Friday, August 6, 2010

Projekt Haus

I've been wanting to post an entry about our sucasa for awhile now but didn't have the chance to do so with all the other happenings around us. As I've briefly mentioned before, we are getting our own place at Denai Alam under the development of Sime Darby. After 2 years of wait, we finally got the key to the house 2 months ago. Feelings at that point of time? Excited! Happy! Exhilarated! Proud! Sume skali la - in a combo. Happy that the house is finally ready. Proud as a new home-owner. Teruja and bla bla bla. Typical first time org beli rumah la jawabnye.

So, we already have a plan for the house and have been saving every penny that we have in preparation for this. Mainly, I requested to Hubby that I want the kitchen to be renovated. Basically to split the existing dry kitchen and add on a new area for our wet kitchen. So, that can be considered as the most major change that we'll be doing to the house. Due to budget constraint, we decided not to knock down the current kitchen wall. But to build up an area surrounding it - extending the whole section to the end of the land area.

We scouted for the best contractor, and when when we first got the initial quotation from the first contractor that we approaced, I almost popped my eyes after hearing the cost of it. Mind you, this is just normal contractors without any elements of Interior Design and so on. Taking in advice from the people who have done this before, of course, we went on to a few other contractors in order to ensure that we are getting the best price offered and to make sure that we wont be cheated by the one that we will decide on. So far, the cost of the renovation comes within the same range of MYR20+k. *Phew*. That's one pricey kitchen I must tell you.

After a few weeks of scouting and surverying and tired feel and cranky moments - we finally decided to engage Stilux Design & Renovations Sdn Bhd. Their office is in Sunway Damansara - so its very convenient for us to go and visit them. The Site Supervisor is friendly and seems determine enough to please us. And the Design Partner, is considerate enough and we were able to get a good bargain out of it.

For the cost of MYR20,500 we will get:
1. House extension for wet kitchen (width 5 feet x length 10 feet)(Inclusive of tiles for the wall and floor, concrete kitchen top, melamine kitchen door, 3 feet window sill and downlights)
2. Plaster ceiling in new wet kitchen
3. 4 electrical points in wet kitchen
4. 1 electrical point, water pipe and close drainage system for washing machine
5. 1 wooden door
6. 2 lighting point for back door and outside the gate
7. 6 feel high concrete fencing
8. Plaster ceiling for dining and living area (manholes)
9. Wiring for downlights in dining and living area
10. Curtain railing for all windows and sliding door in living area

This is the best that we got as the rest are asking for over MYR20k and that is just for the wet kitchen without the countertop and plaster ceiling.

Will try to update the pictures on the progress soon - stay tuned.