Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nak Cuti Ke Mana Ye?

Does anyone has any recommendations for a holiday resort locally in Malaysia that is children friendly? We are planning for our holiday next year. And Hubby doesn't want to go abroad since Aaryan is still quite young and it would be a handful travelling with both kids. (nampak gaya angan-angan nak pi Hong Kong kena postpone lah ni..bummer!). Anyhow, I've been looking around for some cozy places that we can go next year. By then Aaryan would grow up a lil bit more. For the time being our options are pretty much limited. Langkawi is definitely out since we went there early this year. So other options that we have is either Penang, Cherating or perhaps Sabah/Sarawak. No island trips for us, since we can't enjoy much and takleh nak turun pi snorkelling (although this is our favorite activity time berdua dulu :p) since we won't be having any Bibik around to look after the kiddos.

For now, I've only checked out two places. First option is Club Med Cherating. A lil bit on the pricey side (a whole lot la actually). For a 2 nights stay for all 4 of us, that will costs us around RM2700 (baik mek pi holiday over the sea kot :p). That price is incluvise of room rates, taxes, surcharges, gourmet meal all through-out the day, sports and activities. Kira its an all-inclusive price package la. Unless kalo nak add on spa treatment or Kiddy Activity for Nia, then we'll have to pay extra. Googled for some reviews for the resort and seems pretty promising. But I remember reading a blog somewhere (last year) that they had some problems during check-in. I'm a lil bit reserved on this kind of resorts actually - those yg mat salleh oriented. Sebab selalunye, the treatment that they give to a foreign traveller and a local visitor usually differs. But I shall reserve that judgement until I can see it for myself.

Second option that I've checked out tapi rasenye takleh proceed is Pangkor Laut. Huhuhu. Oh-so-awesome resort. But I think this is more suitable for honeymooners kot. One thing yg rasa 'bahaya' skit is the open air shower. Kang ade jugak yg si Nia terkezot kalo ternampak mommy or babah showering nanti. LOL. Tak ke naye. But if it's just for the 2 of us, this would definitely be in my list. Romantic gitew u ols. Bercanda underneath the moon, anyone? *naughty grin*

Another one that I like is Shangri-La Golden Sands Resort Penang. I know the hotel is pretty nice, they have a huge pool, the beach is white and sandy, and ade activity site for kids - which I know Nia will enjoy very much. But we've been here before for Family Day last year with Kerang and I feel like rugi la if we repeat going to the same place twice!

So, I'm open if anyone has any other suggestions. My requirements would be, nice+comfortable+clean+spacious room. Kids friendly. Huge pool. Anything in mind? Please let me know ya wahai rakan-rakan. Sabah/Sarawak suggestions are also welcome kalo dah takde yg kat Peninsular ni. I'm sure Malaysia has something nice to offer, cuma tak tahu je kat mana. Do share with me if you and your family have been anywhere fun and nice. It might be worth checking out.


Zura Baharudin said...


why don't you try Malacca A Famosa trip.

Can go to the Night Zoo Malacca, WaterWorld, Cowboy Town and etc.

check-out this:

Leonora Halim said...

i'm wif ur fren Zura.... A famosa resort!! me like... cowboy town.. safari... water theme park... cool enuff for Nia and adult as well.. but not too hectic for young Aryan....

mrs Fahmi said...

kami dah pergi dah A'Famosa bawak Nia dulu with the whole big family...sewa bungalow dia yg ade pool tu...hehehe...any other suggestions? :p

CHeeSYaNa said...

Nexus karambunai @ Sabah? Or maybe Legend Waterhomes @ PD? Or stay at JB so that bleh ke Universal Studio Singapore (plus singgah shopping kat Orchard Road)? Bukit Merah Laketown?