Friday, August 28, 2009


Since Nia is getting bigger & heavier and sangatla active, we are now thinking of getting her either a walker or an activity centre. She's now at the stage yg suka jumping all the time - Ms Jumping Jack! I did some googling and found something that is really fun by Fisher & Price - The Jumperoo!

Jumperoo is actually an activity cum entertainment centre for the baby. It's fixed and movable and promotes development of different skills. The seat is 360° rotatable and there are safety springs attached to fix the seat to the frame. On top of that, there's a play tray that can be fixed for Nia's little fingers to explore. I've read thru reviews for Jumperoo and the only Cons that I can see is the bulkiness of the it. Even after going thru other mothers reviews, most of them are saying that Jumperoo is value for money. The most important thing is, The Jumperoo is safe, develops rota skills for the baby, interactive and of course it has to be FUN for Nia.

Makanya, my mission this weekend is to go and search for Jumperoo at the shopping malls and check it out myself. Since its a bit on the pricey side, sebab itu la nak kena evaluate betol². Suggestion sudah diusulkan kepada Mr Banker yesterday. Harap² dapat la stamp approval. Hehe.

Hunting-mode in action!-