Monday, May 24, 2010


I was upset last Sunday.

Bukan pasal ape pon, it was because I had to repeat myself countless times over the same thing for the whole weekend, both Saturday & Sunday.
Question asked was, "Eh!How come you're alone with Nia je? Where's Fahmi?".
Obviously he was not around last weekend.
Reason being was, we had so many invites and at the same time we want to try and please everyone.
So over the 2 days, I was like a tape-recorder and blaber out the same thing over and over again explaining to oh so many people, at the weddings, the tahlil and on Facebook! Urgh!

Why we had to split resources?

Point 1: Fahmi needs to go back to Batu Pahat to visit my MIL who had just undergone an operation
Point 2: I had to accompany my mom to a wedding on Friday night at Dewan Felda Perdana
Point 3: Nia has missed 2 weeks of classes in a row, so we're trying not to miss anymore (Sunday Mrorning)
Point 4: We planned for a tahlil arwah at home with my brothers & sisters on Saturday Night
Point 5: I have Alif's wedding that we both has RSVP-ed to attend on Sunday

On top of that, our schedule is packed for the next few weeks:
Next week: Alif's garden reception at Titiwangsa
Next Next week: Back to KT for 2 weddings + holiday @ Perhentian
Next Next Next week: Might be in Kelantan with the family (continution from the above)
Next Next Next Next week: Nurul's wedding reception at Merak Kayangan

We will only have a free weekend on 26/27 June (sigh)

So, basically we really have to split resources in order to keep everyone happy. Between the two of us, we have no issues in splitting resources. But the rest, Oh so nosy snoooozy people~! I cannot tahan!~ Urgh~


** aku, dia & yasmeen ** said...

oh mummy nany... sabo sabo sabo... biasa lah tu..

mrs Fahmi said...

haihhhh.....mcm tape recorder!