Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Perfect Score

Today I received an email which makes me feel so proud of him. A snippit from the email:

'' Fahmi is always on top of his job. Recently someone new has been completing these requests, and while they were completed in a timely manner, the password and user ID were sent in the same email, which I believe is in violation of SOx compliancy. No one has ever had this issue with Fahmi, he is always extremely efficient, knowledgable, and accurate in completing the job. I can see him moving on to bigger assignments in the future because of his great work ethic and super attitude. Great job as always!''

I know he has always been doing an awesome job. Since our teams are working hand in hand, my first point of reference had always been him even before we had anything going on between us. I believe the rest of my team also feels the same way - a deep sense of trust: that he is very knowlegable and knows his area well. Today's email has proven just that point.

Super Kudos to my Fahmi.

What more can I say - apart from the fact that I have always been proud to be standing next to him even before, presently and in the future.

Marvellous job sayang! ;-)