Sunday, October 26, 2008

and who says being pregnant is easy?

i have reached my 20th/21st week of pregnancy and i am:
  1. having a really bad case of rashes on my right arm
  2. having a really bad constipation if i don't take any bananas/papayas/prunes in a day
  3. starting to have backache especially on my left side
  4. eating everything that i can put my hands on
  5. and that will result in me having heartburns afterwards
  6. short of breath after a climb up the stairs
  7. awake 3 times every night to go to the loo
  8. getting less emotional/sensitive
  9. tires easily
  10. with a huge expanding belly!!!!

but, i am/have also:

  1. felt my first quickening - a few weeks ago
  2. proud of my tummy
  3. looking forward to every check up with the gyne to see the baby during the scanning session
  4. eating more healthily
  5. more contious of my behaviour
  6. having a closer bond with hubby during our 'talk-to-the-baby' sessions
  7. have a new habit - rubbing the belly
  8. excited to start buying baby stuff
  9. starting to look for suitable baby names
  10. trying to see the both of us as parents for our little one


~ ida ~ said...

ish ish ish.... updates please!!!