Thursday, August 5, 2010

Earning a Cent to Feed the Family

For those who are close to me, you might have heard me talking about the Single Framework which will mean a slash to the amount of money that I'll be taking home at the end of the month. Alhamdulillah, I must say, that Allah has better plans for us, just before I was served with the formal letter from HR to inform on the change of my T&C, I received a good news informing that I have been offered another role within Kerang, under the Downstream IT wing. *phew*. I must say, keterujaan yg melampau sampai I cannot stop smiling the whole day.

So last Monday, there I was reporting to work for the first time in CBJ office feeling as though it's my first day in Kerang all over again. Siap sakit perut ok nervous.. Ha Ha Ha...

All in all, I think it went pretty well. Yes, the environment is a whole lot different. It's much more quieter here compared to my old place. Women tends to be the minority in the IT world and so I ended up being friends with more guys than ladies. So kena cari gang baru now.. Huwaaaaa!!

Workwise...I've started going thru some KTs, and sitting in a few meetings. Attended townhalls and engagement sessions, a team lunch, and cultural event - all this within the first 4 days of work. Not bad indeed. Still trying to sort out some of my access issues. Lappie is still giving me a problem - last resort is to get GI to re-image the damn machine for me.

Nonetheless, I still miss my crazy-fun-loud team back in WCP. Who wouldn't, after spending 4 years with those lots. He He He. But I do hope that my current job will give me more satisfaction than the previous one - Insya Allah. So I am now, no longer a HR-person but I'm now an IT-geek. Gosh! I can't believe it that I would actually leave HR behind. Ooo well - all in the name of earning a cent for the family!