Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Good morning everyone had a good long how did you celebrate your new year?..for our little family, we didn't really celebrate it much....similar to previous years, we normally don't go out during new year's eve....i hate the crowd and the traffic jams....sometimes, we'll go out at 11.30pm and park our car at the roadside to watch the fireworks....but this year, we didn't even do that....we decided to stay home - lagipon Nia dah selamat terbungkam atas katil.....and both of us decided to watch the fireworks on the TV instead...dah ade tv besar gabak tu, tgk la kan....kalo tak rugi je...ahhaha....tapi indah kabar dari rupa, instead of kitorg tgk fireworks, tv tu yg tgk kitorg balik kot...both of us were fast asleep when midnight mom came into the tv room at 12.15am and woke both of us up ckp gi lar masuk tido lam year fireworks pon dah abes....ceisss..melepas nak tengok dentam dentum bunga api....haihh...oo well.....Insya Allah next year ade lagi....ehehehe....and it'll be extra special with Junior No.2 around by then...ok la....wishing all of you lovelies out there, Happy 2011...and may all of us be blessed and have a superblicious time all year round!


lydzar said...

happy new year too!
kami spend the new year eve at Cameron kol 9pm, semua pon dh tidur..bout 12am++ me n hubby terjaga sbb sama2 lapar, so makan murtabak yg beli kt pasar malam cameron je. kelakar pon ada sambut new year mcm tu huhuhu

mrs Fahmi said...

@lydzar: hehe...same back at you...tu lar kan...kalo time bujang2 dulu cam semangat nak mengulor time new year eve dah ade anak ni...mmg menakung kat rumah je la...LOL

Leonora Halim said...

jom pi Village Park lagik... hehe.. epi new year! :)