP when she was down with the super high viral fever....other than that, we've been peachy all year round....Checked!
5. Educate Nia so that dia jadi anak mummy & babah yg solehah....
---> This is ever on-going....but one thing she can do now is, she can pray...akakak...although tunggang terbalik and tak least, she has the interest to do it whenever she sees us on the sejadah.....gerenti akan berebut la ngen, half check for this
6. Be more generous to those in need & thankful for what I have
---> Tried to be more generous....give more and expect less....nothing major.....just little charities here and people always say, what goes around, comes around, Insya Allah...
7. Cook more meals for suamiku....kihkhikih
---> Meal wise...ahaah...not much of an improvement, since I still have my mom and Bibik cooking at home for us....I think unless we really actually move to our own place, then only this can take place..(alasan!hahah...)....
8. Fix my retirement & financial plan for my children
---> Retirement plan je takde lagi....But Nia has got her own education fund and health insurance she's covered....this is a half check and MUST be revisited next year ASAP!
Now that I've completed mine, what abour yours? Have you achieved all of the things that you planned for 2010?


Leonora Halim said...

i don't quite remember any of my new year resolutions... ahahah... never have any i think... but 2010 definitely is the most colourful ones! :) my favourite so far.. hehe