Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dikir Barat in Kerang??

yesterday, we had Cindy Miller in town for our staff engagament...kebetulan, the bosses wanted to have a learning moment for the 5 behaviours that Peter Vosser announced during his previous webcast...makanya, entah macam mana, i ended up with a team, to perform on 'Commercial Mindset' in the form of dikir barat....

At first, it was pretty funny, because the dikir barat needs to be in English in order to be inclusive for all those Mat Salleh yg tak reti cakap BM, we had to came out with a new set of lyrics using the Wau Bulan tempo....funny? sangat....

Overall, it was fun - not as what I expected it to be....and I actually enjoyed all the practice sessions very much....helped me to bond with the new friends I made after my move here to, attached are some pictures during our prep and believe it or not....our team was chosen as No.1....weeeehuuuu.....the Mat Salleh definitely likes traditional Malay performance rather than some fancy cartoon animation like what the rest of the other teams did...eheheh...bangga? yeahs....eksyen?...a lil bit...muwahahahah....

During our practice session at the office gym studio - with almost full costume

Discussing the final run of the Dikir Barat before the actual run

Amy presenting the points on Commercial Mindset to the audience before the show starts

Me receiving the MYR50 voucher gift from Cindy Miller

Team picture with the Leadership Team