Thursday, December 18, 2008

15 reasons to be glad that I am pregnant

  1. Relishing the early weeks when only me and hubby knows that "We" are pregnant! ^_^

  2. Knowing that I actually have exactly 9 months to fantisize & plan and dream...

  3. Being pregnant is always the perfect excuse to be pampered...

  4. Looking forward to your 2+1 months of maternity leave...eheheh

  5. Not having to feel guilty that I am getting heavier

  6. And of course, its bigger boobs and..hey....i now have a bum to look at....LOL

  7. People giving ways to me at malls and when i queue up at the atm machines...

  8. I'm getting a lot of attention from everyone

  9. Feeling the kicks for the first time

  10. Being able to talk and converse with my tummy as if I'm talking to another person

  11. Our 'small-family' bonding time at every night before dozing off - just mommy, daddy and baby

  12. Closer relationship with hubby

  13. Feeling a little pair of heels prodding under at my diaphragm and knowing that soon I'll be meeting the little person they belong to!

  14. Choosing baby clothes and planning what I'm going to buy.

  15. Getting hubby to take photos of me smiling over my enormous bump so that, one day, I can look back and be amazed I was ever that size...hehee