Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding of the Century!

Can't wait to watch them live on TV this afternoon...... Siap Work From Home ni....sebab nak tgk the royal wedding punya pasal...akakka....okla....long weekend ahead...have a good one peeps...and stay safe!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We've Moved!!!

ehehehe...not us's our office...All of the Support Services Department are merging in one office centre from many places that we used to have....the move has been planned progressively and this week it was my all packed and ready to go on last Friday...semalam (Monday) - was my first day in the new's freakingly hugeeeeeeeeeeeee i tell you!!!....i was lost in the maze of rooms and curves and God knows what else...sampai nak cari surau pon the time i found the surau, my legs are feeling more than crampy already...grrrr...i don't have any pictures of the new place....nanti will snap after this, it'll be easier for me and hubby since both of us are gonna be based in the same building - thank God we're not on the same floor...ahahaha...kalo tak mmg pagi petang siang malam ler mekkkk tengok muka dia kan...akakkaak....he's team is only moving next i was telling him, get ready to get lost in the office...akakaakak....he still doesn't believe me when i said the place is super huge and it's so easy to get sesat with the so many doors around...okla till then, happy working peeps!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

At 30 Weeks & 6 Days

Yesterday, me and Fahmi menakung almost half of the day kat DSH.. I had my pre-natal check-up and he had his regular check-up with Dr Tamil...Lama tak tengok scan baby, excited laa Mommy smalam nak jumpe Dr Susanna... sampai kat DSH as early as 8.45am....time tu clinic doctor pon baru je bukak....nurse baru masuk normally dlm kul 9am+...cos she has to go for ward nye rounding dulu pagi2 tu....we were number 6 in the queue....not so makan breakfast dulu, pusing2 teman Fahmi gi buat blood test dia....then came back and sit at the then the numbers dah start moving....sampai turn kami, terus melompat masuk bile dengo nurse tu panggil, "Engku!"....kehkehkeh....

Out of courtesy and curiosity, tanye la Dr Susanna, where she went on her 2 weeks hiatus....perghhh...rupanya jauh dia pi gilaksss.....dia gi Venice u olsssss....naik gondola ngen husband nye - talk about romantic holiday ok...ekeeke....she asked us if we've been there....sadly no....definitely in our list to visit Venice one day....kami takat sampai ka Paris ja la time "honeymoon cum kerja" dulu....takpe, insya allah, murah rezeki, boleh bawak anak2 pi holiday oversea jugak one fine day...ehehe...anyways, lepas da chit chat, terus prepare naik atas the examination table nak scan baby...reminded the doctor that we want to do the 4D scan this cakap, ok boleh, since dah masuk 30 is big enough...yeayyy!!! - teruja lagi....

so, scan scan ukur paha, perut...kepala baby sume...Alhamdulillah, corresponding with the number of weeks....perut ja kecik skit - 29 weeks nye size...kepala dah 31 weeks...camno tu...otak bergeliga ni... eheheh....then check volume for my amniotic fluid - everything looks ok...Alhamdulillah...then dalam duk pusing pusing, nampak baby nye 2 scrotums and penis!!!...ahaha...a little tiny dot on the screen - cuteness! Babah dah mula sengih berseringaiiii da....tgk bebola anak dia...akakak....ape daaa...then, we tried to do the 4D scan....pusing situ, pusing sini, takmo gak nampak...we can see the face but only partially cos kena block dek tolak perut da gerak2, but the placenta is still placed right smack in the middle...mmg nampak separuh je muka...haihhh...camery shy la plak anak teruna ni....dah dekat 15 mins still takleh, doctor pon ckp...sorry la dear, we try again during your next visit ok...huwaaaaaaaaaa....tskkk....sabau je la...takpela - yg penting Baby A is healthy and well....he's already weighing 1.5kg....hmm...not so ckp still small...ya ka...kalo buat rough calculation with the assumption of 200gm of weight gain/week for the next few months...anak mommy ni, akan weigh around 3.4kilo jugak nanti....sama ngan Nia dulu la...ngeee ngeee ngee....bole tak mommy nak go for vaginal delivery....awai2 dulu doctor da warning, kalo nak beranak normal baby kena 2kg+ jaa, since my pelvic bone is small...aiyakk....silap-silap, kite kena bukak tingkap again la Dik oii...ehheeh..let's see how it check is in 3 weeks time...till then....adios Baby A! Love u much!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Going to Vomit Blood


This is why.....check out my calendar for today - Wednesday.....I barely have time to sit and check on my emails...lunch pon tak sempat...lucky sempat makan nasi lemak for breakfast tadi...and ade some karipap leftovers from breakfast that i can munch on...*sigh*....Can't wait to go back home today.... 6pm - please be quick cos I'm about to go bonkers!

Monday, April 18, 2011

68 Days To Go

Last weekend, we went on a mission - untuk siapkan all the necessary stuff for Baby A. On Saturday, mcm pergi shopping spree rasenye - best best. Gi cari all the pending items yang still tak beli. So, today, after updating the checklist, rasenye, dah more or less complete la barang-barang for Baby A. Baju-baju Nia yg lama dulu pon dah bawak turun and sorted out. Yg 0-3 months yg kaler white sume separated from the pinkies. So, after this operation nak membasuh la pulak. But this can be done next month la. Buat now mcm over awal la pulak kan. Baru 30 weeks kot. Hehehe. Bantal kekabu baru pon da settle. Sarung bantal pon Wan da siap tolong jahitkan last Saturday. Tinggal nak beli material untuk buat kain bedung je. I'm one of the old-school people. I prefer to use 100% cotton material untuk bedung baby. Although there are so many cute swaddling blankets in the market now - somehow rasa mcm panas je material tu, cos they are using flannel blanket punye kain kan. So, this is the last pending item to buy for Baby A. And time Nia dulu pon, kena bedung sampai umor dah 6-7 bulan kot. Haha. At night la. Somehow she likes it very much. Tak tahu la adik ni macam mana nanti - suke ke idok kena bedung nye.

For next month, kena concentrate for Mommy's preparation plak. First nak kena pi cari jamu, pati gamat & tablet ikan haruan - bengkung dah ade from time Nia dulu - cuma nak kena pi basuh ja la. Then its nursing preparation, washable breast pads, and I think another 2/3 nursing bras. And of course, nipple cream ngan pad. Slalu terlupa nak beli pad ni. hishhh. ye la, dah 9 months kot takyah nak pk nak kena beli pad ke ape. For nipple cream anyone knows any specific brand yang effective? Last masa Nia dulu, I was using cap Mothercare punye yg safe for the baby. But somehow rasa mcm not so effective - sangat sore rasenye. So ingat nak try a different brand. Kena keep on surveying the best remedy for sore nipples ni - in preparation for breastfeeding nanti. Mengingatkan time dulu, ini la yg buatkan eden ngilu bebeno. Hehe.

Next checkup is this week - tak sabo nak tgk Baby A. Dah sebulan setengah tak pi jumpe gyne ni. Lama beno rasenye. Let's see what the doctor says - kot lepas ni dah kena start increase visit to every biweekly ke ape ke. Hehe. Can't wait to hit the home run!! 68 more days to go. Tick tock tick tock.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Evil Licking Good!

This is evil!!!! Someone came back from Dubai, and gave me a bunch of this. It tastes soooooooo good and soooooooo much better than our regular Snickers bar..... I wish we have these babies here...arghh...nak lagiiiii......tak puas makan tadii...yummehhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Crawling on NKVE

Padi tadi kami laki bini lambat sampai ke opis....the traffic was horrible....kluar-kluar je dari toll Kota Damansara, terus jam...i knew that the traffic was pretty bad, cos nampak status update from my sister on FB....but ingatkan by the time kitorg kluar rumah, which is consider lambat la jugak - kol 9am baru gerak kot.....ingatkan the traffic dah clear up a little bit....berangan je la....was wondering jugak ape da jadi sampai crawl teruk sangat, husband said, why not check on twitter, and see if there's any update...NKVE kan ade that twitter account for any traffic, me as the co-driver kat sebelah ni pon, cepat2 la masuk twitter....terus nampak byk betol tweet about people being late to work, due to the massive crawl on NKVE disebabkan an overturned trailer which also terbako!!!...rentungs!!!.....i hope the driver and his kelindan is safe!!....cos looking at the condition of the trailer tu, macam agak teruk jugak la....picture below was captured by me...sorry ye tangan bergegar... amateur lar katakan...ehehheeh.....ended up, we reached Cyberjaya at 10am....yesss...macam Boss!...:p.... anyhow, Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I was watching a new show on Star World mom has been telling me about this new reality episodes for a couple of days but I just didn't have the chance to sit down and watch....kebetulan malam tadi, while Babah was doing his regular weekend baby duties - putting Nia to sleep - Mommy gets the chance to watch all the TV re-runs...flipping thru the channel, tetiba perasan this new title popping up - DC Cupcakes!

ok la, lets give it a try and bukak oh my....tengok show ni dan-dan buat rasa sangat semangat for me to bake and makan cuppies ok....their cakes are sooooooooooo superbly cute and looks sooooooo yummilicious....*saliva dripping*....macam sangat best tengok derang twirling the cream and cutting out little fondant figuries and putting them on top of the cuppies....terus la rasa mcm, how i wish i have the talent to bake like Katherine & Sophie....phewww...ok la...for those yang tak tahu lagi about what I'm talking about, please, feel free to check out their website - Georgetown Cupcake...(sadly kite takleh laaa nak order all the way frm MY ni kan)...ekekek....till then, happy drooling too!

Nia si Mami Jarum Kecik

Enjoy the picture.

Anak daraku ade potensi utk jadi mami jarum junior ni. We went to a jewellery shop to get her birthday present. Ingatkan dia takut ngen Aunty kedai tu, rupanya, siap boleh pilih2 bracelet mana yg dia nak. Hadoiii!!...Anak mommy ni mmg ade bakat!! trip to the jewellery shop, harus kena bawak Babah hokehhh...abes kopak mummy jadinye....hehehe....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello 3rd Trimester - It Has Been Awhile...

Alhamdulillah...Hari ni, dah officially masuk 3rd trimester equivalent to 28 lagi 12 weeks to go, Insya Allah, boleh la jumpe Baby A...can't wait anymore....excited!..ehehe....we've started with our shopping spree....nothing much...beli toiletteries, 3 pasang baju, new pair of mittens and bootees and changing mat baru....i've also started sorting out baju-baju lama Nia and Fawwaz yang Baby A can still use....dapat la kurang kan skit belanja, we still need to look for cadar, and some other of the weekend nanti, rasenye nak ajak Babah gi Mont Kiara to Avent Service Centre, nak cari new parts for my old breastpump....kali ni azam dah tanam awal2....harap2 boleh la breastfeed baby A dengan secara exclusive...Insya yeah, we're rearing to go!

Dear Baby A,

It's been awhile since we last saw you in the doctor's monitor...I've started to miss you....but then again, you are indeed getting stronger day by day...hari-hari sepak tulang rusuk kiri mommy sampai rasa senak....everytime mommy wince sebab sakit, kakak Nia will think that I'm making funny faces at her...and she will laugh...ahahah....We can't wait to meet you, and I bet Kakak Nia is the one yang akan keterujaan melampau...she's already practicing how to take care of small babies like you using her dollies and teddy bears at home....anyways, we will see you in 2 weeks time at the Gyne's office...this time, mommy harap we can do the 4D scan...and yes, i'll make sure Kakak Nia is also around, so she gets to see her baby Brother as well...till then, keep on practicing those striker kicks....and behave well ye...muwahs!