Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Jams + Civic + Pannaz + Subak

Sunday morning woke up and ajak Fahmi to eat out for lunch. So we decided to go to Pannaz (http://malaysianfoodguide.com/2009/04/08/pannaz-bbq-dishes-damansara-perdana/) since da lama tak makan there. So, after dah mandikan Nia and gave her a bottle, we ventured out. Nak dijadikan kisah, on the way to Damansara Perdana, Civic got knocked from behind by a GenGen dekat intersection The Curve/Surian Tunnel. Knowing suamiku, dia pon keluar dari kereta almost nak hangin tapi tak jadi, cos looking from his side of the car takde pape. So relax la. Pusing datang on the pasenger side, Oppps! bumper sudah jatuh from the bracket. Terus la tak senang duduk. Nak pulak the guy who bang the car kept on saying, ala....nothing much la...only some scratches...Wrong wrong wrong thing to say to someone who loves his car so much...So melangguk la kami di tepi jalan membuatkan traffic jam semakin sesak for those yg nak pergi The Curve..after pong-pang² for 30 mins, the guy agreed to pay us RM300 ringgit as compensation so tak payah ler nak gi buat police report ke ape...Lucky...kalo tak da panjang cerita laie....

So, sambung perjalanan ke Pannaz...sampai at Damansara Perdana, the restaurant is closed!!!! aiyoo...apa ini...closed on a Sunday....haihh....so change of plan, we went to Subak (http://www.subak.com.my/) instead....another place that i've been wanting to try out for quite sometime...jalan dia not sure sure at first, tapi redah je la since its only in Penchala, how sesat can you go in Penchala...pusing² kat Bukit Lanjan, we saw the restaurant signage...Yay!! terus park and walk up the hill..

Overall, superbly cozy layout - although I must say, at night gerenti banyak nyamuk - and true enough I can see mosquito coils being laid out around the area...The restaurant has a Balinese touch and you can actually feel the sense of tranquility dengan bunyi hutan and all....We ordered and within 10mins the food came - good service!

We ordered:

Subak's Fettucine Carbonara (RM36)

Subak's Balinese Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken Skewer (RM25)

Rainbow Slurpee (RM12)

Subak's Smoozers Creamy Vanilla combined with Green Apple Syrup (RM13)

Overall, the food is quite good & tasty. But I would suggest a wider range of selection for people like me. The price boleh la tahan mahalnye and the food portion pon biasa je - takde la boleh makan 2 orang...I might come again to try out the steak or ribs....but not anytime soon...


zakirah said...

expensive food!

mrs Fahmi said...

yezzzaaaa....baiklah ke chillies sahaje...kihkhikhi