Monday, December 13, 2010


Mummy's princess got a big cut on her palm.
What happaned?
Minah nih duk main basikal outside the house compound kat atas jalan raya. Now kan school break, so we have 6 of her cousins staying over at home. So she was all happy that morning, playing with everyone when suddenly, our neighbour's dog decided to bark at them excitedly. Teruja tgk ramai budak-budak outside the house kot. So this Little Missy, panicked, and wanted to get down from her bicycle to run over to her Bibik. Tapi tersadung and fell down on the road - jalan raya tu lar. But I guess, because of the adrenalin rush, she didn't realize that she had a cut at that time and continued playing macam biasa. Afterwards, boleh mandi (tak nangis lagi), main ngen cousins - siap pukul-pukul abang-abang dia (tak nangis lag), kira all is well la (sebab tak sedar lagi tangan luka this time). Then out of the sudden, my niece saw the cut and told the Bibik. So Bibik came over to inspect so Little Miss pon baru la perasan this red gash on her palm. Terus la drama - nangis tersedu sedan, wants to be carried all over the house by Bibik, and siap lentok kepala atas bahu. I'm guessing its not so much of the pain, cos if it is, she would've cried time mandi pagi tu. My guess is dia seriau cos tak pernah luka and it looks pretty gory with the red color around the wound. He He He.
Elok Mummy balik kerja malam tu, drama sambung la. Show off her hand and asked to be carried. And please, don't mention the luka to her, else, the tears will start rolling down again. *_*. Nia oh Nia.


Leonora Halim said...

eheh... saya tetap suka drama ittiewwwww........ teruskan nia! aunty leo sokong!

mrs Fahmi said...

hahaah....bole la join u ni Leo....mmg drama queen abes!