Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wishing for the Impossible superbly long overdue post..............lately so many things have been going on....with the single framework coming along soon, and rumah pon dah naik tinggi dah......banyak laa plak expenses to be incurred.....on top of that, the H1N1 ni, is really scary.....last night pon Nia had a mild tempreture....mula-mula it was just 37.2...then naik 37.4.....then naik lagi....jadi 37.6.....prevention is always better than cure, before demam jadi betol², terus feed her with Uphamol for Babies yang Dr Musa prescribed dulu....Alhamdulillah, by the time nak tido semalam, she's back to normal...a healthy 36.1...phewwww! Lega mummy....

Anyways, thinking of our future expenses.....there are so many things that I can wish for.....if only I have my own fairy good mother, or genie pon boleh la....baru la best....gerenti sume pon dia akan cakap "Your wish is my command, *katching!*"

I wish:

1. My MYR64k (tak campo interest) study loan will somehow be settled without me having to pay for it every month - oh! this should include my 2 car loans as well & the house loan *b.l.i.s.s*
2. I win a money lottery and get MYR1 million and no tax to be paid
3. Everyone will get equal & significant health/medical benefit coverage as a citizen of Malaysia
4. H1N1 will go away soon
5. Our future house is designed by Nate Berkus, fully furnished without any expenses from my end - Oprah, if you're reading this - I heart you.......pls pls pls pick me and furnish my new home!
6. Shell retracts back their decision to go thru the Single Framework exercise - that means no paycut for everyone - status quo
7. I can slot enough time every day after each prayers to recite 5 pages of the Al-Quran, so that boleh khatam every month - and takde la end up baca Yassin je every Friday like now - so pathetic!
8. I can stay at home and be a full-time mummy for Nia and cook superbly delicious meals for Fahmi like all those chefs in AFC channel
9. I can make Mama happy all the time now that we still have her with us

10. I am a superwoman!!!! :-P


Batrisyia Hani said...

Amiiiin..banyaknya wishes. hehehe

mrs Fahmi said...

hahaha...tu lar pasal.....

zakirah said...

ur wish is also my wish! saya juga sangat risau okay tentang sure sad stupid centre ini

mrs Fahmi said...

huarhuar haur.....anda membuatkan saya terpana dengan acronym