Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday-holiday Malaysia

Before take off, Little Miss sangat teruja dapat naik luggage trolley at the airport.
Tu lah kan, jakunness cos ini first time dia nak naik plane.
And we've been preparing here for almost 2 weeks that we'll be going on a plane, and that it might be a lil bit noisy.
Takut jugak kang dia start buat drama dalam flight. Lucky she was a gem all thru.
Arrival at the Langkawi International Airport.
Both Babah and doter sempat pose near the aircraft.
So boleh la jadi evidence to Nia when dia dah besar nanti, yg kecik2 lagi dia da naik plane.

Second day we were there and Little Miss was sooo tired.
I was a lil bit kiasu and drafted a complete itenary for the whole of our 4 days stay.
Sampai to the minute hokehhh the activities.
Mahu tak balik hotel, sume pengsan kepenatan.
Alhamdulillah, we managed to get a good bargain for our ride there.
MYR180 for an auto MyVi for 4 days. Not bad eyh.
We budgetted MYR300 for our ride.
Almost half off.

One of the main activity at the hotel harus la berendam kat pool yg super besar tu with the bikini clad minah sallehs. Ha-Ha.
But, before that, kena la solat dulu kan.

And finally, checking out.
I didn't have any pictures of our room.
Lupa plak nak amik.
Ni pon sume from handphone jer.
Gambar from camera nanti lah ye.
Balik from Langkawi, weekend baru ni, we went up to Genting Highland.
Me and my sister's family with my mom.
Saje nak bawak budak 2 org kat bawah ni main-main with some cool air.
Going on the elephant ride.
Still fresh & perky cos baru sampai.

and riding on the small caterpillar ride with Abang Fawwaz.

And the peak of all, Nia went on the Junior Solero shot ride!
Terer tak terer anak mummy ni.
Langsung tak nangis.
Cool je muka.

Last but not least, she went on the indoor ride almost dekat 10x kot.
Sampai brother yg jaga ride tu pon da muke boring tgk Nia.

Overall, we had fun fun fun! Insya Allah, ada rezeki, kite pergi lagi next time.