Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Big Hope

I am officially panicking.

You know how much I've been rambling and complaining about the Single Framework exercise that Kerang is currently doing to us.
All this while I wasn't that particular as I've always thought that it is still a long way to go.
But now that the time will come this October - I must say that my panic button has been triggered - officially.
I seriously need to start looking for jobs.
What Single Framework will mean to me is - PAYCUT - A whole lot of paycut - more or less around MYR2000/monthly.
No doubt a little bit of compensation is given to us in the beginning - but then again, how long can that money lasts?
So, Dear God, if you are listening to me, please please please, open some doors for me.
I really need this going along.
Else, we will have to start tightening our monthly 'belts'


opsss!!...before i forget...

For the first time...Nia looked at me last night and shouted "Meeeemmmmy!!!"
Well...boleh sounded like Mommy too....only with a Mat-Salleh accent!!!

Love you much munchkin!~