Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's A Boy!

Congratulations congratulations and congratulations to our beloved friends, Ash & Mizi, who have just greeted their second child into this world yesterday afternoon at 3.35pm... Both baby and mummy are doing great, and I can just envy Ash for such an easy delivery that she had this time around.... Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Compared to her 1st delivery for Qadeja, Baby Umar's birth was pretty much smooth sailing and fairly quick....Ash felt some contraction started yesterday morning and by the time she reached the hospital, she was already 4cm dilated!! How awesome is that?!!!. :-)....Next, the Gyne just induced her a lil bit with some water and with just 3 push, Junior No.2 popped out weighing a whooping 3.6kg!!!

So harap-harapnye, our second one nanti pon akan jadi as easy as this....but somehow i doubt that....since my previous delivery was a C-Section and if I can go for a normal birth (which I'm hoping I can) this time around, it would be similar to someone yg baru nak beranak first time normal since the passage is not there yes, the tearing and everything lar....haihh....cuma harapnye this time, baby is totally engaged that takyah go for C-Sect....

Whatever it is....let's toast to sleepless nights and diaper-changing duty! :-)...Hail Mommies~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For the past 2 days, I've been logging into Fireflyz website countless times. Rasa stress macam nak tarik-tarik rambut pon ada cos everytime I tried to book their holiday package, I kept on getting an error message suruh key in the credit card number again. Despite trying 3 different credit cards, sama jugak. Then I tried 3 different laptops, sama jugak. Tried at the office, sama jugak. At home, sama jugak. All the same error. Called their Call Centre - lucky the waiting period was rather short unlike AirAsia. Tapi they advisor can't help me much. They checked and confirmed that the system is up and running and since I am trying to book a package deal, they won't be able to perform the booking manually over the phone for me since the booking needs to be connected online with the hotel's system as well. Arghhh. Nak book directly with the hotel - mahal la pulak harganya. Tapi after much effort and feeling like dah almosttttt nak give up (tinggal la dalam 5% je lagi before I start shouting to Fireflyz) tetiba jeng jeng jeng.......kluar message cakap, your booking is successful - and please print out the booking details and itenary. Whoaaaaa.....rasa mcm keterujaan melampau....yer la, after 2 days of trying, feels like as though I just hit a jackpot or something...hahahaahah.....

Makanya, where are we going and when are we going? Not too far - domestic je...Only to Langkawi....just the 3 of invitation extended to other people....Fahmi really wants this holiday to be about us this time without having any other people tagging along....Since this might as well be the last time we will go on a holiday just the 3 of us before no.4 pops out soon...(opppsss....yesss....thats a different story all together....:-P)....

So, for MYR1,345.32, we secured ourselves 3 return tickets (2 adults and 1 infant) on Fireflyz from Subang - Langkawi - Subang and a 4 days 3 nights stay at the Holiday Villa Langkawi Beach Resort with daily warm breakfasts....I think it's not so's a 4* hotel, with a huge pool and a jacuzzi and a spa with a clean white sandy beach front (from the google pictures) thru some of the online reviews and most of it is pleasant and, fingers crossed that we've made the right selection this time....

So keterujaan melampau, can't wait for January 2011....thats the date for our the meantime, have to start saving $$$....mak nak borong pinggan Corelle ni kat Langkawi....ekekekeke.....till then...toodles!!~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shout What?!

We might be getting free admission tickets to Shout Awards. I know. Shout Awards? What's that? Tak pernah dengar pon. Ha-Ha. You're not alone. I've never heard of this either. The first time I'm hearing this was this morning on the radio show. Then I was asking Fahmi, ape benda Shout Awards ni..and he went like....errr...entah....some award ceremony kot....Then we came to the office and this afternoon, a colleague told me that he might be getting 2 free tickets to the Shout Awards. But he won't be able to make it on that day so he's thinking to pass it on to us....Baru la tergerak hati nak google ade website ke for shout awards ni....rupanya its quite hip jugak...kitorg la yg ketinggalan zaman....akakakak.....

ok still unsure whether we'll be going or not....with my condition, i don't think i want to be jumping around so much like i normally do.....but since its seated..why now...see how....tanye boss, dia kata ok, then on je la....cian Nia, kena tinggal la at home...mummy and babah nak pi dating ok....hope to see Faizal Tahir there.....*drool*.....^_^....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memasak Vs Imam

Came across this blog entry.....rasenye, macam this is sangat common now....tepuk dada, tanye la selera masing-masing....wallahualam~
Kalau perempuan tidak boleh memasak, dikutuk dan disuruh belajar. Kalau lelaki tak boleh jadi imam kita kata okay saja.
Jangan diperbesarkan nanti mereka terasa hati.

"Apalah perempuan, tak pandai masak siapa nak kahwin dengan awak!" Begitulah kata rakan sejawat lelaki pada seorang anak dara, juga rakan sejawat kami.
Maka jawaplah si gadis ayu itu yang dia tidak sempat belajar memasak sebab dari kecil tidak digalakkan keluarga sebaliknya di suruh menumpukan perhatian pada pelajaran saja.
Setelah tinggal di asrama, peluang pulang ke rumah terhad dan tidak sempat turun ke dapur membantu ibunya.

''Habis sekarang kenapa tidak belajar?" Tanya sang lelaki lagi dengan penuh semangat.
''Sedang belajarlah ni tetapi selain sibuk dengan kerjaya saya juga sibuk belajar agama, jadi belajar memasak tetap tidak diutamakan!" Begitu jawab si gadis yang membuatkan lelaki tadi menggeleng-geleng kepala.
Baginya tidak sempurna seorang wanita jika tidak tahu memasak. Wanita sepatutnya buat begitu juga.
Syarat utama menjadi suami mesti boleh menjadi imam.

Walau ada yang kata, jika itu syaratnya bermakna makin ramai wanita yang hidup bujang seumur hidup.
Lelaki meletakkan kebolehan wanita di dapur sebagai perkara utama dan ungkapan hendak memikat suami, perlu pikat seleranya sering diguna pakai.
Tidak kiralah jika wanita itu berpelajaran atau berjawatan tinggi dan penyumbang utama kewangan dalam rumahtangganya.
Sekarang bukan asing lagi gaji isteri lebih tinggi daripada suami.

Namun kedudukan suami sebagai raja tidak pernah dilupa walau dia tidak mengambil inisiatif mempelajari ilmu menjadi imam.
Ilmu bermain video game di komputer mereka rasa lebih perlu.
Kalau tidak tahu memasak disuruh belajar dan sesudah belajar perlu handal.
Jika handal bukan setakat masak untuk keluarga sendiri, kalau boleh perlu boleh memasak untuk tiga pasukan bola. Begitulah standard yang telah ditetapkan.
Bolehkah kita meletakkan undang-undang itu kepada lelaki juga? Kalau tidak pandai jadi imam, belajarlah.

Mula-mula jadi imam kepada keluarga sendiri, sudah terror boleh mengimam satu taman perumahan juga.
"Sibuk suruh kita handal memasak, mereka tu bolehkah jadi imam?" Dengus teman wanita yang lain.
Betul juga ya? Berapa kerat lelaki yang menjadikan sembahyang jemaah di rumah bersama anak isteri sebagai agenda utama, selain keperluan memenuhi pelbagai seleranya?
Maka bertanyalah wanita kini kepada beberapa lelaki tentang kebolehan yang satu ini.
Ternyata ramai yang menjawab tidak confident menjadi imam sebab takut bacaan al-Fatihah tidak sempurna, salah tajwid atau pun dia merasakan isterinya lebih handal.
Ada yang kata lebih elok dia dan isteri sembahyang sendiri-sendiri.

Ada juga menjawab, rasa kelakar pula apabila dirinya yang rugged menjadi imam.
Isu ini sepatutnya kita beratkan sepertimana masyarakat memberatkan wanita perlu pandai memasak jika mahu bersuami.
Lelaki juga harus boleh menjadi imam supaya kewibawaan mereka sebagai ketua keluarga tidak goyah atau menjadi mangsa 'queen control'.

Kalau tidak pandai, belajarlah sekarang. Jika wanita disuruh belajar, apa salahnya lelaki!


alamak! terasa kuciwa la plak....yesterday we had a blood donation drive at work....and I'm an avid blood donater... nak kumpul sticker la konon-konon-nye...ehehehe....tapi yer la kan....Arwah my dad used to say, since kite sometimes tak cukup duit utk donate kat orang....the least we can do is donate our blood....gerenti la ade byk dlm badan kan.....tapi semalam tak dapat nak join the donation drive....due to some unforeseen circumstances....tgk je la org duk isi borang kat tepi theatrette sambil mengigit jari....ugh!!...takpe....i will make sure that i can participate the next time they do this .....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Lumpy Phlegm

Mommy has a sick grumpy baby at home. Munchkin is not feeling well and has been restless all through the night. Both of us didn't get much sleep as Munchkin was having blocked nose and its really difficult for her to breathe. She ended up crying most of the time and even threw up on our bed at midnite. I had to carry her almost all thru the night and end up sleeping on the sofa with her on my lap. Lucky for her, there's no temp recorded as of yet - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just gonna be a bit of cough and some green runny nose. Temp will mean possible fit attack for her and we really really really need to avoid that. On top of that, we'll be travelling to Terengganu to visit my grandfather tomorrow so I really hope that her condition will improve much better by this afternoon or at least tonight.

For now, she's finally sleeping after a dose of Promethezine from Dr Musa and a layer of Vicks Vapo-Rub on her chest and back. Hopefully with enough rest, Little Missy will feel a bit above the weather tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When God Has Better Plans

What a day today has been. We received 3 sad news in a day.

News No. 1
A close girlfriend of mine who is at 35 weeks gestation has lost her baby girl who is still in her tummy. This is her first child and I can only imagine the pain and the grief that she and husband would have to go thru. I guess this is one of the worst nightmares that any mommy-to-be would have to face. Despite the low statistics of it happening, it does happened, and it happened to someone we knew. I shed tears when I received the news because I know how excited they have been in preparing to receive the little girl who is now in Heaven waiting for her Mummy's return. To the family, my deepest condolonce for your loss and please know that our prayers and thoughts are always with you during this trying time. Al-Fatihah.

News No. 2
My boss who had previously lost her Godfather last week, is unfortunate to lose another Uncle today. The Godfather and Uncle are actually siblings - hence making the loss of 2 family figures in a gap of one week very trying. Our condolonce to the families too.

News No. 3
My husband's colleague at work, whom father has been suffering from a Stage 4 cancer has succumb to his illness and passed on this afternoon. The son, who is currently on a month leave to take care of the father was with him during his final moments - Alhamdulillah. I am sure God acknowledges the efforts will place Arwah amongst those that He loves. Al-Fatihah.
So my dear friends....
This is the power of Allah s.w.t. He can give us life in a form of a newborn baby and He can also take her back if He deems necessary. All that we have in this world are just momentary. In times of losses and grievances, you will come to realize that life is more than just work, money and wealth. It's about love, endurance, patience, wisdom and family. To those who has been fortunate not to have lost anyone dear to you as of yet - please embrace your loved ones. Make time for them. Love them and let them know of it. Because you will never know that if tomorrow, you might no longer have the luxury to do so.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Halloween Town

Nia had a Halloween Party at her play school (Tumble Tots) yesterday. All of us went and Nia dressed-up as a Witch. Somehow, despite all the struggles and a lot of wet tissues being used, I managed to paint a spider and a web on her face using my liquid eye-liner. Sorry ye - ini amateur in action. So the drawings pon takde la cantik mana. But ok la. Make do.

We had the usual activities in class. Learning the alphabet - story telling - arts - phonics - music and exercise. But this time around, we finished the activities a bit earlier, and had a mini party for the kiddies to eat nuggets and cocktail sausages prepared by the school. Afterwards, they get their chance in grabbing as much treats as they like from the 'treat corner'. There were lots of candies, sweets, chocolates and snacks. Nia was too occupied with eating (as she rarely gets to eat on her own) so Mummy had to help to fill up her treat pack. He-He-He.

All the kiddos came all dress-ed up. We had another witch in class, a fairy, a bumble bee, a pumpkin, a ballerina and a walking skeleton. He-He. All of them looked really cute in their costumes. Sadly, we didn't manage to get a class picture. Else, it would've been perfect. As the teachers dressed up as well.

I'm not too sure if Nia would have another chance to attend another Halloween Party next year, as we're not planning to continue her lessons at Tumble Tots come Jan onwards. Most likely we'll try to look for another play-school. Maybe Gymboree - have anyone tried this before - are they good? We'll see how it goes.

So "Happy Trick or Treating" everyone!