Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat

As usual, Nia went to her play-school on Sunday. Meeting up, learning, socialising and playing with kids at her own age. At the end of the class, the Teacher made an announcement that the school will be organizing a Halloween Party for the children on the 31st of October and they are to come to class in their own favorite Halloween costumes - and of course, Parents are also encouraged to be in costumes as well. So, this is going to be the first Halloween Party for all of us. Ha-Ha. Ye la...we're Malaysian, we never celebrate this kind of things. But just to humour and make sure Nia gets to join in the fun (its not like she understands what the whole thing is all about pon - all in the name of FUN FUN FUN!).. Makanya, Mummy pon kena la start mencari costumes for her...Lucky for us, last 2 weeks we went to Toys'r'Us and I noticed that they were selling a few outfits and decorative accessories for Halloween.

So pagi ni, login to ( and found some pretty cute outfits that we can buy for Nia. Ade a few selections for Toddler Girls, but I just can't make up my mind yet. Hubby is all game to choose that Pumpkin outfit for her...Sangat adorable kan....but Nia is not as chubby as before dah....dah big girl....Mummy is more keen to go for the witch costume complete with a broom stick...What do you think? Is it too 'adult-looking' for her? I think its OK. But Hubby is worried in case she starts hitting her other friends using the broom-stick. Which she is more than capable of kalau time-time dia tengah hangin kus-kus. He He He. See how lah. We're gonna go to Ikano later tonight and see what they have. Else, I think 1Utama or maybe the outlet in Empire Gallery might have more options.