Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a Junkie

I somehow think that I am turning into a gadget junkie.. I have previously nagged and begged for a iPod Touch, which I now own for the size of 32GB...and its awesome....I love the touch and feel of it and most of all - I enjoy all the applications very much...somehow it is much more user-friendly compared to the games that I see Mr Husband in playing on his PS3 - sgt complicated!

Anyhow, next on my list would be a new mobile set...This is not a priority but more of a new-to-have current set likes to 'kill' itself so many times in a week - for over no reason that I can think of...not sure what is the problem but it likes to over-heat itself and during the night sure the battery will flat out....this is not including the times that it likes to simply stuck and hang and not allowing me to anwer any calls...tak faham la ape masalah dia...the only reason I could think of is perhaps Nia slalu lock/unlock the phone countless times in a few seconds...ehehe...maybe sebab tu dia, the next aim would of course be the upcoming iPhone 4G... *drool*drool*drool*....

next wishlist, a Wii-Fit...

bestnye kalau ade ni....before marriage I used to hit the gym a few times in a week...BodyCombat, BodyStep and RPM classes were my favourites....dulu stamina tip-top....can even jungle-trek kat FRIM tak rasa penat at all....but if I were to go now, I'm sure after 15 minutes kaki dah nak cramp....*sigh* in order to menyahut seruan kerajaan to live healthily, again, I would like to start pumping....since I can't bear leaving the house without taking my Semek along - I might as well get something that is fun (so that I also spend time with My Hubby) and of course will help me to burn all those calories on my tummy and urghhh so flabby Wii-Fit - you are definitely next on my list....^_^