Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh La La~

Wooow Weeee!!!

I'm super excited. Me and my girlfriends are planning to throw a Bachelerotte Party for Mya before she gets hitched this Sept 25. So, some plannings are going on and we're trying to make it as fun and hillarious as possible.

Few things that we have decided on:

Theme: White + Pink
Venue: Private Room, Italiannies - One Utama
Date: Friday - 6 August 2010
Time: 08.30pm
Guestlist: Bride-to-be and some of her closed friends from School, Uni and work
Decorations: White + Pink balloons, White Tiara and Veil, Bride to be sling, Cupcakes, Party Packs and Gifts for the Bride
Games: To be confirmed :-)
Cupcake theme: Kinky~ ^_^...obviously it will be pictures of boobs and penis and VJJs.. erk!

Person in charge:

Nadya: To book the cuppies, prepare the party packs
Sarah: Venue confirmation, purchase the decos
Nany: Manage the guestlist, bring camera on the day

Can't wait to see how the cupcakes will turn out...hehehe...


Batrisyia Hani said...

what makes you so sureeeeeeeee tat mya wouldnt be reading tis????????!! *hmmph*

mrs Fahmi said...

ahhaha...i dun think she reads any of our blogs....:p

** aku, dia & yasmeen ** said...

ehem ehem.. where's my name? i ordered the cuppies ok!