Sunday, October 19, 2008

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been awhile since my last update...super busy at work and at home...alhamdulillah, Eid came and go...we had a good first Eid together as husband & planned, we went back to Terengganu to celebrate with Tok & Ki since Abah baru je passed away...nonetheless, we did planned to go back to Batu Pahat on the 2nd day of Eid, tapi tak jadi plak since the in laws came down to KL utk visit Aunties kat Alhamdulillah, that cut our journey short; instead of having to travel back from Trg - Johor, we only have to travel from Trg back to KL...

another death took place during Raya..(somehow I always feel that death comes in a pair of 3 - but this is just my silly supersition...:p)...Kak Lin's father in law (dearly known as Tok Wan amongst us) has passed away on the 13th day of Eid...somehow, he collapsed on the second day of raya that lead to a bypass operation the next day...the operation went well but somehow or rather, the Almighty loved him more than us, He then took Tok Wan back just a few days after he was discharged from the hospital...ironically it happened in front of Fawwaz, who was playing with his Tok Wan at that time...kesian Awasy, lost both his grandfather (Aki & Tok Wan) within the same year and just 2 months apart...Al Fatihah...

On a happier note, things are going rather smoothly between us and the families in Batu Pahat...Alhamdilillah, there has been no further drama cerekerama or tele-novela that happened during raya or after...but I do foresee future issues that might be arising in light of my little one popping out next year...*sigh*...but let's just take it one step at a time...I'll start to worry about it later on...anyhow, will be having my next check up with the gyne next Saturday...very excited about it...more excited to see how much the baby has developed since our last checkup last month...I believe I can now feel him kicking...we have yet to know the sex of the baby....but somehow i think it's a boy, though hubby is really hoping for a girl..hehe...tak kisah long as my precious tumble tot is healthy and happy...

we've been scouting for a stroller these past 2 weeks....hubby really wants to get a Quinny stroller which I think is really expensive but doesn't have enough compartments for us to store the tumble tot's stuff later on...

Quinny Zap & Maxi Cosy Travel System

we have yet to decide on it, but I'll keep an eye for mcLaren, pegPreggo and Graco as well...whichever that can offer us the best package with value for money...ini long term investment jugak for the babies to come...LOL

Graco Aerosport Deluxe

And yes...a few other good news on my girlfriends have also come my way...

Maya is to be dirisik during Raya Haji by Harith's family and Insya Allah will tie the knot by end of 2009.

Sarah is to be dirisik and engaged to Ilyas a week after Raya Haji and will tie knot in July 2009.

Ida & Zol has finally moved to her own place in Denai Alam.

Alif's work has been recognized and he's travelling to Hong Kong for business trip next week.

Mieko and Fakri have also moved to their own place in Denai Alam with their cutie pies and are planning for a small hse warming get together Insya Allah sometime next month.

JJ is still JJ (,"). Zila has started her new job at VADS, TTDI.

Nadya - last I heard, she's still working hard at UOB to fit in the title "Career Woman of the Year"...hehehe...

Prem has done her second follow-up surgery at HKL and is recuperating and will be back in the office next Tuesday.

Ash and Mizi are getting more and more excited day by day waiting for their daughter's birth in December.

Nurul is still working hard to convince her parents about her wedding plans with Jalil.

Teh will be off to Japan for her much awaited holiday in December.

Ummi and Lukman are on the look-out to get a place of their own.

As for me and hubby, we're thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened to us these past few months. Very much excited waiting for the arrival of our own little one next year. Blissfully happy with our marriage. And extremely grateful to have the love and support of our much beloved friends and families.



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