Friday, September 11, 2009

Semek's First Food

Yesterday Nia was exactly 6 months old. How time flies. As promised to her, Mummy will start her weaning process as soon as she reached 6 months. Makanya, balik from office semalam, terus la bersemangat buat Nia's first rice cereal. Since malas nak singgah Giant beli brown rice, terpaksa la grind pakai white rice yg sedia ada at home. Blended and masak with water & some formula. The first basic food for any babies. All the while Nia dengan sopan & santun duduk menunggu Mummy siap masak in her Jumperoo.
Her first taste, looks OK. Second taste, dah start menyembur la pulak. Habis kena muka Mummy and muka Nia skali. lol. The cereal bau sedap, mcm vanilla because of the formula I guess. Overall, Nia makan tak habis pon. I think its because its too watery. Tapi kalo pekat kang constipation pulak makcik ni. Takpe, we'll adjust the texture today. Feelings: I guess Nia was excited cos she keeps on blabbing tak tahu ape and Mummy of course la gumbira - sebab Munchkin dah makin pandai and semakin banyak ragam. :-)
The pictures are for the benefit of Abah who was not around for Nia's first solid meal.


** kami ** said...

yeay... mummy... cuba buat soup sikit...campur dengan rice. mana tau Semek suka...

papaQis said...

wa bagus nani.. teringat aku masa aQis makan 1st food dulu.. nenekaQis blender kat bubur nasi ngan carrot.. hehe