Monday, August 31, 2009

Juice & Puree

Nia had her first taste of Prune on Saturday, 29 August 2009 – which was also her first meal apart from susu and plain water. We went to see Dr Musa on Friday to get her first dosage for Pnemococal Vaccine jab. Kebetulan pulak Nia has been having constipation so we asked the doctor if there’s anything that he can give to soften her stool. Since she’s still small, doctor suggested untuk just kasi Prune Juice as well as Prune Puree. So menggagau la pi cari diluted Prune Juice untuk Cik Puan Kecik ni. Alhamdulillah, ade baby prune juice but until today Nia still tak berak lagi – so I’m hoping that her poo-poo is not so hard and dah soft because she has been diligently drinking the juice everytime kasi. Makanya, tak genap la Nia 6 months for her first time feeding. But I have yet to feed her anything else. Tunggu la another 1 week for her 6 mths birthday and we can celebrate by having a meal. For now its purely prune for the stool treatment.


zakirah said...

sembelit pon mcm abah! hahaha
bumbo nia matching dgn socks lah. comey!

mrs Fahmi said...

ahahah....i think part constipation ni menurun i....cos dari dulu sampai skang memang susah nak melabur...adoii...kesian anakku...harini siap 2x berak...penangan minum prune juice...:p