Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm so jealous reading other mommies blogs who are able to fully breastfeed their babies even up until 2 years old. When I first had Nia, I was trying so hard to make sure she is fully breastfed. Sadly, my milk supply was not as much as I want it to be. Regardless how hard I try, all kind of food I ate, sama jugak.

So, azam for my next baby, is to try even harder to fully breastfeed him/her. Meaning, during pregnancy, I have to start taking milk and so on. Any ideas how to make sure my milk supply byk nanti?


zakirah said...

berdoa kepada tuhan. betol! it works wonder.

btw: my milk supply is getting low pulak

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

boleh mkn supplement utk tambah susu.tumbuh bagai cendawan di pasaran.my nuha still bf dan dah nak bercerai susu pun bulan 8 ni.hrp2 kuat lah nak bercerai nanti.hehehe

mrs Fahmi said...

ahahah....supplement ape Elis?...ade suggestion?....takde side effects?