Monday, July 6, 2009

Anuar Zain : "Lelaki Ini"

Superb!! That would be my comment kalau orang tanya how was Anuar Zain's concert. Kalau nak kasi rating, I would definitely give him a full 10/10. I admit, I was a little bit reluctant to go at first, since we had to pay MYR180/ticket. Tapi after listening to him singing live, Insya Allah, given a second chance, I will definitely attend his other shows. The emcee kicked off the show around 8.30pm informing all spectators with the basic guidelines/etiquette that was supposed to be adhered in IB. Strictly no handphones - they'll "taze" you with laser lights even if you were simply replying to a text message. Anuar sang 21 songs with 4 malay oldies songs from Ibnur Riza and god knows who else. I particularly enjoyed it when he sang 'Kau Bunga Cintaku' - which is a very catchy number. And of course, the closure - 'Perpisahan' - was just awesome! Anuar Zain rocks! It was worth my MYR180 and it was a full house indeed in IB - with even other Malaysian artistes present to give their support to Anuar Zain's first debut concert in Malaysia.

It's sad that we couldn't capture any photos to share and he didn't have any 'Meet the CraZy Fans' session. Else, we could've gotten an even clearer look at the handsome Abang Nuar. He he He.


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